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History of Iowa From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century/4/William G. Woodward

WILLIAM G. WOODWARD was born at Hanover, New Hampshire, May 20, 1808. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College and chose law as a profession. In the fall of 1839 he emigrated to the new Territory of Iowa, locating at Bloomington where he entered upon the practice of law. He attained high rank in the profession and in 1848 was one of three commissioners chosen by the Second General Assembly to prepare a complete code of laws for the new State. His associates were Charles Mason and Stephen Hempstead. Their work when completed was approved by the Third General Assembly and Mr. Woodward was selected to prepare marginal notes, arrange it in divisions, index and superintend its publication. When published it was known as the “Code of 1851.” In January, 1855, Mr. Woodward was elected by the General Assembly one of the judges of the Supreme Court. He served six years and in 1861 was elected to the State Senate from Muscatine County. In 1863 he was appointed Clerk of the United States Circuit Court. He died on the 24th of February, 1871.