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  1. page
  2. The Councilors return to the Palace with their Reports Frontispiece
  3. "The Wizard said: 'I caught you well. I think it will come out good.'" 7
  4. Under the Red Light 8
  5. "'Do I look like that?' cried he to the Wizard" 12
  6. "Taking the skate very gingerly in his left hand, he spun the little wheels with his right" 19
  7. "A fish out of water was nothing to the antics of that unfortunate Savage" 23
  8. "I do not think the Chief was ever more amused in his life than when he saw Rattle-box on the rollers" 24
  9. "As soon as the crowd had gained a good lead on us we cut off our skates and struck out for the beach" 27
  10. "There was no doubt of the result" 35
  11. The Indolent Wizard on the magic camel meets the Lazy Magician in the desert 38
  12. The Wizard raises Ahab 43
  13. "Both did their best to get inside" 49
  14. The Magician and the Wizard go home 50
  15. "Enter a small Boy in white linen" 54
  16. The Shaving of Mudjaboy 55
  17. "'What does the Celestial Orb require?' said the Grand Vizir" 59
  18. "'And where are my adherents?' I shouted. 'Here!' said Doreina'" 63
  19. "After an examination, he declared it was neither Animal, Vegetable, nor Mineral" 67
  20. "'Keep off! Do you mean to eat me?'" 69
  21. "I lowered him gently to the floor" 75
  22. "'I admire the bindings,' said the little fellow, as he paced to and fro along the shelf" 76
  23. "He was caught beneath the cover of the book" 78
  24. "He pretended to yawn" 81
  25. "'You can go back where you came from!'" 82
  26. My Niece's Experiment in Magic 86
  27. Arrival of the commercial Magician 88
  28. The Magician began a powerful invocation 90
  29. The Sluggard, considering 91
  30. "We came to a gate guarded by two Ethiopians in fancy dress" 98
  31. "'Does anybody know anything about anything in particular?' asked the King" 100
  32. The Royal Guards surround the Astrologer's Niece 105
  33. "'This is preposterous!' said the Duck, in a rage" 107
  34. "'Fare thee well, gentle dame,' I replied" 115
  35. "He called me to him, and presented me to the Princess" 117
  36. "Taking the goblet from the sideboard, he handed it to me" 121
  37. "I saw the need of taking immediate steps to save my specimens" 126
  38. "'Aha, you 're there, are you?'" 129
  39. The Giant and the Professor settle it amicably 131
  40. "His Majesty courageously jumped overboard and waded ashore" 137
    1. Some of the Councilors 138
    2. The Page and the Maid of Honor keep a Candy-store 147
    3. The Tug of War 165
    4. Prof. Chipmunk relating his Adventure 171
    5. The Professor on his Travels in the "Trap" 175
    6. "The little Man held his lantern near my face and said: 'I think I must have made a mistake'" 181
    7. "'Perhaps,' said the little Man, 'having lived forty centuries, I may be old enough to advise a young man of twenty-three'" 183
    8. "Before I could interfere they were fighting for their lives" 186
    9. "'That must be the footprint of Mr. Megalopod,' said the Agent" 190
    10. "I pulled his shoe-string, to attract bis attention" 196
    11. We call upon the Megalopods 198
    12. The Bull charged on the Baby 200
    13. Good-by to the Megalopods 203
    14. "I turned, and saw a gigantic elk coming toward me" 206
    15. Anthony makes the candle 211
    16. "'She's the model image of the Speedy Susan,' said Sailor Ben" 216
    17. "'They surrounded us, and we hauled down our flags without firin' a gun—which we had n't any'" 219
    18. "'It's a go!' I says, takin' him up right off" 222
    19. "Round and round, round and round" 224
    20. "'Adoo, chief!' I sings out" 226




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