In Other Words/A Bid to a House-Party

A Bid to a House-Party

ad torquatum

Horace: Book I, Epistle 5.

Si potes Archiacis conviva recumbere lectis—”

Torquatus, if you can recline On this cheap furniture of mine, If you are of a mind to dare My frugal vegetable fare, If six-year wine may pass your throat— Then come and visit this here pote. My house is clean, though far from sporty; I'll look for you about 5.40.

Some years ago to-morrow morn Was old Augustus Cæsar born. It is a legal holiday And so we needn’t leave the hay Till noon. To-night we'll fool around Discussing light things and profound: Girls, poetry and aviation, And eke the future of the nation.

What use is all my coin to me Without a friend or two or three? The guy who’s cagey with his kale Should beat it quick to Bloomingdale. A little wine’s the proper dope, It makes you talk and sing and hope, Peace it promotes, for who would bicker When plied with wine? Hooray for licker!

The gifted author of this pome Shall tend to everything at home; The dishes will be clean and fine, And how the knives and forks will shine! Three other chaps I shall invite (Five-handed games—are they all right?) Nor care nor woe shall agitate us, Come on, old scout, come on, Torquatus!