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Agatha Christie - The Secret Adversary (1922).djvu


Prologue 1
I The Young Adventurers, Ltd. 4
II Mr. Whittington's Offer 16
III A Set Back 27
IV "Who is Jane Finn?" 36
V Mr. Julius P. Hersheimmer 48
VI A Plan of Campaign 56
VII The House in Soho 65
VIII The Adventures of Tommy 73
IX Tuppence Enters Domestic Service 86
X Enter Sir James Peel Edgerton 98
XI Julius Tells a Story 108
XII A Friend in Need 121
XIII The Vigil 143
XIV A Consultation 156
XV Tuppence Receives a Proposal 165
XVI Further Adventures of Tommy 175
XVII Annette 187
XVIII The Telegram 207
XIX Jane Finn 225
XX Too Late 239
XXI Tommy Makes a Discovery 247
XXII In Downing Street 255
XXIII A Race Against Time 262
XXIV Julius Takes a Hand 271
XXV Jane's Story 285
XXVI Mr. Brown 303
XXVII A Supper Party at the "Savoy" 311
XXVIII And After 325