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Bramah--The secret of the league.djvu

Title The Secret of the League. A dystopian novel of London
Author Ernest Bramah
Illustrator Unknown (frontispiece)
Year 1907
Publisher Thomas Nelson and sons
Location London
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed


I. Irene 3
II. The Period, and the Coming of Wings 8
III. The Million to One Chance 19
IV. The Compact 29
V. The Downtrodden 36
VI. Miss Lisle tells a Long Pointless Story 55
VII. "Schedule B" 76
VIII. Tantroy earns his Wage 90
IX. Secret History 102
X. The Order of St. Martin of Tours 121
XI. Man between Two Masters 137
XII. By Telescribe 149
XIII. The Effect of the Bomb 162
XIV. The Last Chance and the Counsel of Expedience 169
XV. The Great Fiasco 189
XVI. The Dark Winter 205
XVII. The Incident of the 13th of January 219
XVIII. The Music and the Dance 237
XIX. The "Finis" Message 246
XX. Stobalt of Salaveira 255
XXI. The Bargain of Famine 265
XXII. "Poor England" 282