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The Young Herd and the King's Daughter 18

Connamarra's Wooing 28

The Black Thief and his Apprentice 31

How Coineach and Gilbert behaved themselves in France 37

The Shaving Spectre 43

The Ghost of the Devil's Glen 69

The Charmer of the Country Glen 80

The Herring-fisher and the Press-gang 89

The Drover of Ronachan 97

What befell three Highland Drovers through learning English 100

The Murdered Pedlar 104

A Deed of Darkness at Faochag Farm 106

The Witch of Gartlosgan 110

The Old Wife and the Man of the Creel 114

The Prattling Old Wife 124

The Apparition of Arran 126

The Black Dog and the Monster Hand 131

The Creature's Prophecies 134

The Professors of the Black Art 136

The Highlander takes three Advices from the English Farmer 141

How the Sprightly Weaver of Glen Barr tamed the Farmer's Wild Daughter 147

How the Duke of Argyll personated a Highland Drover at a London Fencing School 153

How Argyll befriended a Young Soldier 158

How Argyll rewarded an Old Soldier 161

The Doctor's Lesson 164

The Lady of the Wreck 170

How Dr. Smith built his Highland Church 183

How Dr. Norman Macleod told Fortunes and managed Big Charlie 186

How Mr. Pinkerton attended Weddings and narrowly escaped Marriage 153

How Mr. Macdonald did in a Quarrel interpose, and got more than a bloody Nose 199

How the Cantire Minister and his Violoncello triumphed over Prejudice 204

How Dr. Robertson argued and acted 207

How the Rev. Donald Kelly stole a Sermon 213

How the Gigha Minister gave Cantire Measure 216

Fairies, Ferns, and Foxgloves 217

The Piper and the Little Green Man 220

Fairy Hills 223

The Old Couple at the Fairies' Speaking Hill 227

How the Fairies behave at the Birth of Mortals 230

The Fairy Changeling 232

Fairy Charms 235

"Way of the South" 238

Fairy-darts, Elf-shots, and Fairy-eggs 241

Brownies 246

The Brownie of Largie 248

Little-mouth 250