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Title Tangled Trails
Author William MacLeod Raine
Year 1921
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
Location New York
Source djvu
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Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed
OCLC 10243351


I. No Altruist 1

II. Wild Rose takes the Dust 9

III. For the Championship of the World 15

IV. Not Always Two to make a Quarrel 23

V. Cousins meet 29

VI. Lights out 34

VII. Foul Play 37

VIII. By Means of the Fire Escape 43

IX. The Story in the "News" 47

X. Kirby asks a Direct Question 53

XI. The Coroner's Inquest 59

XII. "That's the Man" 71

XUI. "Always, Phyllis" 77

XIV. A Friend in Need 84

XV. A Glove and the Hand in it 90

XVI. The Lady with the Violet Perfume 102

XVII. In Dry Valley 108

XVIII. "Burnin' a Hole in my Pocket" 122

XIX. A Discovery 127

XX. The Brass Bed 135

XXI. James loses his Temper 144

XXII. "Are you with me or against me?" 152

XXIII. Cousins disagree 161

XXIV. Reverend Nicodemus Rankin forgets and Remembers 168

XXV. A Conference of Three 179

XXVI. Cutting Trail 186

XXVII. The Detective gets Two Surprises 195

XXVIII. The Finger of Suspicion points 199

XXIX. "Come Clean, Jack" 207

XXX. Kirby makes a Call 213

XXXI. The Mask of the Red Bandanna 220

XXXII. Jack takes off his Coat 226

XXXIII. Olson tells a Story 237

XXXIV. From the Fire Escape 245

XXXV. Like a Thief in the Night 251

XXXVI. A Ride in a Taxi 257

XXXVII. On the Grill 262

XXXVIII. A Full Morning 274

XXXIX. Kirby invites himself to a Ride 288

XL. The Mills of the Gods 297

XLI. Enter X 310

XLII. The New World 821