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chapter page
Acknowledgment 9
Foreword 11
Arshalus — The Light of the Morning 19
I When the Pasha Came to My House 29
II The Days of Terror Begin 47
III Vahby Bey Takes His Choice 64
IV The Cruel Smile of Kemal Effendi 80
V The Ways of the Zaptiehs 99
VI Recruiting for the Harems of Constantinople 116
VII Malatia — The City of Death 132
VIII In the Harem of Hadji Ghafour 145
IX The Raid on the Monastery 158
X The Game of the Swords, and Diyarbekir 174
XI "Ishim Yok; Keifim Tchok!" 191
XII Reunion — and Then, the Sheikh Zilan 208
XIII Old Vartabed and the Shepherd’s Call 223
XIV The Message of General Andranik 239
The Long Line that Swiftly Grew Shorter Frontispiece
Map Showing Aurora’s Wanderings Page 75
Waiting They Know Not What Facing Page 158
Driven Forth on the Road of Terror ""192
The Roadside of Awful Despair ""234