Title The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIII Century
Author Georgette Heyer
Year 1921
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Company
Location Boston and New York
Source pdf
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed
Chapter Page
Prologue vii.
I. At the Chequers Inn, Fallowfield 9
II. My Lord at the White Hart 24
III. Introducing the Hon. Richard Carstares 37
IV. Introducing the Lady Lavinia Carstares 50
V. His Grace of Andover 62
VI. Bath: 29 Queen Square 71
VII. Introducing Sundry New Characters 82
VIII. The Biter Bit 97
IX. Lady O’Hara Intervenes 108
X. Lady O’Hara Retires 117
XI. My Lord Turns Rescuer and Comes Nigh Ending His Life 125
XII. My Lord Dictates a Letter and Receives a Visitor 134
XIII. My Lord Makes His Bow 145
XIV. Mistress Diana is Unmaidenly 158
XV. O’Hara’s Mind is Made Up 167
XVI. Mr. Bettison Proposes 183
XVII. Lady O’Hara Wins Her Point 192
XVIII. Enter Captain Harold Lovelace 203
XIX. The Reappearance of His Grace of Andover 215
XX. His Grace of Andover Takes a Hand in the Game 232
XXI. Mrs. Fanshawe Lights a Fire and O’Hara Fans the Flame 241
XXII. Developments 249
XXIII. Lady Lavinia Goes to the Play 261
XXIV. Richard Plays the Man 274
XXV. His Grace of Andover Captures the Queen 284
XXVI. My Lord Rides to Frustrate His Grace 296
XXVII. My Lord Enters by the Window 305
XXVIII. In Which What Threatened to be Tragedy Turns to Comedy 313
XXIX. Lady O’Hara is Triumphant 326
Epilogue 332