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Adams, O. F.
Archbishop' sunguarded moment, and other stories. 270p '99 Page
Aho, Juhani
Squire Hellman, and other stories; tr. from the Finnishby R. N. Bain. 162p (c '93) Cassell
Alarçon, P. A. de
Cocked hat; tr. from the Spanish by F. J. Ainy. 140p '91 Minerva publishing co.
Friend of death; a fantastic tale; adapted from the Spanish by Mary J. Serrano. 12mo 163p (c '91) New York, Cassell
Moors and Christians, and other tales. 266p '91 Cassell
Strange friend of Tito Gil; tr. from the Spanish by Mrs. Francis J. A. Darr. 12mo 133p (c '90) New York, Lovell
Alcott, L. M.
Aunt Joe's scrap-bag. 229p '05 Little
Candy country. 52p 50c '00 Little
Doll's journey. 72p 50c '02 Little
Garland for girls. 286p $1.20 '08 Little
Hole in the wall. 62p 50c '99 Little
Marjorie's three gifts. 41p 50c '99 Little
Modern Cinderella; or, The little old shoe. 96p 50c '04 Altemus
Modern Mephistopheles, and A whisper in the dark. 350p $1.35 '02 Little
Morning-glories and Queen Aster. 41p 50c '04 Little
Mountain-laurel and maiden-hair. 48p 50c '04 Little
On picket duty, and other tales. 12mo 96p '64 New York, Dexter, Hamilton & co.
Pansies and water-lillies. 76p 50c '03 Little
Poppies and wheat. 54p '00 Little
Proverb stories. 334p $1.20 '08 Little
Silver pitchers; and Independence, a centennial love story. 365p $1.20 '08 Little
Spinning-wheel stories. 304p $1.20 '08 Little
Aldrich, T. B.
Marjorie Daw, and other people. 272p '73 Osgood
Marjorie Daw, and other stories. 287p '85 Houghton
Midnight fantasy, and The little violinist. 96p '77 Osgood
Sea turn and other matters. 300p $1.25 '02 Houghton
Two bites at a cherry, with other tales. 269p $1.50 '94 Houghton
Writings of Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 9v '07 Houghton
Allen, Grant
Army doctor's romance, 93p '93 New York, Tuck
Backslider. 380p '91 New York, Lewis
Bride from the desert. 192p '96 New York, Fenno
Cruise of the Albatross; or, When was Wednesday the tenth? A story of the South Pacific. 121p '98 Lothrop
Twelve tales. 351p '99 London, Richards
Allen, J. L.
Aftermath. Part second of A Kentucky cardinal. 135p $1.00 '96 Harper
Bride of the mistletoe. 190p $1.25 '09 Macmillan
Cathedral singer. . . 12mo 142p $1.00 '16 Century
Flute and violin, and other Kentucky tales and romances. 308p $1.50 '00 Macmillan
Kentucky cardinal, and Aftermath. 276p $1.50 '00 Macmillan
Summer in Arcady; a tale of nature, 170p 50c '96 Macmillan
Sword of youth. . . 12mo 261p $1.25 '15 Century
Two gentlemen of Kentucky. 73p $1.25 '99 Harper
Andreev, Leonid
Crushed flower, and other stories; tr. from the Russian of Leonid Andreyev by Herman Bernstein. $1.50 net '16 Knopf
Dilemma; a story of mental perplexity . . . tr. by John Cournos. 114p '10 Philadelphia, Brown
Lazarus, by Leonid Andreyev. The gentleman from San Frisco, by Ivan Bunin; tr. by Abraham Yarmolinsky 58p '18 Boston, Stratford
Little angel, and other stories; tr. from the Russian. 255p '16 Knopf
Seven who were hanged; tr. by Herman Bernstein. 190p 60c '09 Ogilvie
Silence; tr. by John Cournos. 32p '10 Philadelphia, Brown
When the king loses his head, and other stories. 12mo $2.00 '20 New York, International book co.
Andrews, M. R. S.
Better treasure. 72p $1.00 '08 Bobbs-Merrill
Bob and the guides. 351p $1.50 '06 Scribner
Counsel assigned. 43p 50c '12 Scribner
Courage of the commonplace. 82p 50c '11 Scribner
Enchanted forest. 235p $1.50 '09 Dutton
Eternal feminine, and other stories. . . 360p '16 Scribner
Eternal masculine. 450p $1.30 '13 Scribner
Good Samaritan, 51p 50c '06 McClure
Her country. 81p '18 Scribner
His soul goes marching on. [Roosevelt] 12mo 84p '22 Scribner
Joy in the morning. 8vo 345p '19 Scribner
Kidnapped colony. 175p '03 Harper
Lifted bandage. 45p 50c '10 Scribner
Militants: stories of some parsons, soldiers, and other fighters in the world. 378p $1.35 '07 Scribner
Old glory. 126p '16 Scribner
Perfect tribute. 66p 50c '08 Scribner
Three things. 58p 50c '15 Little
Vive l'empereur. 159p '02 Scribner
Andrews, Mary Raymond S., and Murray, Roy Irving
August first. . . 12mo 179p $1.00 Scribner
Annunzio, Gabriele d'
Episcopo & company; tr. by Myrta Leonora Jones. 12mo 122p '96 Chicago, Stone
Tales of my native town; tr. by Prof. Rafael Mantellini . . . with an introd. by Joseph Hergesheimer. 12mo 28p $1.75 '20 Doubleday
Artsybashev, Mikhael Petrovich
Millionaire; tr. by Percy Pinkerton. 12mo 244p '17 Huebsch
Tales of the revolution; tr. by Percy Pinkerton. 286p '17 Huebsch
Atherton, Gertrude [Franklin (Horn)]
Before the Gringo came. 12mo 396p (c '94) New York, Tait
Bell in the fog, and other stories. 12mo 300p '05 Harper
Mrs. Pendelton's four-in-hand. 12mo 89p '03 Macmillan
Splendid idle forties; stories of old California . . . (Revised and enlarged edition of Before the Gringo came, 1894). 12mo 389p '02 Macmillan
What dreams may come; a romance by Franklin [pseud.]. 12mo 192p (c '80) Chicago, Clark, Belford
Whirl asunder. . . 12mo 192p (c '95) Stokes
Auerbach, Berthold
Black Forest village stories; tr. by Charles Goepp. . . . 12mo 377p '74 Holt
German evenings; tr. from the original by J. L. Lowdell. 8vo 325p '69 Chapman
German tales. 352p '69 Roberts
Aumomer, Stacy
Friends, and other stories. 12mo 189p '17 Century
Golden windmill, and other stories. 238p '21 Macmillan
Love-a-duck, and other stories. 12mo 588p '21 Hutchinson
Austin, M. H.
Basket woman; a book of fanciful tales for children. 220p $1.50 '04 Houghton
Lost borders. 208p $1.25 '09 Harper

Bacheller, I. A.
"Charge it!"; or, Keeping up with Harry. 191p '12 Harper
Eben Holden's last day a-fishing. 60p 50c '07 Harper
Keeping up with Lizzie. 157p $1.00 '11 Harper
Master of silence. 176p '92 New York, Webster
Prodigal village: a Christmas tale. . . 12mo 175p (c '20) Bobbs-Merrill
Story of a passion. 16mo 20p (c '17) East Aurora, Roycrofters
Turning of Griggsby, being a story of Keeping up with Daniel Webster. 151p $1.00 '13 Harper
Bacon, J. D.
Her fiancé; four stories of college life. 164p '04 Altemus
Idyll of All Fools' Day. 120p $1.25 '08 Dodd
In the border country. 130p $1.00 '09 Doubleday
Luck o' Lady Joan; a fairy tale for women. . . 12mo 58p 25c '13 Chicago, F. G. Browne
Madness of Philip, and other tales of childhood. 222p $1.35 '02 McClure
Middle aged love stories, 290p $1.25 '03 Scribner
On our hill. . . 336p $2.00 '18 Scribner
Sister's vocation, and other girls' stories. 273p $1.25 '00 Scribner
Smith college stories. 343p $1.35 '00 Scribner
Square Peggy. . , 12mo 339p $1.60 (c '19) Appleton
Strange case of Dr. Stanchon. 362p $1.30 '13 Appleton
Ten to seventeen; a boarding school diary. . . 12mo 261p '08 Harper
Whom the gods destroyed. 236p $1.50 '02 Scribner
Balestier, Wolcott
Average woman. 260p '92 U. S. book co.
Fair device. 173p '84 Lovell
Balzac, Honoré de
Comedie humaine; tr. by K. P. Wormeley (Centenary ed.) 36v ea $1.35 Little
Comedie humaine; tr. by K. P. Wormeley. 40v '76 Roberts
Honoré de Balzac. Edition definitive. 53v ea $11 1895-1900 Philadelphia, Barrie
Works. 36v in 18 190- Kelmscott Society
Works . . . with introductions by George Saintsbury. (University ed.) 16v (c '01) Philadelphia, Avil
After dinner stories from Balzac. 233p '86 Crowell
Albert Savarus. 301p '92 Roberts
At the sign of the cat and racket. 277p $1.50 '09 Dutton
Atheist's mass, and other stories. 291p $1.50 '07 Dutton
Balthazar; or, Science and love; tr. by Wm. Robson. 159p '59 Rautledge
Balzac's shorter stories. 197p '18- Federal book co
Best of Balzac. 315p '02 Page
Celibates . . . and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
César Birotteau . . . and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Christ in Flanders, and other stories. 361p $1.50 '08 Dutton
Country doctor [and other stories]. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Curé de Tours, and other stories. 267p 80c '97 Holt
Daughter of Eve. 332p '95 Roberts
Distinguished provincial at Paris [and other stories]. 2v in 1 '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Duchesse de Langeais [and other stories]. 333p '89 Roberts
Fame and sorrow [and other stories]. 338p '90 Roberts
Father Goriot, and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Father's curse, and other stories. 342p $1.50 '98 Galleiy of antiquities [and An old maid]. 369p '06 Roberts
Jealousies of a country town . . . and other stories 2v in 1 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Juana, and other stories. 516p '96 Roberts
Louis Lambert. 238p '89 Roberts
Love in a mask; or, Imprudence and happiness. 136p $1.00 '11 Rand
Marriage contract [and other stories]. 331p '05 Roberts
Modeste Mignon [and other stories] 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Muse of the department, and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Passion in the desert. 105p '02 Caldwell
Peasantry . . . and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Pierrette [and The vicar of Tours]. 337p '92 Roberts
Seraphita. 275p '89 Roberts
Seraphita . . . and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Start in life [and other stories]. 421p '95 Roberts
Wild ass's skin . . . and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Woman of thirty . . . and other stories. 2v in 1 (Saintsbury ed.) '99 Philadelphia, Gebbie
Bandello, Matteo
Twelve stories, selected and done into English by Percy Pinkerton. 342p '95 London, Nimmo
Bangs, J. K.
Alice in Blunderland; an irridescent dream. 124p '07 Doubleday
Autobiography of Methuselah. 185p '09 Dodge
Bikey the skicycle, and other tales of Jimmie'boy. 321p '02 New York, Riggs
Booming of Acre hill, and other reminiscences of urban and suburban life. 265p $1.25 '00 Harper
Dreamers. A club. $1.25 '99 Harper
Enchanted typewriter. 170p $1.25 '99 Harper
Ghosts I have met and some others. 191p $1.25 '98 Harper
Idiot, 115p $1.25 '95 Harper
Jack and the checkbook. 235p $1.00 '11 Harper
Little book of Christmas. 173p $1.00 '12 Little
Mantel-piece ministrels, and other stories. 16mo $4p '96 New York, Russell
Mr. Munchausen; being a true account of some of the recent adventures beyond the Styx. . . 12mo 180p '01 Boston, Noyes
Mrs. Raffles; being the adventures of an amateur crackswoman, narrated by Bunny. . . 16mo 179p '05 Harper
Over the plum-pudding. 244p $1.15 '01 Harper
Paste jewels, being seven tales of domestic woe. 202p $1.00 '97 Harper
Potted fiction. . . 16mo 132p '08 New York, Doubleday
R. Holmes and Co. 231p $1.25 '06 Harper
Roger Camerden. A strange story. 102p '87 New York, Coombes
Water ghost and others. 296p '94 Harper
Barr, Robert
Face and the mask. 16mo 250p (c '93) Stokes
From whose bourne, etc. . . 12mo 210p (c '96) Stokes
In a steamer chair, and other shipboard stories. 278p 75c '92 Cassell
Lady Eleanor: lawbreaker. 182p '11 Rand
One day's courtship, and The heralds of fame. 207p '96 Stokes
Watermead affair. 127p '06 Altemus
Woman wins. 313p '04 Stokes
Barrie, Sir James M.
Novels, tales and sketches of J. M. Barrie. (Autor's ed.) 11v '96-'03 Scribner
Auld licht idylls. Lovell
Auld licht manse. 256p '93 New York, Knox
Better dead. 198p 189-? Lovell
Jess. 148p '98 Estes
Tillyloss scandal. 270p Lovell
Two of them. 282p (c '93) Lovell
Window in Thrums. 272p '96 Dodd
Bates, Arlo
Book o' nine tales. 332p '91 Roberts
In the bundle of time. 359p '93 Roberts
Intoxicated ghost. 303p $1.35 '08 Houghton
Mr.Jacobs, a tale of the drummer, the reporter and the pretidigitateur. (A staire on Crawford's Mr. Isaacs.) 12mo 39p '83 Clark
Bazin, René
Ink-stain. 333p '05 Paris, Maison Mazarin
Marriage of mademoiselle Gimel, and other stories; tr. by E. K. Hoyt. 270p $1.35 '13 Scribner
Bellamy, Edward
Blindman's world, and other stories. 415p $1.50 '98 Houghton
Dr. Heiderihoni> process. 140p '80 Appleton
Six to one; a Nan tucket idyl. 176p '78 Putnam
Beach, Rex EJlmgwood
The crimson gardenia, and other tales of adventure, 377p $1.30 '16 Harper
Lajutfnng Bill Hyde, and other stories. 392p '17 Harper
Too fat to fight. . . 12mo 55p (c '19) Harper
Bennett, E. A.
Grim smile of the Five Towns. 302p '07 Chapman
Matador of the Five Towns, and other stories. 420p '12 Doran
Tales of the Five Towns. 321p '10 London, Chatto
Benson, Edward F.
Countess of Lowndes Square, and other stories. 12mo 311p n d Cassell
Double overture. 222p '94 Chicago, C. H. bergel co.
Judgment books, a story. 12mo 176p '95 Harper
Room in the tower, and other stories. 338p '12 London, Mills & Boon
Beresford, John Davys
Nineteen impressions, 12mo 220p '18 London, bidgwick & Jackson
Signs and wonders. 12mo 151p '21 Pitman
Besant, Sir Walter
Five years' tryst, and other stories, 300p '02 Methuen
In deacon's orders, and other stories, 279p $1.25 '95 Harper
'Twas in Trafalgar's bay, and other stories. 399p '88 Dodd
Uncle Jack, and other stories. 191p '85 Harper
Verbena Camellia Stephanotis, and other stories. 8vo 338p '92 Harper
Besant, Sir Walter, and Rice, James
Case of Mr. Lucraft, and other tales. 367p '88 Dodd
When the ship comes home. 182p '77 Harper
Bierce, Ambrose
Collected works. 10v '09-'11 New York and Washington
Can such things be? 320p $1.50 '18 Boni & Liveright
Bikelas, Demetrios
Tales from the Ægean; tr. by L. E. Opdycke. 258p '94 McClurg
Bishop, William Henry
Anti-babel and other such doings. . . 12mo 251p $1.50 '19 New York, Neale
Brownstone boy, and other queer people. 282p '88 Cassell
Choy Susan, and other stories. 349p '85 Houghton
Pound of cure; a story of Monte Carlo, 200p '94 Quee" people. 282p '02 New York, Street
Björnson, Björnstjerne
Novels. 8v '97 Macmillan
Absalom's hair; and A painful memory. 210p '98 Macmillan
Arne and The fisher lassie; tr. by W. Low. 142, 184p '94 Bell
Bridal march, and other stories; tr. by R. B. Anderson. 201p '82 Houghton
Captain Mansana, and other stories; tr. by R. B. Anderson. 256p '82 Houghton
Happy boy. A tale of Norwegian peasant life, tr. by R. B. Anderson. 165p '81 Houghton
Happy lad. A story of peasant life in Norway, and other tales. '82 London, Blackie
Life by the fells and fiords. A Norwegian sketch book. '79 London, Strahan
Black, William
Adventure in Thule, three stories for boys. 232p '93 Harper
Four Macnicols, and other tales, 110p '83 Lovell
Lady Silverdale's sweetheart, and other tales. 215p '92 Harper
Maid of Killeena, and The marriage of Moira Fergus. 297p '92 Harper
Penance of John Logan, and two other tales. 311p '93 Harper
Wise women of Inverness. 229p '93 Harper
Blackwood, Algernon
Day and night stories. . . 12mo 228p (c '17) Dutton
Empty house, and other ghost stories. 12mo 316p '06 London, E. Nash
Garden of survival. 12mo 168p (c '18) Dutton
Incredible adventures. 12mo 358p '14 Macmillan
John Silence, a physician extraordinary. 12mo 345p (c '20) Button.
Lost valley, and other stories. . . 12mo 328p '14 New York, Vaughan & Gomme
Listener, and other stories. 12mo 350p '07 London, E. Nash
Pan's garden: a volume of nature stories. . . 530p '12 Macmillan
Blackwood, Algernon, and Wilson, Wilfred
Wolves of God, and other fey stories. 12mo 320p (c '21) Dutton
Bland, E. N.
In homespun. 189p '96 Roberts
Literary sense. 324p '03 Macmillan
Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente
Luna Benamor . . . tr. from the original Spanish by Isaac Goldberg. 12mo 209p '19 Boston, Luce
Bottome, Phyllis
The derelict, and also The liquer glass, Mademoiselle l'Anglaise, The akward turn, The siren's isle Iron stone, The pace, Brother Leo. 12mo 384p '17 Century
Helen of Troy, and Rose, 12mo 267p '18 Century
Boyesen, H. H.
Ilka on the hill-top, and other stories. 240p '81 Scribner
Modern vikings: stories of life and sport in the Norseland. 274p $1.25 '87 Scribner
Norseland tales. 247p $1.25 '94 Scribner
Queen Titania. 254p '81 Scribner
Tales from two hemispheres. 283p '77 Osgood
Vagabond tales. 332p '89 Lothrop
Bourget, P. C. J.
Andre Cornells. 288p '99 Paris, Lemerre
Antigone, and other portraits of women; tr. by William Marchant. 297p $1.50 '98 Scribner
Domestic dramas. 363p '00 Scribner
Love crime. 193p '05 New York, Society des BeauxArts
Monica, and other stories. 289p $1.50 '02 Scribner
Pastels of men; tr. by K. P. Wormeley. 2 series 1891-92 Roberts
Saint; tr. by K. P. Wormeley. 82p '95 Roberts
Screen. 152p '01 New York, Taylor
Two sisters, and A confession; tr. by Winnie Barber Millard, 236p (c '12) Kimber
Bremer, Frederika
Comforter, 16p '44 Boston, Redding
Easter offering; tr. by M. Howitt. 223p '50 London, Colburn
H— family . . . and other tales; tr. by M. Howitt. 2 v '44 London, Longman
Brofeldt, Juhani See Aho, Juhani
Brown, Alice
Country neighbors. 361p $1.20 '10 Houghton
County road. 341p $1.35 '06 Houghton
Day of his youth. 143p $1.00 '97 Houghton
Flying Teuton, and other stories. . . 12mo 321p '18 Macmillan
High noon. 308p $1.35 '04 Houghton
Homespun and gold. . . 12mo 301p '20 Macmillan
Judgment. 194p '03 Harper
King's end. 246p '01 Houghton
Meadow Grass. Tales of New England life. 315p $1.35 '99 Houghton
Merrylinks. 91p '03 Macmillan
One-footed fairy. 182p $1.25 '11 Koughton
Rose of hope. 15p '96 Cambridge
Tiverton tales. 339p $1.35 '99 Houghton
Vanishing points. 352p $1.25 '13 Macmillan
Brown, John
Marjorie Fleming. 64p '00 Altemus
Rab and his friends, and other, dog stories. 150p '02 Rand
Spare hours. 455p '62 Ticknor
Bunin, Ivan Aleksieevich
Gentleman from San Francisco, and other stories. 12mo 135p '23 Seltzer
Lazarus, by Leonid Andreyev. The gentleman from San Francisco; tr. by Abraham Yarmolinsky. 8vo 58p '18 Stratford
Bunner, H. C.
Jersey street and Jersey lane; urban and suburban sketches. . . 12mo 201p '96 Scribner
Love in old cloathes, and other stories. 217p $1.35 '96 Scribner
"Made in France"; French tales retold with a United States twist. 207p '93 Keppler & Schwarzmann
More "short sixes." 229p '94 Keppler & Schwarzmann
"Short sixes"; stories to be read while the candle burns. 232p '01 Keppler & Schwarzmann
Stories of H C. Bunner. 2nd series. 372p '16 Scribner
Stories of H. C. Bunner. 1st series; with an introd. note by Brander Matthews. 434p'16 Scribner
Story of a New York house. 152p $1.25 '87 Scribner
Zadoc pine, and other stories. 256p '91 Scribner
Burke, Thomas
Limehouse nights. 8vo 311p $1.50 '17 McBride
More limehouse nights. 12mo $1.90 '21 Doran
Burnett, F. H.
Cosy lion, as told by Queen Crosspatch. 104p 60c '07 Century
Dawn of a tomorrow. 155p $1.00 '06 Scribner
Earlier stories, ist series. 2v $1.25 '91 Scribner
Editha's burglar. A story for children. 64p '88 Boston, Jordan, Marsh & Co.
Good wolf, 125p $1.00 '08 Moffat
In the closed room. 129p '04 McClure
Jarl's daughter, and other stories. 146p '79 Philadelphia, Peterson
Jarl's daughter, and other novelettes. 180p '83 Philadelphia, Peterson
Land of the blue flower, 12mo 67p '16 Moffatt
Lindsay's luck. A love story. 192p '83 Philadelphia, Peterson
Little hunchback Zia. . , 12mo 55p 75c (c '16) Stokes
Little saint Elizabeth, and other stories. 146p '90 Scribner
Louisiana. 163p $1.25 '80 Scribner
Making of a marchioness. 187p $1.25 '01 Stokes
Miss Crespigny. 190p '79 Scribner
Piccino, and other child stories. 203p $1.20 '94 Scribner
Pretty sister of Jose. 127p '89 Scribner
Queen Silver-Bell. 132p 60c '06 Century
Racketty-Packetty house. 130p 60c '06 Century
Sara Crewe, Little saint Elizabeth, and other stories. 236p $1.20 '97 Scribner
Sara Crewe; or, What happened at Miss Minchins. 83p '88 Scribner
Spring cleaning as told by Queen Crosspatch. 99p 6*oc '08 Century
Surly Tim, and other stories. 270p $1.25 '77 Scribner
Theo. 183p '79 Scribner
Two little pilgrim's progress; a story of the City Beautiful. 191p $1.20 '95 Scribner
Way to the house of Santa Claus; a Christmas story for very small boys. . . 4to 25p $1.00 '16 Harper

Cabeil, James Branch
Certain hour (Dizain des poëtes). 253p '16 McBride
Chivalry, 224p $2.00 '09 Harper; '21 McBride
Gallantry. 334p $2.00 '07 Harper
Line of love. 291p '95 Harper
Line of love: Dizain des manages. . . (Contains three stories not in earlier edition.) 12mo 261p '21 McBride
Cable, Q. W.
Madame Delphine. 125p 75c '81 Scribner
Old Creole days. 220p $1.35 '79 Scribner
"Posson Jone'" and Père Raphaël. 162p $1.35 '09 Scribner
Strange true stories of Louisiana. 350p $1.35 '89 Scribner
Strong hearts. 214p $1.25 '99 Scribner
Cahan, Abraham
Imported bridegroom, and other stories of the New York Ghetto. 256p $1.00 '98 Houghton
Yekl; a tale of the New York ghetto. 190p '96 Appleton
Cameron, Marget. See Lewis, Margaret Cameron
Castle, Agnes, and Castle, Egerton
Flower o' the orange, and other tales of byegone days. 311p '08 Macmillan
Love gilds the scene and woman guides the plot. 32p '11 New York, Paget
Ninth wave, 103p '11 New York, Paget
House of romance; certain stories, including La Bella and others, recollected by Agnes and Egerton Castle, 12mo 375p (c '01) Stokes
Castle, Egerton
Marshfield the observer, and The death dance. 270p '00 New York, Stone
Cather, W. S.
Alexander's bridge. 174p $1.00 '12 Houghton
Troll garden. 253p '05 McClure
Youth and the bright Medusa. 12mo 303p '20 Knopf
Catherwood, M. H.
Bony and Ban; the story of a printing venture. 103p 50c '98 Lothrop
Chase of Saint-Castin, and other stories of the French in the new world. 266p $1.25 '94 Houghton
Mackinac and lake stories. 221p $1.50 '99 Harper
Old Kaskaskia. 200p $1.25 Houghton
Queen of the swamp, and other plain Americans. 331p $1.25 '99 Houghton
Spanish Peggy; a story of young Illinois. 85p '99 Chicago, Stone
Spirit of an Illinois town, and The little Renault. 156p $1.25 '97 Houghton
White islander. 164p $1.25 '93 Century
Woman in armor; Old Gargoyle; and The man who "hadn't time." 196p '75 Carleton
Chambers, Robert William
Better man. 343p $1.30 '16 Appleton
Between friends. . . 12mo 142p $1.00 '14 Appleton
Blue-bird weather. 141p $1.00 '12 Appleton
Haunts of men. 12mo 302p (c '98) Stokes
Iole, 142p $1.25 '05 Appleton
King in yellow. 273p $1.50 '02 Harper
Maker of moons. 401p $1.35 '96 Putnam
Mystery of choice. 288p '97 Appleton
Orchard-land; a children's story, 112p $1,50 '03 Harper
Outdoor-land; a story for children. 105p $1,50 '02 Harper
Police! ! ! 292p $1.30 '15 Appleton
River-land; a story for children. 91p $1.50 Harper
Tree of heaven. 325p $1.35 '07 Appleton
Young man in a hurry, and other stories. 283p $1.50 '04 Harper
Chamisso, Adelbert Von
Wonderful history of Peter Schlemihl, the man who
lost his shadow; tr. by F. H. Hedge. 118p '99 Ginn
Chekhov, A. P.
Bet, and other stories; tr. by S. Koteliansky and J. M. Murry. 243p '15 Luce
Bishop, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 302p '19 Macmillan
Black monk, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by R. E. C. Long. 12mo 302p '03 London, Duckworth
Chamelon, and four other tales; ed., with introd. notes and vocabulary by P. Selvor. . . 12mo 78p '16 London, Trench
Chorus girl, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 301p '20 Macmillan
Cook's wedding, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 308p '22 Macmillan
Darling, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. . . 329p $1.50 '16 Macmillan
Duel, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 307p '16 London, Chatto
Horse-stealers, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 312p (Tales of Chekhov, v x) '21 Macmillan
House with the mezzanine, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by S. S. Koteliansky and Gilbert Cannan. 12mo 251p $1.35 '17 Scribner
Kiss, and other stories. 317p $1.50 '12 Scribner
Lady with the dog, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 300p $1.50 '17 Macmillan
Love, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 318p '22 London, Chatto
My life, and other stories . . . tr. by S. S. Koteliansky and Gilbert Cannan. 12mo 251p '20 London, C. W. Daniel
Nine humorous tales; tr. by Isaac Goldberg and Henry T. Schmittkurd. 60p '18 Boston, Stratford
Party, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 340p $1.50 net '17 Macmillan
Rothschild's fiddle, and other stories. 222p '17 Boni & Liveright
Russian silhouettes, more stories of Russian life; tr. by Marian Fell. 318p $1.35 '15 Scribner
Schoolmaster, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 302p $2,00 '21 Macmillan
Schoolmistress, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 305p '21 Macmillan
Steppe, and other stories; tr. by Adeline Lister Kaye. 12mo 296p '16 Stokes
Stories of Russian life; tr. from the Russian by Marian Fell. 314p $1.35 '14 Scribner
Wife, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 312p $1.50 '18 Macmillan
Witch, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 328p $1.50 '18 Macmillan
Chesnytt, C. W.
Conjure woman. 229p $1.25 '99 Houghton
Wife of his youth. 323p $1.35 '99 Houghton
Clemens, S. L.
Writings of Mark Twain. (Author's national ed.) 25v '6p-'09 Harper
Writings of Mark Twain. (Autograph ed.) 22v '99'00 Hartford, American publishing co.
American claimant, and other stories. 545p $1.75 '97 Harper
Dog's tale. 35p $1.00 '04 Harper
Double-barrelled detective story. 189p $1.50 '02 Harper
Eve's diary. 109p $1.00 '06 Harper
Extracts from Adam's diary. 89p $1.00 '04 Harper
Extract from Captain Stormfield's visit to heaven. 120p $1.00 '09 Harper
Horse's tail. 152p $1.00 '07 Harper
Jumping frog. 65p $1.00 '03 Harper
Man that corrupted Hadleyburg, and other stories
and essays. 398p $1.75 '00 Harper
Merry tales. 209p '92 New York, Webster
Mysterious stranger; a romance. . . 12mo 150p '16 Harper
£1,000,000 bank-note, and other new stories. 260p '93 Webster
Sketches, new and old. 320p $1.75 '90 Hartford, American publishing co.
$30,000 bequest, and other stories. 522p $1.75 '06 Harper
Tom Sawyer abroad . . . and other stories. 410p '96 Harper
Collins, W. W.
After dark, and other stories. 536p $1.25 '75 Harper
Ghost's touch, and other stories. 198p $1.25 '85 Harper
"I say no"; or, The love-letter answered, and other stories. 233p $1.25 '86 Harper
Mrs. or Miss? and other stories. 325p '73 London, Bentley
Queen of hearts. 344p '62 London, Low
Shocking story. 57p (c '78) Barnes
Stolen mask; or, The mysterious cash-box. 31p '64 Columbia, S. C., DeFontaine
Yellow mask. 176p '90? Philadelphia, Strawbridge
Colum, Padraic
Girl who sat in the ashes. . . 12mo 175p $2.00 '19 Macmillan
Comer, C. A. P.
Book of martyrs. 179p '96 Scribner
Preliminaries, and other stories. 211p $1.00 '12 Houghton
Connolly, J. B.
Crested seas. 311p $1.35 '07 Scribner
Deep sea's toll. 315p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Head winds. 299p $1.35 '16 Scribner
Olympic victor. 185p $1.25 '08 Scribner
Open water. 322p $1.20 '10 Scribner
Out of Gloucester. 276p $1.35 '02 Scribner
Running free. 302p $1.35 '17 Scribner
Tide rips. . . 12mo 246p '22 Scribner
Sonnie-Boy's people. . . 363p $1.25 '13 Scribner
Trawler, 12mo 70p 50c '14 Scribner
Wide courses. 336p $1.25 '12' Scribner
Conrad, Joseph
Works (Sun-Dial ed.) 8vo '21 Doubleday
Falk; Amy Foster; To-morrow; three stories. 271p $1.35 '03 McClure
Point of honor; a military tale. 182p $1.20 '08 McClure
Set of six. 310p '08 London, Methuen
Shadow line; a confession. . . 12mo 197p '17
Tales of unrest. 348p $1.25 '98 Scribner
'Twixt land and sea. 287p '12 Hodder
Within the tides; tales. 300p $1.25 '16 Doubleday
Youth; a narrative, and three other stories. 381p $1.35 '03 McClure
Coppee, François
Rivals. 99p 50c '93 Harper
Tales for Christmas, and other seasons; tr. by Myrta L. Jones. 178p '00 Little
Ten tales; tr. by Walter Learned. 219p $1.25 '91 Harper
True riches. 163p '93 Appleton
Corelli, Marie
Angel's wickedness; a true story. 54p '03 New York, W. R. Beers
Cameos; short stories. 279p $1.00 '01 New York, Street
Christmas greetings. 316p $1.50 '01 Dodd
Jane. A social incident. 149p $1.25 '97 Lipptncott
Love of long ago, and other stories. 12mo 271p '20 London, Methuen
Silence of the Maharajah. 74p '95 Merriam
Song of Miriam, and other stories. 193p (c '98) New York, Munro
"Three wise men of Gotham." 39p '96 Lippincott
Craddock, C. E.
Bushwhackers, and other stories. 312p '99 Chicago, Stone
Down the ravine. 196p $1.00 '85 Houghton
Frontiersmen. 364p $1.25 '04 Houghton
In the Tennessee mountains. 322p $1.25 '84 Houghton
Mystery of Witch-face mountain. 279p $1.25 '95 Houghton
Phantoms of the foot-bridge. 353p $1.50 '95 Harper
Raid of the guerilla, and other stories. 334p $1.25 '12 Lippincott
Young mountaineers. 262p $1.35 '97 Houghton
Craigie, P. M. T.
Sinner's comedy. 154p (c '92) Cassell
Some emotions and a moral. 176p (c '91) Cassell
Some good intentions and a blunder. 67p (c '95) New York, Merriam
Tales about temperaments. 207p '02 Appleton
Tales of John Oliver Hobbes. 451p (c '97> Stokes
Crane, Stephen
George's mother. 177p '96 New York, Arnold
Little regiment, and other episodes of the American civil war. 196p '96 Appleton
Maggie, a girl of the streets. 158p '96 Appleton
Monster, and other stories. 188p $1.25 '99 Harper
Open boat, and other tales of adventure, 336p '98 Doubleday
Whilomville stories. 198p $1.50 '00 Harper
Wounds in the rain. 347p '00 Stokes
Crawford, F. M.
Man overboard. 96p '03 Macmillan
Uncanny tales. 307p '11 London, Unwin
Upper berth, 145p '94 Putnam
Wandering ghosts. 302p $1.25 '11 Macmillan
Crockett, S. R.
Adventurer in Spain. 338p (c '03) Stokes
Bog-myrtle and peat; being tales chiefly of Galloway. 389p '95 Appleton
Love idylls. 315p $1.35 'ox Dodd
Mad Sir Uchtred of the hills. 195p '94 Macmillan
Crosby, Margaret
Violin obligato, and other stories. 321p '91 Roberts
Curie, Richard
Echo of voices. . . 12mo 304p $1.50 '17 Knopf
Life is a dream. . . 12mo 327p '14 Doubleday
Cutting, M. S.
Just for two. 243p '09 Doubleday
Little stories of courtship. 232p $1.20 '05 McClure
Little stories of married life. 260p $1.20 '02 McClure
More stories of married life. 260p $1.20 '06 McClure
Refractory husbands, 12mo 232p $1.00 '13 Doubleday
Some of us are married. . . 12mo 380p '20 Doubleday
Suburban whirl, and other stories of married life. 202p '07 McClure

Daudet, Alphonse
Works. 24v ea $1.00 '99-'00 Little
La belle-Nivernaise, and other stories. 221p '95 Crowell
Fig and the idler; an Algerian legend. 103p '92 London, Unwin
Letters from my mill; tr. by F. H. Potter. 263p '93 Dodd
Letters to an absent one [in Daudet, A. Novels and romances]. 326, 248p (c '99, '09) Little
Monday tales; Letters from my mill; Letters to an absent one. 248p $1.00 '00 Little
Davis, C. B.
Borderland of society. 247p $1.25 Stone
Her own sort, and others. 341p $1.35 net '17 Scribner
Lodger overhead, and others. 370p $1.35 '09 Scribner
Stage door. 360p $1.35 '08 Scribner
Tales of the town. 339p $1.30 '11 Duffield
Davis, Rebecca H.
Bits of gosssp. 233p $1.25 '04 Houghton
Kent Hampden. 152p $1.00 '92 Scribner
Silhouettes of American life. 280p '92 Scribner
Davis, Richard Harding
Novels and stories. 12mo '16 Scribner
Bar sinister. 108p $1.00 '03 Scribner
Boy scout, and other stories for boys, 12mo $1.25 '17 Scribner
Cinderella, and other stories. 205p $1.00 '06 Scribner
Consul. 62p 50c '11 Scribner
Episodes in Van Bibber's life, 50c '99 Harper
Farces. 332p $1.50 '06 Scribner
Gallegher, and other stories. $1.00 '91 Scribner
Exiles, and other stories. 221p $1.50 '94 Harper
In the fog. 155p '01 Russell
King's jackal. 197p $1.25 '99 Scribner
Lion and the unicorn. 204p $1.25 '99 Scribner
Lion and the unicorn. 295p $1.25 '03 Scribner
Lost road. 266p $1.25 '13 Scribner
Man who could not lose. 354p $1.25 '11 Scribner
"Miss Civilization," a comedy in one act. 47p 50c '05 Scribner
Once upon a time. 280p $1.35 '10 Scribner
Princess Aline. 163p $1.25 '99 Harper
Ranson's folly. 345p $1.35 '02 Scribner
Red Cross girl. 270p $1.25 '12 Scribner
Scarlet car. 230p $1.25 '10 Scribner
"Somewhere in France." 224p $1.00 '15 Scribner
Stories for boys. 204p $1.00 '91 Scribner
Van Bibber and others. 249p $1.00 '92 Harper
Vera, the medium. "Miss Civilization." 215p $1.35 '10 Scribner
Deiand, M. W. C.
Around old Chester. 377p $1.35 '15 Harper
Dr. Lavendar's people. 369p $1.50 '03 Harper
Encore. 78p $1.50 '07 Harper
Good for the soul. 86p 50c '99 Harper
Hands of Esau. . . 8vo 85p $1.00 '14 Harper
Mr. Tommy Dove, and other stories. 2809 '93 Houghton
Old Chester secret. . . 12mo 125p (c '20) Harper
Old Chester tales. 359p $1.50 '98 Harper
Partners. . . 8vo 114p $1.00 '13 Harper
Promises of Alice; the romance of a New England parsonage. . . 12mo 130p '19 Harper
R. J.'s mother, and other people. 312p $1.50 '08 Harper
Voice. 85p $1.00 '12 Harper
Way to peace. 94p $1.50 '10 Harper
Where the laborers are few. 86p $1.50 '09 Harper
Wisdom of fools. 248p $1.25 '97 Houghton
De Quincey, Thomas
Collected writings; ed. by David Masson. v 12 (Tales and romances). 467p '97 London, Black
[The stories indexed appear in all complete editions under the title Tales and Romances, therefore the separate editions have not been indexed.]
Dickens, Charles
[Note: It has not been deemed necessary to index separately even a small proportion of the many editions of Dickens. There is unfortunately some variation in the groups of stories included by the different editors under the titles Christmas Books and Christmas Stories, but the authorized editions are nearly uniform, and a story listed as in "Christmas Books" or "Sketches by Boz," will usually be found in the volume of that title in any edition.]
Works. 30v London, Chapman & Hall (Scribner)
Christmas books. (Gadshill ed.) 525p $1.50 '97 Scribner
Christmas stories. (Gadshill ed.) 2v $1.50 '98 Scribner
Haard times. 444p '08 London, Chapman (Scribner)
Sketches by Boz. (Gadshill ed.) 2v $1.50 '98 Scribner
Tales of two cities. (any edition)
Donnell, A. H.
Glory and the other girl. 63p '07 Elgin, Ill., Cook
Judith Lynn; a story of the sea. 64p '06 Elgin, Ill., Cook
Miss Theodosia's heartstrings. . . 12mo 186p $1.00 '16 Little, Brown
Rebecca Mary. 194p $1.50 '05 Harper
Very small person. 192p $1.25 '06 Harper
Dostoevskïï, Fedor M.
Eternal husband, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 323p '17 Macmillan
Friend of the family; and The gambler. '87 London, Vizettelly
Friend of the family; or, Stepantchikovo, and its inhabitants, and another story; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 361p '20 Macmillan
Gambler, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 312p '17 Macmillan
Honest thief, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 325p '19 Macmillan
Poor folk, and The Gambler. (Everyman's library). 16mo 307p '15 Dutton
Uncle's dream, and The permanent husband; tr. by F. Whishaw. '88 London, Vizettelly
White nights, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 283p '18 Macmillan
Dowson, Ernest
Dilemmas. . . 12mo 139p '13 London, Mathews
Doyle, A. C.
Works of Arthur Conan Doyle. (Author's ed.) '13 Appleton
Works. 10vs '14. Collier
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 307p $1.50 (c '02) Harper
Beyond the city. 180p 50c Rand
Captain of the Polestar, and other tales. 315p '13 Longmans
Croxley master; a great tale of the prize ring. 76p 50c '07 McClure
Danger! and other stories. 310p $1.50 (c '19) Doran
Doings of Raffles Haw, and other stories. 12mo 199p '19 Doran
Great shadow, and Uncle Bernac. $1.35 (c '02) Appleton
Green flag, and other stories of war and sport. 384p '00 McClure
His last bow; a reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes. 308p $1.35 '17 Doran
Last galley: impressions and tales. 321p $1.20 '11 Double day
My friend the murderer; and other mysteries and adventures. 288p '93 Lovell
One crowded hour, 19p '11 New York, Paget
Parasite. 143p $1.00 '95 Harper
Passing of the legions. 12mo 12p '11 New York, Paget
Return of Sherlock Holmes. 381p $1.35 '10 Doubleday
Round the fire stories. 356p $1.35 '08 McClure
Round the red lamp. 307p $1.35 '10 Appleton
Sign of the four. A scandal in Bohemia, and other stories. 564p $1.00 '00 Hurt
Study in scarlet, and The sign of the four. . . 12mo 287p '04 Harper
Tales of Sherlock Holmes. 415p $1.50 '06 Burt; 359p '15 Grosset
Tragedy of the Korosko; The green flag; and other stories. 169, 249p '02 Appleton
Dragoumis, J. D.
Tales of a Greek island. 379p $1.35 '12 Houghton
Under Greek skies. 305p $1.00 '13 Dutton
Dreiser, Theodore
Free, and other stories. 369p $1.50 '18 Boni & Liveright
Twelve men. . . 12mo 360p '19 Boni & Liveright
Drosinēs, Geōrgios
Amaryllis. 12mo 544p (c '91) New York, Cassell
Duhanel, Georges (Denis Thevenin, pseud.)
Civilization 1914-1917 . . . tr. by E. S. Broolz. 12mo 288p $1.50 '19 Century
Dumas, Alexandre
Crop-eared Jacquot, and other stories; tr. by A. Allinson. 115p '05 London, Methuen
Fairy tales; tr. by H. A. Spurr. 114p '04 Stokes
Galley slave. 185p '85 London, Pierce
Horrors of Paris. A sequel to The Mohicans of Pans. 190p '75 Philadelphia, Peterson
Masaniello; or, The fisherman of Naples. An historical romance. 140p '88 New York, Munro
Mohicans of Paris. 189p '59 Philadelphia, Peterson
Pauline; a tale of Normandy. 32p '42 New York, Winchester
Prince of thieves; tr. by F. Adams. 126p '04 London, Methuen
Snow ball and Sultanetta; tr. by A. Allinson. 132p '04 London, Methuen
Wolf-leader; tr. by A. Allinson. '04 London, Methuen
Dunbar, Alice
Goodness of St. Rocque, and other stories. 224p 'gg Dodd
Dunbar, P. L.
Folks from Dixie. 263p $1.25 '98 Dodd
In old plantation days. 307p $1.35 '03. Dodd
Strength of Gideon, and other stories. 362p '00 Dodd
Duncan, Norman
Battles royal down North. . . 12mo 269p (c '18) Revell
Bird-store man; an old-fashioned story. . . 12mo 136p 75c (c '14) Revell
Christmas eve at Swamp's End. . . 12mo 32p 25c '15 Revell
Every man for himself, 12mo 305p '07 Harper
Finding his soul. 61p 50c '13 Harper
Harbor tales down North. . . 12mo 282p (c '18) Revell
Soul of the street: correlated stories of the New York Syrian quarter. 168p '00 McClure
Suitable child. p6p $1.00 '09 Revell
Way of the sea. 332p '03 McClure
Dunsany, Lord Edward
Time and the gods. 12mo 219p '13 Boston, Luce
Book of wonder; a chronicle of little adventures at the edge of the world. . . 12mo 134p '15 Boston, Luce
Dreamer's tales, and other stories; introd. by Padraic Colum. 12mo 212p '19 Boni & Liveright
Last book of wonder. . . 12mo 213p (c '16) Boston, Luce
Sword of Welleran, and other stories. . . 12mo 243p '08 London, Allen
Dwight, Harry Griswold
Emperor of Elam, and other stories, 12mo 387p '20 Doubleday
Stamboul nights. . . 12mo 371p $1.25 '16 Doubleday

Earle, M. T.
Flag on the hilltop. 125p 90c '02 Houghton
Man who worked for Collister. 248p '98 Boston, Copeland
Through old-rose glasses, and other stories. 209p $1.25 '00 Houghton
Wonderful wheel. 152p '96 Century
Ebner von Eschenbach, Marie
Two countesses; tr. by Mrs. Waugh. 176p '93 Cassell
Eckstein, Ernest
Chaldean magician. An adventure in Rome, in the reign of the Emperor Diocletian; tr. by Mary J. Safford. 112p '86 New York, Gottsberger
Monk of the Aventine; tr. by Helen Hunt Jackson. 196p '94 Roberts
Edgeworth, Maria
Harry and Lucy; to which are added The little dog Trusty; The cherry orchard, and The orange
man. 192p '56 Routledge
Parent's assistant; or, Stories for children. 535p '53 Philadelphia, Hazard
Tales and novels, 20v in 10 '35 Harper
Waste not, want not, and other stories by Maria Edgeworth, Jane Taylor, and Mrs. Barbauld. 84p '04 Heath
Edwards, Harry Stillwell
Eneas Africanus. 12mo 38p (c '19) Macon, Ga., J. W. Burke co.
His defense, and other stories. . . 12mo 217p '99 Century
Just sweethearts; a Christmas love story. 12mo 91p (c '19) Macon, Ga., J. W. Burke co
Mam'sella Delphine; a story of The Christmas. . . 8vo 30p (c '21) Macon, Ga., The Holly Bluff
pub. co.
Two runaways, and other stories. . . 8vo 246p (c '89) Century
Eggleston, Edward
Duffels; short stories. 262p '93 Appleton
Mr. JBlake's walking stick; a Christmas story. 60p '70 New York, Randolph
Eliot, George
[The stories indexed appear in all editions under the volume titles as given; therefore editions are not given.]
Empey, Arthur Guy
Tales from a dugout. 269p '18 Century
Erckmann, E., and Chatrian, A.
Strange stories. 190p '80 Appleton

Ferber, Edna
Buttered side down. 230p $1.00 '12 Harper
Cheerful, by request. 366p '18 Doubleday
Emma McChesney & Co. . . 231p $1.00 '15 Stokes
Half portions, 12mo 315p '20 Doubleday
Gigolo. 12mo 291p $1.75 '22 Doubleday
Personality plus; some experiences of Emma McChesney and her son, Jack. . . 12mo 161p (c '14)
Roast beef, medium. 296p $1.20 '13 Stokes
Fernald, C. B.
Cat and the cherub, and other stories. 250p $1.25 '96 Century
Under the jack-staff. 262p $1.25 '03 Century
Field, Eugene
Writings in prose and verse, '11 Scribner
Holy cross, and other tales. 191p '93 Chicago, Stone
Little book of profitable tales. 286p '89 Chicago, Wilson
Second book of tales, 341p $1.25 '96 Scribner
Stars; a slumber story. 70p 50c '06 Scribner
Temptation of Friar Gonson. A story of the devil, two saints, and a booke. '00 Washington, Woodward
Fisher, Mrs. Dorothea C.
Hillsboro people. , . $1.35 '15 Holt
Home fires in France. . . 12mo 306p '18 Holt
Real motive. 12mo 334p $1.40 '16 Holt
Flaubert, Gustave
Complete works. IQV (Brunetiere ed.) (c '04) Dunne
Foote, M. H.
In exile, and other stories. 253p '95 Houghton
Prodigal, 99p '00 Houghton
Touch of sun, and other stories. 273p $1.35 '03 Houghton
Ford, P. L.
Checked love affair, and "The Cortelyou feud." 112p '03 Dodd
Great K. and A. train robbery; a novel. 200p Dodd
His version of it. 109p '05 Dodd
Love finds a way. 170p '04 Dodd
Warning for lovers, and "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." 103p '06 Dodd
Fox, John, jr.
Blue-grass and rhododendron; outdoors in Kentucky. 294p $1.75 '01 Scribner
Christmas eve on Lonesome, and other stories. 234p $1.35 '04 Scribner
Cumberland vendetta, and other stories. 221p '96
"Hell fer sartain," and other stories. 118p '97 Harper
In Happy Valley. 229p $1.35 '17 Scribner
Kentuckians; A knight of the Cumberland. 259p $1.00 '09 Scribner
Knight of the Cumberland. 155p '06 Scribner
Mountain Europa. 279p $1.25 '09 Scribner
France, Anatole
Works. In an English tr. and ed. by Frederick Chapman. '15 London, Lane
Balthasar, a tr. by Mrs. John Lane. 225p $1.75 '09
Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet, and other profitable tales; a tr. by Winifred Stephens. 238p $1.75 '15 New York, Lane
Our children; scenes from the country and town. 4to 250 $2.25 '17 Duffield
Seven wives of Bluebeard, and other marvellous tales; a tr. by D. B. Stewart. (Works of Anatole France v 27) 12mo 217p '20 New York, Lane
Tales from a mother-of-pearl casket; tr. by Henri Pèrre Du Bois. 12mo 247p '96 New York, G. H. Richmond
Frederic, Harold
Copperhead. 197p '93 Scribner
Deserter, and other stories. A book of two wars. 401p '98 Lothrop
In the sixties. 319p $1.35 '97 Scribner
Marsena, and other stories. 210p '94 Scribner
Freeman, M. E. W.
Comfort Pease and her gold ring. 45p '95 Revell
Copy-cat, and other stories. 350p $1.25 '14 Harper
Edgewater people. 314p (c '19) Harper
Evelina's garden, 120p 50c '99 Harper
Fair Lavinia, and others. 307p $1.25 '07 Harper
Givers. 295p $1.25 '04 Harper
Green door. 62p 75c '10 M off at
Humble romance, and other stories. 436p $1.25 '87 Harper
In colonial times, 115p 50c '99 Lothrop
Jamesons. 177p '99 Doubleday
Love of Parson Lord, and other stories. 232p $1.25 '00 Harper
New England nun, and other stories. 468p $1.25 '01 Harper
People of our neighborhood. 161p (c '95) Doubleday
Pot of gold, and other stories. 324p $1.50 '93 Lothrop
Silence, and other stories. 279p $1.25 '98 Harper
Six trees; short stories, 206p $1.25 '03 Harper
Understudies; short stories. 229p $1.25 '01 Harper
Wind in the rose-bush, and other stories of the supernatural. 237p '03 Doubleday
Winning lady, and others. 327p $1.25 '09 Harper
Yates pride. 65p 50c '12 Harper
Young Lucretia, and other stories. 258p $1.25 '92 Harper
French, A. W.
His story, their letters. 141p '02 Chicago, Drake
Original gentleman. 339p $1.30 '08 Little
Panther; a tale of temptation, 91p '08 Boston, Small
Susan Clegg and her friend Mrs. Lathrop. 227p $1.30 '04 Little
Susan Clegg and her neighbors' affairs. 220p $1.30 '06 Little
Susan Clegg, her friend and her neighbors. 397p $1.30 '10 Little
When woman proposes. 158p $1.25 '11 Little
Your child and mine. 314p $1.30 '09 Little
Fuller, H. B.
Chatelaine of La Trinité. 176p '92 Century
Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani. 185p $1.25 '92 Century
From the other side; stories of transatlantic travel. 229p $1.25 '98 Houghton
Under the skylights. 282p '01 Appleton
Waldo Trench and others; stories of Americans in Italy. 338p $1.35 '08 Scribner
Futrelle, Jacques
Thinking machine on the case. 337p '08 Appleton

Gaboriau, Émile
Little old man of Batignolles, and other stories. 198p '88 Lovell
Promise of marriage. 89p '83 Lovell
Gale, Zona
Friendship village love stories. 12mo 321p '09 Macmillan
Loves of Pileas and Etarre. 12mo 341p '07 Macmillan
Neighborhood stories. . . 12mo 307p '14 Macmillan
Piece in Friendship Vlllage. 12mo 308p '14 Macmillan
Galsworthy, John
Commentary. 263p $1.35 Putnam
Inn of tranquillity. 278p $1.30 '14 Scribner
Five tales. 380p $1.50 '18 Scribner
Little man, and other satires. 279p $1.30 net '15 Scribner
Motley. 274p $1.20 '10 Scribner
Tatterdemalion. . . 12mo 305p '20 Scribner
Garland, Hamlin
Little Norsk; or, Ol' pap's Flaxen. 157p '92 Appleton
Main-travelled roads. 299p '99 Macmillan
Mocassin ranch; a story of Dakota. 136p $1.00 '09 Harper
Other main-travelled roads. 349p $1.50 '10 Harper
Prairie folks. 253p '93 Schulte
Spirit of Sweetwater. 50c '98 Doubleday
They of the high trails. . . 381p $1.35 '16 Harper
Wayside courtship. 281p '97 Appleton
Witch's gold. A new and enlarged version of The spirit of Sweetwater. 231p '96 Doubleday
Zalea: a psychological episode and tale of love. 146p '00 Washington, Neal
Garshin, V. M.
Red flower. 37p '11 Philadelphia, Brown
Signal, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Capt. Rowland Smith. 356p '15 London, Duckworth
Gaskell, Mrs. E. C.
Novels and tales. 7v '92 London, Smith, Elder
Cousin Phillis, and other tales. 286p '85 London. Smith, Elder
Cousin Phillis, and other tales. 325p Dutton
Lizzie Leigh, and other tales. 274p '65 London, Smith, Elder
Mary Barton, and other tales. 459p '02 London, Smith, Elder
Right at last, and other tales. 305p '60 Harper
Round the sofa. 2v '59 London, Low
Gautier, Théophile
Complete works; tr. and ed. by F. C. de Sumichrast. (Gascon ed.) 12v '09 New York, Postlethwaite, Taylor & Knowles
Theophile Gautier . . . [Little French masterpieces . . . Ill.]. 16mo 288p '03 Putnam
Works; tr. and ed. by F. C. de Sumichrast. (Pocket ed.) 11v $1.50 each '12 Little
Works. (Sumichrast ed.) 24v '01 New York, Sproul
Gerould, Mrs. Katharine Fullerton
Great ( tradition, and other stories. 353p $1.35 '15 Scribner
Vain oblations. 324p $1.35 '14 Scribner
Valiant dust. 12mo 347p '22 Scribner
Gibbon, Perceval
Vrouw Grobelaar and her leading cases. 293p '06 McClure
Gissing, George
Human odds and ends; stories and sketches. 12mo 308p '11 London, Sidgwick
House of cobwebs, and other stories. 300p $1.50 '06 Dutton
Glinski, Antoni Józef
Polish fairy tales; tr. . . by Maude Ashurst Biggs. . . 12mo 96p '20 New York, Lane
Glaspell, Susan
Lifted masks. 257p $1.00 '12 Stokes
Gogol, N. V.
Cossack tales; tr. by George Tolstoi. '60 London, Blackwood
Evenings in little Russia; tr. by E. W. Underwood and W. H. Cline. 153p '93 London, Evanston
Mantle, and other stories; tr. by Claud Field, and with an introd. on Gogol by Prosper Merimée. 249p '16 Stokes
St. John's eve, and other stories; tr. by I. F. Hapgood. 383p '86 Crowell
Taras Bulba; St. John's eve, and other tales. '87 London, Vizettelly
Gorky, Maxim
Chelkash, and other stories; tr. from the Russian. . . 12mo 244p '16 Knopf
Creatures that once were men; tr. by J. K. M Shirazi. 75c '05 Funk
Heartache; and The old woman Izerofel. '05 London, Maclaren
Individualists; Cain and Artème; Strange companion. '06 London, Maclaren
Orloff and his wife; tales of the barefoot brigade; tr. by I. F. Hapgood. $1.00 '01 Scribner
Stories of the steppe . . . tr. by H. T. Schnittkind and Isaac Goldberg. 59p '18 Boston, Stratford
Tales; tr. from the Russian by R. N. Bain 285p $1.20 '02 Funk
Tales of two countries. 243p '14 Huebsch
Twenty-six and one, and other stories; tr by I. Strannik. '02 New York, Taylor
Twenty-six men and a girl [and other stories]; tr. by E. Jakowleff and D. B. Montefiore '02 London, Duckworth
Grahame, Kenneth
Dream days. 228p $1.00 (c '98) Lane
Grand, Sarah
Our manifold nature; stories from life. 235p '94 Appleton
Grant, Robert
Bachelor's Christmas, and other stories. 309p $1.35 '95 Scribner
Knave of hearts; a fairy story. ig8p '86 Ticknor
Law-breakers, and other stories. 277p $1.25 '06 Scribner
Gray, David
Ensign Russell. 16mo 241p '12 Century
Gallops. 226p $1.25 '98 Century
Gallops 2. 255p $1.25 '03 Century
Mr. Carteret, and others. 218p $1.00 '10 Century
Green, A. K.
Amethyst box. 151p '05 Bobbs-Merrill
Difficult problem, and other stories. 344p '00 New York, Lupton
Doctor, his wife, and the clock. 131p '95 Putnam
Golden slipper, and other problems for Violet
Strange. 425p $1.35 '15 Putnam
House in the mist. 149p '05 Bobbs-Merrill
Old stone house, and other stories. 202p 75c '91 Putnam
7-12; a detective story. 114p '87 Putnam
Three thousand dollars. 157p $1.00 '10 Badger
To the minute, Scarlet and black; two tales of life's perplexities. . . 8vo 226p $1.00 '16 Putnam
X Y Z; a detective story. 97p '83 Putnam
Greene, Frederick, Stuart, ed.
Grim thirteen; short stories, by thirteen authors of standing, ed. by Frederick Stuart Greene; with an introd. by Edward J. O'Brien. . . 12mo 385p '17 Dodd
Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason
Labrador days; tales of the sea toilers. 230p $1.50 '19 Houghton
Tales of the Labrador. . . 239p $1.25 '16 Houghton
Off the rocks; stories of the deep-sea fisherfolk of Labrador. 203p '06 Philadelphia, Sunday School Times co
Gunnarson, Gunnar
Guest the One-eyed; tr. from the Danish ... by W. W. Worster. 340p '22 Knopf

Haggard, H. R.
Allan the hunter; a tale of three lions and Prince, another lion, 111p '98 Lothrop
Elissa; the doom of Zimbabwe. Black Heart and White Heart; a Zulu idyll. 246, 105p $1.25 '00 Longmans
Mahatma and the hare; a dream story. 165p $1.00 '11 Holt
Maiwa's revenge. 157p '88 Harper
Missionary and the witch-doctor. 12mo 64p '20 New York, Paget
Smith and the pharaohs and other tales. . . 12mo 316p '21 Longmans
Tales of three lions. 58p New York, Lovell
Hale, E. E.
Works. 10v $1.50 each '98-'01 Little
Aunt Caroline's present. 36p '95 Boston, J. S. Smith
Back to back. A story of today. 98p '78 Harper
Brick-moon, and other stories. 569p $1.50 '99 Little
Christmas eve and Christmas day. 294p '73 Roberts
Christmas in Narragansett. 293p Funk
Colonel Clipsham's calendar. 51p '95 Boston, Smith
Crusoe in New York, and other tales. 259p '80 Roberts
Daily bread; a story of a snow blockade. 44p '88 Boston, Smith
Four and five; a story of a Lend-a-hand club. 194p '91 Roberta
Hands off. 30p '95 Boston, Smith
His level best, and other stories. 293p '77 Roberts
If, yes, and perhaps. Four possibilities and six exaggerations, with some bits of fact. 296p '74 Boston, Osgood
In His name. 268p $1.50 '01 Little
Man without a country, and other stories. 397p $1.50 '98 Little
My double and how he undid me. 50p '95 Boston, Lawson
My friend the boss. A story of today. 191p '88 Boston, Smith
One good turn. 37p '93 Boston, Smith
Red and white; a Christmas story. 41p '87 Boston, Smith
Safe deposit. 43p '95 Boston, Smith
Susan's escort, and others. 416p '97 Harper
Ten times one is ten. 439p $1.50 '99 Little
Hallstrom, Per A. L.
Short stories tr. from the Swedish by F. J. Fielden. . . 12mo 293p '22 Scandinavian Foundation
Harben, w. N.
Mute confessor; the romance of a southern town. 92p '00 New York, Street & Smith
North walk mystery. 178p '79 New York, Street & Smith
Northern Georgia sketches. 305p '00 McClurg
Halévy, Ludovic
Abbe Constantin, and other stories. 311p $1.00 '95 Burt
Autumn manoeuvres. 239p '98 New York, Richmond
Catherine Duval; sketches of Paris life. 203p '99 Page
Marriage for love. 98p '90 Dodd
Parisian points of view. 195p $1.00 '94 Harper
Hardy, Arthur Sherburne
Diane and her friends. 298p '14 Houghton
Hardy, Thomas
Changed man; The waiting supper, and other tales. 405p $1.35 '13 Harper
Group of noble dames. 292p $1.50 '91 Harper
Life's little ironies. 268p $1.50 '94 Harper
Romantic adventures of a milkmaid. A novel. 180 '83 New York, Munro
Wessex tales. 214p $1.50 '88 Harper
Harland, Henry
Comedies and errors. 344p $1.30 '98 Lane
Gray roses. 208p $1.25 '95 Roberts
Latin-quarter courtship. 269p '89 Cassell
Mademoiselle Miss, and other stories. 102p $1.25 '04 Lane
Two voices. 106p '90 Cassell
Harraden, Beatrice
In varying moods. 286p '94 Putnam
Little Rosebud; or, Things will take a turn. 131p '98 Boston, Estes
Thirteen all told. 12mo. 249p '21 London, Methuen
Umbrella mender. 17p '94 New York, Ogilvie
Untold tales of the past. 243p '97 Dodd
Harris, J. C.
Balaam and his master, and other sketches and stories. 293p $1.25 '91 Houghton
Bishop and the boogerman. 184p $1.00 '09 Doubleday
Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann. 210p $1.35 '99 Scribner
Daddy Jake the runaway, and short stories told after dark. 198p $1.25 '04 Century
Free Joe, and other Georgian sketches. 236p $1.00 '87 Scribner
Little Mr. Thimblefinger and his queer country. 230p $1.80 '94 Houghton
Little Union scout. 181p '04 McClure
Making of a statesman, and other stories. 246p '02 McClure
Mingo, and other sketches in black and white. 273p '84 Osgood
Mr. Rabbit at home; a sequel to Little Mr. Thimblefinger and his queer country. 304p $1.80 Houghton
Nights with Uncle Remus; myths and legends of the old plantation. 416p '83 Boston, Osgood
On the wing of occasions. 310p '00 Doubleday
Plantation pageants. 8vo 247p '99 Houghton
Plantation printer; the adventures of a Georgia boy during the war. 191p '92 London. Osgood
Shadow between his shoulder-blades. 132p 50c '09 Boston, Small
Story of Aaron (so named) the son of Ben AH, told by his friends and acquaintances. 198p $1.80 '96 Houghton
Tales of home folks in peace and war. 417p $1.35 '98 Houghton
Told by Uncle Remus; new stories of the old plantation. 295p $2.00 '05 McClure
Uncle Remus and his friends. 357p $1.40 '92 Houghton
Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings. 265p $2.00 '11 Appleton
Uncle Remus returns. . . 8vo 174p $1.35 '18 Houghton
Harrison, C. C.
Belhaven tales. 212p '92 Century
Carcellini emerald, with other tales. 314p '99 New York, Stone
Daughter of the South, and shorter stories. aSip '92 Cassell
Edelweiss of the Sierras, and other tales. 209p '92 Harper
Golden-rod, an idyl of Mount Desert. 115p '80
Merry maid of Arcady, and other stories. 34p '97 Boston, Wolfe
Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch. 70p '01 New York, Burgoyne
Virginia cousin; and Bar Harbor tales. 202p '95 Boston, Wolfe
Harte, Bret
Writings, 19v ea $1.50 '71-'99 Houghton
Ancestors of Peter Atherly, and other tales. 381p $1.50 '00 Houghton
Barker's luck, and other stories. 265p $1.25 '96 Houghton
Bell-ringer of Angels, and other stories. 334p $1.25 '94 Houghton
By shore and sedge. 260p '85 Houghton
Colonel Starbottle's client, and some other people. 283p $1.25 '92 Hougton
Condensed novels. 212p '99 Houghton
Drift from two shores. 266p $1.00 '78 Osgood
From sandhill to pine. 327p $1.25 '00 Houghton
Frontier stories. 45 2 P S 1 - 00 '87 Houghton
Heritage of Dedlow marsh, and other tales. 260p '89 Houghton
Luck of Roaring camp, and other stories. 279p $1.50 '86 Houghton
Mr. Jack Hamlin's mediation, and other stories. 289p $1.25 '99 Houghton
Mrs. Skagg's husbands, and other sketches. 352p $1.25 '00 Houghton
On the frontier. 288p $1.25 '84 Houghton
Openings in the old trail. $1.25 '02 Houghton
Protegee of Jack Hamlin's, and other stories. 292p $1.25 '94 Houghton
Sally Dows, and other stories. 299p $1.25 '73 Houghton
Sappho of Green Springs, and other stories. 294p '91 Houghton
Stories in light and shadow. 304p $1.25 '98 Houghton
Tales of the Argonauts. 282p $1.25 '75 Osgood
Tales of trail and town. 348p $1.25 '98 Houghton
Trent's trust, and other tales. 264p $1.50 '03 Houghton
Twins of Table mountain, and other stories. 249p $1.00 '07 Houghton
Under the redwoods. 334p $1.25 '01 Houghton
Hauff, Wilhelm
Three tales; tr. by Faber. 326p '69 Leipzig, Tauchnitz
Hawkins, A. H.
Works. (Author's ed.) 13v (c '02) Appleton
Change of air. 248p '94 Holt
Comedies of courtship. 377p $1.50 '96 Scribner
Cut and a kiss. 138p '99 Boston, Brown
Dolly dialogues. 202p $1.50 '01 Holt
Frivolous Cupid. 223p '95 New York, Platt
Half a hero. '02 Appleton
Heart of the Princess Osra. 301p (c '95) New York, American News Co.
Indiscretion of the duchess. 222p '94 Holt
Love's logic, and other stories. 322p '08 McClure
Sport royal. 97p $1.50 '07 Harper
Hawthorne, Julian
David Poindexter's disappearance, and other tales. 210p '88 Appleton
Mr. Dunton's invention, and other stories. '96 New York, Merriam
Six cent Sam's. 332p (c '93) St. Paul, Price-McGill
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Complete works (Riverside ed.) 13v ea $2.00 Houghton
Complete writings (Autograph ed.) 22v '00 Houghton
Colonial stories [In colonial days] 104p '97 Boston, Knight
Grandfather's chair; a history for youth. 282p '08 Philadelphia, Altemus
Legends of New England. 104p '77 Boston, Osgood
Legends of the Province house. '77 Boston, Osgood
Wonder book for girls and boys. 233p (c '96) Crowell
Hearn, Lafcadio
Japanese miscellany. $1.25 '01 Little
Kotto. 251p $1.50 '02 Macmillan
Kwaidan; stories and studies of strange things. 240p $1.35 '04 Houghton
Romance of the Milky Way. 209p $1.25 '05 Houghton
Shadowings. 268p $1.25 00 Little
Some Chinese ghosts. 185p '87 Roberts
Youma, the story of a West-Indian slave. 193p $1.00 '90 Harper
Henry, O.
Cabbages and kings. 343p $1.20 '04 McClure
Four million. $1,00 '09 Doubledar
Gentle grafter. 235p $1.00 '08 McClure
Heart of the West. 224p $1.20 '07 McClure
Let me feel your pulse. 38p 50c '10 Doubleday
O. Henryana; seven odds and ends, poetry and short stories . . . 8vo 89p '20 Doubleday
Options. 323p '09 Harper
Ransom of Red Chief, and other O. Henry stories for boys. 12mo 35p '18 Doubleday
Roads of destiny. 376p $1.20 '09 Doubleday
Rolling stones. 292p $1.20 '12 Doubleday
Sixes and sevens. $1.20 '11 Doubleday
Strictly business; more stories of the four million. $1.20 '10 Doubleday
Trimmed lamp, and other stories of the four million. 260p $1.00 '10 Doubleday
Two women; the one: a fog in Santone; the other: a medley of moods. 81p (c '10) Boston, Small
Voice of the city. 243p $1.00 '08 McClure
Waifs and strays; twelve stories . . . 12mo 305p '19 Doubleday
Whirligigs. 314p $1.20 '10 Doubleday
Henry's Ghost, O.
My tussle with the devil, and other stories, by O. Henry's Ghost. (Supposed to have been dictated to the ouija board). 197p '18 New York, I. M. Y. co.
Hergesheimer, Joseph
Dark fleece. 8vo 134p '22 Knopf
Gold and iron. 12mo 331p '18 Knopf
Happy end. 315p '19 Knopf
Tubal Cain. 12mo 146p '22 Knopf
Wild oranges. 12mo 128p '22 Knopf
Herrick, Robert
Conscript mother. 12mo 99p '16 Scribner
Literary love-letters, and other stories. 245p '97 Scribner
Love's dilemmas. 193p '98 Chicago, Stone
Man who wins. 125p '97 Scribner
Master of the inn. 84p 50c '08 Scribner
Their child. 95p '03 Macmillan
Hewlett, M. H.
Fond adventures; tales of the youth of the world. 339p $1.50 '05 Harper
Judgment of Borso; a little novel of Ferrara. 90p '99 Macmillan
Letters to Sanchia upon things as they are, from the correspondence of Mr. John Maxwell Senhouse. . . (Extracted from "Open Country.") 12mo 85p 90c '10 Scribner
Light heart. 12mo 188p $1.75 '20 Holt
Love of Proserpine . . . 8vo 245p $1.35 '13 Scribner
Little novels of Italy. 343p $1.35 '99 Macmillan
Madonna of the peach tree. 66p '99 Macmillan
New Canterbury tales. 262p $1.35 '02 Macmillan
Quattrocentisteria. 55p '02 Philadelphia, Altemus
Ruinous face. 43p $1.00 '09 Harper
Sacrifice at Prato. 23p '08 Englewood, N. J., Hillside press
Saint Gervase of Plessy. 44p '00 Macmillan
Heyse, P. J. L.
L'Arrabiata, and other tales. 274p '67 London, S. Low, Marston and Rivington
At the ghost hour. Mid-day magic; tr. by F. A. Van Santford. '94 Dodd
At the ghost hour. The fair Abigail; tr. by F. A. Van Santford. 72p '94 Dodd
At the ghost hour. The forest laugh; tr. by F. A. Van Santford. 60p '94 Dodd
At the ghost hour. The house of the unbelieving Thomas; tr. by F. A. Van Santford. 96p '94 Dodd
Barbarossa, and other tales; tr. by L. C. S. 302p '74 London, Low
Dead lake, and other tales. 312p '70 London, Low
Divided heart, and other stories; tr. by C. S. Copeland. 240p '94 Brentano
Selected stories. 64p '86 Chicago, Schich
Solitaries. 54p '70 Philadelphia, Claxton
Tales from the German. 281p '79 Appleton
Witch of the Corso; tr. by G. W. Ingraham. 18p '82 New York, Munro
Words never to be forgotten, and The donkey. 139p New York, Hoff
Hibbard, G. A.
Governor, and other stories. 292p $1.00 '92 Scribner
Iduna, and other stories. 296p '91 Harper
Nowadays, and other stories. 268p '93 Harper
Hichens, R. S.
After tomorrow. 74p (c '95) New York, Merriam
Black spaniel, and other stories. 280p '05 Stokes
Bye-ways. 356p $1.35 '97 Dodd
Folly of Eustace, and other stories. 175p '96 Appleton
Hindu. 8vo 339 250 '17 Ainslee
Packet of hashish. 12mo 27p '11 New York, Paget
Snake-bite, and other stories. 12mo 351p '19 Cassell
Tongues of conscience. 368p $1.50 '00 Stokes
Hogg, James
Tales and sketches, by the Ettrick Shepherd. 6v '78 Nimmo, London
Hoffmann, E. T. W.
Hoffmann's strange stories. From the German. 444p '55 Boston. Burnham
Nutcracker and Mouseking; tr. from the German, by Mrs. St. Simon. 138p '53 Appleton
Weird tales; a new tr. from the German . . . by J. T. Bealby. 2v '85 Scribner
Hopkins, M. S. B.
Change of heart; six love stories. 171p $1.25 '03 Harper
Jimty, and others. 325p '08 Harper
"Perchance to dream," and other stories. 267p '92 Dodd
Sixth sense, and other stories. 273p $1.25 Harper
Hopkins, W. J.
Burbury stoke. $1.25 '13 Houghton
Clammer. 255p $1.20 '06 Houghton
Meddlings of Eve. 297p $1.00 '10 Houghton
Hornung, E. W.
Amateur cracksman. 290p $1.25 '99 Scribner
Bride from the bush. 104p 75c (c '00) New York, Street
Crime doctor . . . 12mo 315p $1.35 (c '14) Bobbs-Merrill
Irralie's bushranger; a story of Australian adventure. 12mo 163p '96 Scribner
Raffles; further adventures of an amateur cracksman. 301p $1.35 '01 Scribner
Some persons unknown. 276p $1.25 '98 Scribner
Stingaree. 391p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Thief in the night; further adventures of A. J. Raffles. 372p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Witching hill. 274p $1.25 '13 Scribner
Howard, B. W.
Seven on the highway. 272p '97 Houghton
Tony, the maid. 166p '87 Harper
Howells, W. D.
Between the dark and the daylight: romances. 184p $1.50 '07 Harper
Christmas every day. 22p $1.25 '08 Harper
Counterfeit presentment. 199p $1.25 '05 Houghton
Day of their wedding. 158p $1.25 '96 Harper
Day's pleasure, and other sketches. 240p '81 Houghton
Doorstep acquaintance, and other sketches. 92p '00 Houghton
Elevator, a farce. 84p $1.00 '85 Houghton
Evening dress, a farce. 59p 50c '93 Harper
Fearful responsibility, and other stories. 255p $1.40 '81 Houghton
Fennel and rue, a novel. 129p $1.50 '08 Harper
Daughter of the storage and other things in prose and verse. 351p $1.35 '16 Harper
Five o'clock tea, a farce. 46p 50c '94 Harper
Garroters, a farce. 90p 50c '94 Harper
Imperative duty, a novel, 150p $1.00 '93 Harper
Indian giver, a comedy, 99p 50c '00 Houghton
Letter of introduction, a farce. 61p 50c '92 Harper
Likely story, a farce. 54p 50c '94 Harper
Mouse-trap, and other farces. 184p 50c '89 Harper
Open-eyed conspiracy; an idyl of Saratoga. 181p $1.00 '97 Harper
Out of the question, a comedy. 183p $1.25 '05 Houghton
Pair of patient lovers. $1.15 '01 Harper
Parlor car, a farce. 74p $1.00 '04 Houghton
Parting and a meeting. 98p $1.00 '96 Harper
Questionable shapes. 219p $1.50 '03 Harper
Room forty-five, a farce. 61p $1.00 '00 Houghton
Sleeping car, a farce. 74p '83 Osgood
Sleeping car and other farces. '92 Houghton
Smoking car, a farce. 70p $1.00 '00 Houghton
Suburban sketches. 234p $1.40 '71 Houghton
Unexpected guests, a farce. 54p 50c '93 Harper
Hudson, William H.
Dead man's plack and an old thorn. 8vo 185p (c '20) Dutton
El Ombu. . . 12mo 182p '02 London, Duckworth
South American sketches. (Reprint of El Ombu) 8vo 188p '09 London, Duckworth
Tales of the Pampas. 12mo 253p $1.25 '16 Knopf
Hughes, Rupert
Colonel Crockett's cooperative Christmas, 12mo 66p Philadelphia, Jacobs
In a little town, 12mo 382p '17 Harper
Lady who smoked cigars. 16mo 48p (c '13) New York, Fitzgerald
Last rose of summer . . . 12mo 83p 50c '14 Harper
Long ever ago . . . 12mo 301p '18 Harper
Miss 318; a story in season and out of season. 12mo 128p (c '11) 75c Revell
Miss 318 and Mr. 37 ... 12mo 128p 75c (c '12)
Mrs. Budlong's Christmas presents. 12mo 121p Appleton
"Momma," and other unimportant people. . 12mo 302p (c '20) Harper
Old nest . . . 12mo 178p $1.00 '12 Century
Huneker, James
Melomaniacs. 350p $1.50 '02 Scribner
Visionaries. 342p $1.50 '05 Scribner
Hurst, Fannie
Every soul hath its song. 376p $1.30 '16 Harper
Gaslight sonatas. 270p $1.40 '18 Harper
Humoresque; a laugh on life with a tear behind it. 12mo 332p '19 Harper
Just around the corner; romance en casserole. 360p $1.35 '14 Harper
Vertical city . . . 12mo 280p (c '22) Harper
Hutten zum Stolzenberg, Betsey, freifrau von
Helping Hersey, by the Baroness von Hutten . . . 12mo 256p $1.90 '20 Doran
Huxley, Aldous Leonard
Mortal coils. 12mo 229p '22 London, Chatto

Irving, Washington
Works (Hudson ed.) 27v ea $1.50 Putnam
Stories and legends. 312p (c '96) Putnam
[The stories indexed from separate volumes appear under the same volume title in all editions.]

Jacks, Lawrence P.
[Writings.] 12mo 6v '16-'17 London, Williams & Norgate
All men are ghosts. 360p '13 London, Williams & Norgate
Among the idol makers . . . 12mo 369p '12 Holt
Country air . . . 12mo 233p '17 London, Williams & Norgate
Mad shepherds and other human studies . . . 12mo 251p '10 Holt
Philosophers in trouble; a volume of stories . . . 8vo 210p '16 London, Williams & Norgate
Legends of Smokeover. 8vo 324p '21 Header
Jackson, H. H.
Between whiles. 304p '87 Roberts
Cat stories. 3v in 1 $1.80 '98 Roberts
Hunter cats of Connorloa. 156p $1.00 '84 Roberts
Letters from a cat. 89p $1.00 '79 Roberts
Mammy Tittleback and her family. 101p $1.00 '81 Roberts
Pansy Billings and Popsy; two sketches of girl life. 107p '98 Lothrop
Saxe Holm's stories. 2v '74 Scribner
Jacobs, W. W.
Captains all. 269p $1.25 '05 Scribner
Deep waters. 12mo '19 Scribner
Lady of the barge. 300p $1.35 '02 Dodd
Light freights . . . 12mo 315p '07 Dodd
Many cargoes. 247p $2.00 '97 Stokes
More cargoes. 231p $1.00 '07 Stokes
Night watches. 247p $1.25 '14 Scribner
Ooa craft. 3419 $1.25 '03 Scribner
Sailor's knots. 283p $1.25 '09 Scribner
Ship's company. 261p $1.25 *ir Scribner
Short cruises. 296p $1.25 '07 Scribner
Skipper's wooing, and The brown man's servant. 190p $1.00 '97 Stokes
Jacobsen, Jens Peter
Mogens, and other stories . . . tr. from the Danish. by Anna Grabow. 12mo 150p '21 New York, Brown
James, Henry
Novels and tales of Henry James (New York ed.) 24v '09 Scribner
Aspern papers, Louisa Pallant, The modern warning. 290p '88 Macmillan
Author of Beltraffio; Pandora; Georgiana's reasons; The path of duty; Four meetings. 3629 '85 Boston, Osgood
Better sort. 428p $1.35 '03 Scribner
Daisy Miller. 8vo 155p '16 Harper
Diary of a man of fifty, and A bundle of letters, 135p '80 Harper
Embarassments. 320p '96 Macmillan
Finer grain. 312p $1.25 '10 Scribner
In the cage. 229p '98 Chicago, Stone
Landscape painter, 12mo 287p '19 New York, Scott & Seltzer
Julia Bride. 8vo 84p '09 Harper
Lesson of the master. 302p '92 Macmillan
London life. 366p '89 Macmillan
Madonna of the future, and other tales. 2v '79 Macmillan
Master Eustace. 12mo 280p '20 New York, Seltzer
Passionate pilgrim, and other tales. 49p $1.00 '75 Osgood
Private life. $1.00 '73 Harper
Real thing, and other tales. 275p $1.00 '93 Macmillan
Siege of London. 294p $2.00 '83 Boston, Osgood
Soft side, 12mo 326p '00 Macmillan
Tales of three cities. $2.00 '84 Boston, Osgood
Termination. 224p $1.25 '95 Harper
Travelling companions. 12mo 309p '19 Boni & Liveright
Two magics. 393p $1.50 '98 Macmillan
Wheel of time. 220p $1.00 '93 Harper
Janvier, T. A.
At the Casa Napoleon. 226p '14 Harper
Color studies, and A Mexican campaign. 391p '93 Scribner
From the south of France. 234p $1.20 '12 Harper
In great waters; four stories. 222p $1.25 '01 Harper
Legends of the city of Mexico. 164p $1.30 '10 Harper
Passing of Thomas. . . five stories. 180p $1.25 '00 Harper
Santa Fe's partner. 237p $1.50 '07 Harper
Stories of old new Spain. 326p '91 Appleton
Uncle of an angel, and other stories. 287p $1.25 '91 Harper
Jerome, J. K.
John Ingerfield and other stories. 224p 75c '94 Holt
Malvina of Brittany. (Published in U. S. under title "Street of the blank wall.") 12mo 304p (c '16) Cassell
Observations of Henry. 182p '01 Dodd
Passing of the third floor back. 186p $1.00 '08 Dodd
Sketches in lavender, blue, and green. 337p $1.25 '97 Holt
Street of the blank wall, and other stories. (Published also under title Malvina of Brittany. Cessell 1916.) 319p $1.35 '16 Dodd
Tea table talk. 16mo 153p '03 Dodd
Told after supper. . . 12mo 169p '91 Philadelphia, Altemus
Jewett, S. O.
Stories and tales. 7v $7.00 '10 Houghton
Betty Leicester's Christmas. 68p '99 Houghton
Betty Leicester's English Christmas. 81p '94 Baltimore. Bryn Mawr School
Country by-ways. 249p $1.00 '92 Houghton
Country of the pointed firs. 213p $1.25 '01 Houghton
King of Folly island. 339p $1.25 '88 Houghton
Life of Nancy. 322^ $1.25 '95 Houghton
Mate of the Daylight, and friends ashore. 254p $1.00 '84 Houghton
Native of Winby, and other tales. 309p $1.25 '93 Houghton
Night before Thanksgiving, A white heron, and selected stories. 119p $1.25 '11 Houghton
Old friends and new. 269p $1.00 '79 Houghton
Queen's twin, and other stories. 232p $1.25 '99 Houghton
Jókai, Maurus
Tales from Jokai; tr. from the Hungarian by R. N. Bain. 275p (c '04) London, Jarrold
Jordan, E. G.
Many kingdoms. 311p $1.50 '08 Harper
Lovers knots; the whimsical twists and tangles of a dozen youthful love affair. 289p $1.25 '16 Harper
May Iverson—her book. 281p $1.50 '04 Harper
May Iverson tackles life. 245p $1.25 '12 Harper
May Iverson's career. 12mo 278p '14 Harper
Tales of destiny. 292p $1.50 '02 Harper
Tales of the city room. 232p '98 Scribner
Tales of the cloister. 253p '01 Harper

Keats, Gwendoline
Life is life. '98 Scribner
Roman road. 235p '03 Scribner
Tales of Dunstable weir. 259p '01 Scribner
Keller, Gottfried
Legends of long ago ("Sieben legenden"); tr. by Charles H. Handschin. 12mo 96p 75c (c '11) Chicago, Abbery
Seldwylda folks; three singular tales . . . tr. by Wolf von Schierbrand. 12mo 327p (c '19) Brentano's
Seven legends . . . tr. by Martin Wyness . . . 12mo 112p '11 Gowans
Village Romeo and Juliet . . . tr. from the German by A. C. Bahlmann . . . 12mo 155p $1.00 '14 Scribner
Kelly, Myra
Golden season . . . 12mo 251p '09 Doubleday
Little aliens. 291p $1.35 '02 Scribner
Little citizens: the humours of school life. 353p $1.35 '04 McClure
New faces. 278p 50c '10 Dillingham
Wards of liberty. 310p '07 McClure
Kielland, A. L.
Elsie; a Christmas story; tr. by M. M. Dawson. 109p '94 Chicago, Kerr
Tales of two countries; tr. by Wm. Archer. 204p $1.00 '91 Harper
King, Charles
Campaigning with Crook, and stories of army life. 295p $1.25 '90 Harper
Colonel's Christmas dinner. 182p '90 Philadelphia, Hamersly
Conquering corps badge, and other stories of the Philippines. 309p '02 Milwaukee, Rhoades
Starlight ranch, and other stories of army life on the frontier. 260p '90 Lippincott
King, G. E.
Balcony stories. 245p '93 Century
Monsieur Motte. 327p '88 New York, Armstrong
Tales of time and place. 303p '92 Harper
Kipling, Rudyard
[Works] Doubleday
Writings in prose and verse. (Outward bound ed.) '99 Scribner
Army of a dream. 63p '04 Doubleday
Courting of Dinah Shadd, and other stories. 182p '90 Harper
Diversity of creatures. 443p $1.50 '17 Doubleday
Many inventions. 427p '93 Appleton
——365p '93 Macmillan
Mine own people. 325p '99 Caldwell
Mulvaney stories. 230p '97 Altemus
Phantom 'rickshaw, and other tales. 391p '90 Lovell
——243p '98 Philadelphia, Altemus
——222p '99 Caldwell
——225p '09 Nottingham Society
Soldier stories. 203p '96 Macmillan
——'00 Doubleday
Soldiers three. 303p (c '99) Caldwell
——409p and 165p '90 Lovell
——313p '09 Nottingham Society
Under the deodars. 224p '99 Caldwell
——147p '90 Lovell
——234p '09 Nottingham Society
——86, 51p '90 U. S. Book Co.
Wee Willie Winkie, and other stories. 156p '99 Caldwell
——'99 Lovell
Kirk, Mrs. E. O.
Better times stories. 400p '89 Ticknor
Fairy gold. 114p '83 Lippincott
Love in idleness. A summer story. 131p '77 Lippincott
Revolutionary love story, and The high steeple of St. Chrysostom's. 255p '98 Chicago, Stone
Korolenko, V. G.
Birds of heaven, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian by Clarence Augustus Manning. 12mo 222p $1.50 '19 Duffield
Blind musician; tr. by Aline Delano, 244p '90 Little
In two moods also, In bad society. 288p (c '91) New York
Lovell Makar's dream, and other stories, tr. from the Russian with an introd. by Marian Fell. (Eng. edition pub. under title "Murmuring forest, and other stories.") 297p $1.50 '16 Duffield
Murmuring forest, and other stories . . . tr. from the Russian with an introd. by Marian Fell. '16 London, Duckworth
Vagrant, and other tales; tr. by Mrs. Aline Delano. 285p (c '97) Crowell
Kouyoumadjan, Dikran
London venture, by Michael Arlen [pseud.] . . . 12mo 188p $1.50 '20 Dodd
Romantic lady, by Michael Arden [pseud.]. 12mo 248p '16 Boston, Luce
Kuprin, Alexsandr Ivanovich
Bracelet of garnets, and other stories; authorized tr. by Leo Pasvolsky . . . 12mo 266p '17 Scribner
River of life, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by S. Koteliansky and J. M. Murry 248p '16 Boston. Luce
Slav soul, and other stories. '16 Putnam

Lagerlöf, Selma
Christ legends; tr. by V. S. Howard. 272p $1.23 '08 Holt
From a Swedish homestead; tr. by J. Brochner 376p '01 McClure
Girl from the Marsh croft; tr. by V. S. Howard 277p $1.50 '10 Little
Invisible links; tr. by B. B. Flach. 286p $1.50 '12 Little
Legend of the sacred image; tr. by V. S. Howard 16mo 44p '14 Holt
Queens at Kungahalla, and other sketches; tr. by C. Field . . . 12mo '17 London, T. Werner Laurie
Thy soul shall bear witness! . . . tr. by William Frederick Harvey. 12mo 190p '21 London, Frederick Harvey
Lamb, Charles
Life, letters, and writings. (Temple ed.) 6v '95 London, Gibbings
Works of Charles and Mary Lamb. Ed. by E. V. Lucas 7v '03 Putnam
[Works.] Ed. by William MacDonald 12v '07 Dutton
Essays of Elia. (Any ed.)
Lamb, Mary
See Lamb, Charles. Works of Charles and Mary Lamb. Lucas
La Motte Fouqué, F. H. K.
Aslauga's knight, a romance. 42p '46 London, Lumley
Lang, Andrew
Disentanglers. 418p $1.50 '02 Longmans
Lawrence, David Herbert
England, my England, and other stories. 12mo 273p '22 New York, Seltzer
Prussian officer, and other stories. 12mo 310p '14 London, Duckorth
Lefèvre, Edwin
Golden flood. 199p $1.00 '05 McClure
Plunderers, a novel. 333p '16 Harper
Wall street stories. 224p '01 McClure
Le Gallienne, Richard
Maker of rainbows, and other fairy tales and fables. $1.25 '12 Harper
Painted shadows. '04 Little
Romances of old France. 175p '05 Baker & Taylor
Lewald-Stahr, Fanny
Stories and novels, 91p (c '85) Chicago, Schich
Lewis, A. H.
Apaches of New York. 272p 50c '12 Dillingham
Faro Nell and her friends; Wolfville stories. 348p $1.25 '13 Dillingham
Wolfville. 337p $1.50 '97 Stokes
Wolfville days. 311p $1.50 '02 Stokes
Wolfville nights. 326p $1.50 '02 Stokes
Lie, Jonas L. I.
Weird tales from the northern seas; tr. from the Danish . . . by R. Nisbert Bain . . . 8vo 201p '93 London, Paul Trench
Lewis, Margaret Cameron
Bachelor and the baby. 42p 50c '08 Harper
Cat and the canary. 62p $1.00 '08 Harper
Comedies in miniature 376p $1.25 '03 McClure
Golden rule Dollivers. 187p $1.00 '13 Harper
Tangles; tales of some droll predicaments. 367p $1.30 '12 Harper
Liljencrantz, O. A.
Viking's love, and other tales of the North. 74p '11 McClirg
Lindau, Rudolf
Gordon Baldwin, and The philosopher's pendulum. 163p '78 Appletons
Liquidated, and The seer. 179p '78 Appleton
Our little world; tr. by C. D. Wilder 149p '89 St. Paul, McGill
Stories and novels. 94p '85 Chicago, Schich
Litchfield, G. D.
Knight of the Black Forest. 169p 75c '85 Putnam
Little Venice, and other stories. 298p 75c '90 Putnam
Locke, William John
Apostle. 12mo 32p '21 Lane
Christmas mystery; the story of three wise men. 54p $1.25 '10 Lane
Demagogue and Lady Phayre. 155p (c '95) New York, Arnold
Far-away stories. (Contents of 1916 edition not quite the same) 12mo 265p '19 Lane
Viviette . . . 12mo 198p $1.00 '16 Lane
London, Jack
Brown Wolf, and other Jack London stories as chosen by Franklin K. Mathiews . . . 12mo 312p '20 Macmillan
Children of the frost. $1.50 '02 Macmillan
Dutch courage and other stories. 12mo iSop '22 Macmillan
Faith of men, and other stories. 286p $1.50 '04 Macmillan
Game. 182p $1.50 '05 Macmillan
God of his fathers, and other stories. 12mo 200p '09 Doubleday
House of pride, and other tales of Hawaii. 232p $1.20 '12 Macmillan
Lost face. 240p $1.50 '10 Macmillan
Love of life, and other stories. 265p $1.50 '06 Maemillan
Moon-face, and other stories. 273p $1.50 '06 Macm millan
Night-born. 290p $1.25 'i 3 Century
On the Makaloa mat . . . 12mo 229p '19 Macmillan
Red one. 193p $1.40 '18 Macmillan
Scarlet plague . . . 12mo 181p $1.00 '15 Macmillan
Smoke Bellew . . . 12mo 385p $1.30 '12 Century
Son of the sun. 333p $1.20 'ia Doubleday
Son of the wolf; tales of the far North 251p $1.35 '00 Houghton
South Sea tales. 327p $1.25 '11 Macmillan
Strength of the strong. 257p $1.25 '14 Macmillan
Tales of the fish patrol. 243p $1.50 '05 Macmillan
Turtles of Tasman. 268p $1.25 net '16 Macmillan
When God laughs, and other stories. 319p $1.50 '11 Macmillan
Long, J. L.
Baby grand. $1.25 '12 Badger
Bully-Boy; a study in responsibilities. 74p $1.25 '06 Dodd
Felice. 156p $1.00 '08 Moffat
Heimweh. 34p '05 Macmillan
Little Miss Joy-Sing; how she became the beautiful pine tree in the garden of Prince Don't Care What. 148p '04 Altemus
Madame Butterfly. 224p $1.25 '98 Centry
Prince of illusion . . . 12mo 304p '01 Century
Seffy, a little com edy of country manners. 143p $1.50 '05 Bobbs-Merrill
Sixty Jane, and The strike on the Schlafeplatz railroad. 208p $1.25 '03 Century
Loomis, C. B.
Araminta and the automobile . . . 12mo 11-93p '07 Crowell
Cheerful Americans. 299p $1.25 '03 Holt
Holiday touch and other tales of undaunted Americans. 12mo 327p '08 Holt
Little Maude and her Mama. 43p 50c '09 Doubleday
More cheerful Americans. 284p $1.25 '04 Halt
[Third edition published under title Poe's "Raven" in an elevator.]
Poe's "Raven" in an elevator and other tales, being the 3d ed. of More cheerful Americans. 12mo 284p '07 Holt
Yankee enchantments. 328p '00 McClure
Longfellow, H. W.
Complete prose works. {Riverside ed.) 2v $3,00 Houghton [v 1 Outre-mer]
Lowndes, Mrs. Marie Adelaide (Belloc)
Red cross barge . . . 12mo 197p '16 London, Smith, Elder
Studies in love and in terror, 12mo 299p '13 Scribner
Studies in wives. 12mo 318p $1.50 (c 1910) Kennerley
Lytton, E. B.
Novels and romances. 40v Little

Maartens, Maarten
Brothers all; more stories of Dutch peasant life. 324p $1.35 '09 Appleton
My poor relations; stories of Dutch peasant me. 375p '05 Appleton
Question of taste. 156p (c '91) Lovell
Some women I have known. 322p '01 Appleton
Woman's victory, and other stories. 364p '07 Appleton
McCutcheon, G. B.
Alternative. 119p $1.25 '09 Dodd
Anderson Crow, detective. 12mo 325p $2.00 '20 Dodd
Butterfly man. 121p $1.25 '10 Dodd
Cowardice court. 140p $1.25 '06 Dodd
Flyers. 12mo 127p '07 Dodd
Her weight in gold, 320p $1.00 '14 Dodd
Husbands of Edith . . . 8vo 126p Dodd
Light that lies . . . 8vo 121p $1.00 '16 Dodd
Purple parasol . . . 8vo 108p '05 Dodd
Shot with crimson. 8vo 161p $1.00 '18 Dodd
Yollop . . . 12mo 112p $1.00 '22 Dodd
Macdonald, George
Light princess, and other fairy tales. $1.23 '93 Putnam
Stephen Archer, and other tales. 354p '11 Philadelphia, McKay
Warlock o' Glenwarlock. A homely romance. 177p '81 Lothrop
Machen, Arthur
Angels of Mons: The bowmen and other legends of the war. 16mo 133p '15 London, Simpkin
MacManus, Seumas
Bewitched fiddle, and other Irish tales. 240p '00 Doubleday
Donegal fairy stories. 255p $1.20 '00 McClure
Lo, and behold ye! . . . 12mo 280p (c '19) Stokes
Red poocher. 130p 75c '03 Funk
Through the turf smoke; the love and laughter of old Ireland. 294p '99 Doubleday
Yourself and the neighbors. 12mo 304p '14 New York, Devin-Adair
Magruder, Julia
Heaven-kissing hill. 159p '99 Chicago, Stone
Labor of love; a story for boys. 144p $oc '98 Lethrop
Miss Ayr of Virginia, and other stories. 395p '96 Chicago, Stone
Realized ideal, 155p '78 Chicago, Stone
Sunny southerner. 194p '01 Page
Mansfield, Katherine
Bliss, and other stories. 12mo 279p '21 Knopf
Garden party, and other stories . . . 12mo 255p '22 Knopf
Marie de France
French mediaeval romances, from the lays of Marie de France; tr. by Eugene Mason. 217p Dutton
Clintons, and others. 407p '19 Dodd
Marshall, Archibald
Terrors, and other stories. 328p '13 London, Methuen
Martin, E. S.
Courtship of a careful man, and a few other courtships. 184p $1.25 '05 Harper
Masefield, John
Mainsail haul. 189p $1.25 '13 Macmillan
Tarpaulin muster. 224p (c '13) London, Richards
Mason, A. E. W.
Affair at the Semiramis hotel . . 12mo 77p 25c '17 Scribner
Ensign Knightley, and other stories. 328p '01 Stokes
Four corners of the world . . . 12mo 462p $1.50 '17 Scribner
Matthews, J. B.
Family tree, and other stories. 236p $1.25 '89 Longmans
In the vestibule limited. 93p 50c '92 Harper
Outlines in local color. 240p $1.50 '98 Harper
Royal marine; an idyl of Narragansett Pier. 144p $1.00 '94 Harper
Secret of the sea. 220p $1.00 '86 Scribner
Story of a story, and other stories. 234p $1.25 '93 Harper
Tales of fantasy and fact. 216p $1.25 '96 Harper
Vignettes of Manhattan. 180p $1.50 '94 Harper
Vistas of New York. 242p $1.25 '12 Harper
With my friends: tales told in partnership . . . 12mo 284p '91 Longmans
Matthews, J. B., and Bunner, H. C.
In partnership; studies in story- telling. 210p '84 Scribner
Matthews, J. B. and Jessop, G. H.
Tale of twenty-five hours. 189p '92 Appleton
Matthews, J. B., and others
With my friends; tales told in partnership . . . Longmans
Maugham, William Somerset
Orientations, 12mo 378p '99 London, Unwin
Trembling of a leaf; little stories of the South
Sea islands . . . 12mo 302p $1.90 (c '21) Doran
Maupassant, G. de
Complete works; tr. by Alfred de Sumichrast (Sumichrast ed. 9v (c '10) New York, Brainerd publishing co.
[Works] (Miromesnil ed.) 8v '10 New York, Collier
Works. 17v '03 New York, Dunne
[Works] (Brainerd ed.) 10v (c '09) New York, Bigelow & Smith
Allouma, and other tales; tr. by Arthur Hornblow. 127p New York, Holland
Odd number. Thirteen tales; tr. by J. Sturges. 226p $1.00 (c '89) Harper
Second odd number; thirteen tales; tr. by Charles Henry White . . . 12mo 246p $1.25 (c '17) Harper
Yvette—a novelette, and ten other stories; tr. from the French by Mrs. John Galsworthy; with an introd. by Joseph Conrad, 12mo 259p $1.60 '19 Knopf
Meredith, George
Case of General Ople and Lady Camper. 126p '90 Lovell
Idyl of first love. 51p '06 Portland, Mosher
Short stories. 315p '98 Scribner
Tale of Chloe, and other stories. 315p '98 Westminster, Constable
Mérimée, Prosper
Writings of Prosper Merimee, with an essay . . . by George Saintsbury. 8v '05 New York, Croscup
Carmen; tr. by E. H. Garrett. 117p '96 Little
Merezhkorskii, Dmitri Sergieevich (Russian)
Menace of the mob; tr. from the Russian by Bernard G. Guerney. 12mo 115p '21 New York, Brown
Merrick, Leonard
All the world wondered, and other stories, (c '11) London, Methuen
Call from the past, and other stories. London, Nelson
Chair on the boulevard. With an introd. by A. N. Lyons. 12mo 390p (c '21) Dutton
Man who understood women, and other stories, with an introd. by W. J. Locke. 12mo 419p '19 Dutton
Man who understood women, and other stories. 271p '11 London, Kennerley
This stage of fools. 284p '13 London, Kennerley
To tell you the truth. 12mo 311p '22 Dutton
While Paris laughed; being pranks and passions of the poet Tricotrin. 12mo 298p '19 Dutton
Whispers about women. 320p '06 London, Nash
Michelson, Miriam
Awakening of Zojas. 268p '10 Doubleday
Madigans. 361p $1.50 '04 Century
Miller, Mrs. Alice Duer
Beauty and the bolshevist . . . 12mo 111p (c '20) Harper
Burglar and the blizzard; a Christmas story . . . 12mo 92p 50c (c '14) New York, Hearst's International Library co.
Calderon's prisoner. 294p $1.35 '03 Scribner
Charm school . . . 12mo 169p (c '19) Harper
Things. 48p 50c '14 Scribner
Millet, F. D.
Capillary crime, and other stories. 284p $1.25 '92 Harper
Mitchell, D. G.
Seven stories, with basement and attic. 314p '84 Scribner
Mitchell, S. W.
Comedy of conscience. 129p $1.00 '03 Century
Diplomatic adventure. 166p $1.00 '06 Century
Guillotine club, and other stories. 28$$ $1.50 '10 Century
Hephzibah Guinness: Thee and you; A draft on the bank of Spain. 199p '20 Lippincott
Little stories. 109p $1.00 '03 Century
Madeira party. 165p $1.00 '95 Century
Mr. Kris Kringle; a Christmas tale. 105p 50c '04 Jacobs
Philip Vernon, a tale in prose and verse, 55p '95 Century
Prince Little Boy, and other tales out of fairyland. 157p '88 Lippincott
Venture in 1777. 120p $1.00 '08 Jacobs
Mitford, M. R.
Atherton, and other tales. 437p '54 Ticknor
Belford Regis; or, Sketches of a country town. 439p '46 London, Bentley
Country stories. 307p '96 Macmillan
Our village, second series. '48 London, Bonn
Montague, Margaret Prescott
Closed doors; studies of deaf and blind children. 182p $1.00 '15 Houghton
England to America . . . 12mo 56p '20 Doubleday
Gift. . . 12mo 59p (c '19) Button
Great expectancy. . . 12mo 38p (c '18) Dutton
Home to him's muvver. 12mo 23p 25c (c '16) Dutton
Of water and spirit, 12mo 56p 50c (c '16) Dutton
Poet, Miss Kate and I ... 12mo 190p '05 Baker
Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge. 12mo 60p '20 Doubleday
Moody, Winfield Scott
Pickwick tale, and other collector's stories. 270p '07 Scribner
Moore, George
Celibates. 453p '95 Macmillan
Untilled field. 381p $1.35 '03 Lippincott
More, Hannan
Village, and other tales. 180p '51 Appleton
Morris, Gouverneur
Ellen and Mr. Man. 189p $1.25 '04 Century
Footprint, and other stories, 336p $1.35 '08 Scribner
If you touch them they vanish . . . 8vo 146p $1.00 '13 Scribner
Incandescent lily, and other stories. 314p $1.25 '14 Scribner
It, and other stories. 386p $1.25 '12 Scribner
Putting on the screws. Bgp 50c '09 Doubleday
Spread eagle, and other stories. 357p $1.20 '10 Scribner
Voice in the rice. 158p $1.25 '10 Dodd
Morris, William
Collected works. 24v '10 Longmans
Dream of John Ball. 142p '02 Portland, Mosher
Early romances of William Morris in prose and verse. 303p 70c '07 Dutton
Gertha's lovers; a tale. 123p '02 Portland, Mosner
Golden wings; Svend and his brethren. '02 Portland, Mosher
Hollow land. 67p '05 Hingham, Mass., Village press
Lovers of Gudrun. $1.00 Longmans
Old French romances, done into English. 169p '96 London, Allen
Stories from Morris by Madalen Edgar. 336p 35c-$1.00 '07 Crowell
Story of the glittering plain. 187p '91 Roberts
Story of the unknown church. 96p '02 Portland, Mosher
Tale of the house of the Wolfings and all the kindred of the mark. 199p '90 London, Reeves
Morrison, Arthur
Child of the Jago. 164p '96 Chicago, Stone
Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. 267p '96 Appleton
Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, detective . . . 8vo 267p '07 Page
Green ginger. 314p '09 Stokes
Red triangle, being some further chronicles of Martin Hewitt, investigator, 12mo 304p (c '03) Page
Tales of mean streets. 218p '95 New York, Fenno
Moulton, L. C.
Her baby brother. 62p '01 Little
Jessie's neighbor. 64p '00 Little
Miss Eyre from Boston. 339p '89 Roberts
My third book. A collection of tales. 434p '59 Harper
Some women's hearts. 364p '88 Roberts
Stories told at twilight. 229p '90 Roberts
Musset, Alfred de
Complete writings (Pellissier) 10v '05 New York, Hill

Nicholson, Meredith
Best laid schemes . . . 12mo 217p '22 Scribner
Lady Larkspur . . . 12mo 171p $1.00 '19 Scribner
Madness of May . . . 12mo 187p $1.00 '17 Scribner
Reversible Santa Claus . . . 12mo i?6p $1.00 '17 Houghton
Norris, Frank
Complete works. 7v 8vo '03 Doubleday
Deal in wheat. 272p '03 Doubleday
Joyous miracle. 27p '06 Daubleday
Third circle. 298p $1.25 '09 Lane
Norris, Mrs. Kathleen (Thompson)
Mother; a story, 12mo 172p $1.00 '11 Macmillan
Poor, dear Margaret Kirby, and other stories. 393p $1.30 '13 Macmillan
Norris, W. E.
Despotic lady. 172p '95 Lippincott
Flower of the flock. 44p '00 Appleton
Her own doing. 137p '86 Harper
Jack's father, and other stories. 189p '91 Lovell
Mysterious Mrs. Wilkinson, and other stories. 177p '91 Lovell
That terrible man. 112p '85 Harper

O'Brien, Fitz James
Diamond lens, with other stories. 337p '85 Scribner
Ohnet, Georges
Pierre's soul; tr. by R. Bramwell. iSgp '90 New York, Waverly
Shoplifter. 209p '91 New York, Liberty book co
Oliphant, Mrs. M. W.
Stories of the seen and the unseen. 615p $1.25 '00 Little
Ways of life. 330p '97 Putnam
Osbourne, Lloyd
Love, the fiddler. 278p '03 McClure
Motormaniacs. 189p '05 Bobbs-Merrill
Queen versus Billy, and other stories. 309p $1.35 '00 Scribner
Schmidt. 43p '07 Crowell
Three speeds forward; an automobile love story with one reverse. 100p '06 Appleton
Tin diskers; the story of an invasion that all but failed. 127p '06 Altemus
Wild justice. 296p '06 Appleton
Bimbi; stories for children. 303p 50c '92 Lippincott
Cecil Castlemaine's gage, and other stories. 389p 50c '77 Lippincott
Dog of Flanders, and other stories. 245p $1.25 '93 Lippincott
House party. 117p '86 Lovell
Rainy June. 143p '85p London, Maxwell
Ruffino, and other stories. 214p '90 New York, U. S. Book co.
Santa Barbara, and other stories. 303p '01 New York, Street & Smith
Silver Christ, and A lemon tree. 235p '94 Macmillan
La Strega, and other stories. 28p '99 Philadelphia
Two new dog stories and another. 183p '00 Philadelphia, Biddle
Two offenders. 265p 50c '94 Lippincott
Overton, Gwendolen
Golden chain. 100p '03 Macmillan

Page, Thomas Nelson
[Works] Novels, stories, sketches and poems. (Plantation ed.) 12v '06 Scribner
Among the camps; or, Young people s stories of the war. 163p $1.35 '91 Scribner
Bred in the bone. 274p $1.35 4 Scribner
Burial of the guns. 258p $1.25 '94 Scribner
Captured Santa Claus. 81p '02 Scribner
Elsket and other stories. 208p $1.00 '91 Scribner
In ole Virginia. 275p $1.2S '96 Scribner
Land of the spirit. 251p $1.20 '13 Scribner
Old gentleman of the black stock. 137p 3Sc. '97 Paory book; ed. by Frank E Spaulding and Catherine T. Bryce. 125p 50c '06 Scribner
Pastime stories. 220p $1.25 '94 Harper
Polly; a Christmas recollection. 49p $1.00 '94 ScnbSanta Claus's partner. 176p $1.35 '99 Scribner
Shepherd who watched by night. 12mo 39p '16 Scribner
Tommy rot's visit to Santa Claus. 94p '08 Scribner
Two little confederates. 156p $1.35 '88 Scribner
Two prisoners. 82p '98 New York, Russell
Unc' Edinburg; a plantation echo, 55p $1.00 '95 Scribner
Under the crust. 307p $1.35 '07 Scribner
Strangers' pew. 12mo 21p '14 Scribner
Paget, V.
Hauntings; fantastic stories. 237p (c '90) New York, Lovell
Legend of Madame Kasinska. 75c '03 Portland, Mosher
Phantom lover. 134p '86 Roberts
Pope Jacynth, and other fantastic tales. 200p '07 Lane
Vanitas; polite stories, including the hitherto unpublished story entitled A frivolous conversion. 262p '11 London, Lane
Pangborn, G. W.
Interventions. 410p $1.25 '11 Scribner
Parker, Sir Gilbert
Works (Imperial ed.) v 1-16 '12-' '13 Scribner
Adventurer of the North; being a continuation of the histories of Pierre and his people, and the latest existing records of Pretty Pierre. 218p '98 Macmillan
Chief factor. 175p '92 New York, Trow directory co.
Cumner's son, and other South Sea folk. 316p $1.20 '10 Harper
Donovan Pasha, and some people of Egypt. 39^P 02 Appleton
Going of the white swan, 55p 75c '12 Appleton
Hill of pains. 151p '99 Badger
Lane that had no turning. 359p '00 Doubleday
March of the white guard. 133p (c '02) New York, Fenno
Northern lights. 351p $1.50 '09 Harper
Pierre and his people; tales of the far North. 318p '98 Macmillan
Pomp of the Lavillettes. 191p '96 Boston, Lamson
Romany of the snows: second series of An adventure of the North. 203p '08 Macmillan
Tavistock tales. 254p '93 New York, Tait
Translation of a savage. 184p $1.25 '93 Appleton
Unpardonable liar. 185p '00 Chicago, Sergei
Wild youth, and another . . . 12mo 290p '19 SLippincott
Pater, Walter
Miscellaneous studies. '17 Macmillan
Payn, James
In peril and privation; stories of marine disaster retold. 236p '85 Harper
Sunny stories ana some shady ones. 268p '91 Lovell
Peattie, Mrs. Elia Wilkinson
Angel with a broom. 12mo 29p $oc '15 Chicago, Seymour
Castle knight and troubadour. 65p '03 Chicago, Blue Sky press
Edda and the oak. 134p '11 New York, Rand
How Jacques came into the forest of Arden. 16mo n.p. (c '01) Chicago, Blue Sky press
Ickery Ann and other girls and boys. 286p '99 New York, Stone
Mountain woman. 251p '96 Chicago, Way and Williams
Newcomers . . . 12mo 186p $1.25 '17 Houghton
Pippins and cheese. 282p '97 Chicago, Way and Williams
Sarah Brewster's relatives . . . 12mo 198p $1.00 '16 Houghton
Shape of fear, and other ghostly tales. 175p '99 Macmillan
With scrip and staff; a tale of the children's crusade. 182p '91 New York, Randolph
Pemberton, Max
"Little Huguenot"; a romance of Fontainebleau 177p '05 Dodd
Queen of the jesters and her strange adventures in old Paris, 12mo 28c?p '97 Dodd
Signors of the night. 268p '99 Dodd
Perez de Ayala, Ramon
Prometheus: The fall of the house of Limon: Sunday sunlight; poetic novels of Spanish life . . . prose tr. by Alice P. Hubbard; poems done into English by Grace H. Conkling. 12mo 224p (c '20) Dutton
Perrault, Charles
Fairy tales. Dutton
Old-time stories . . . tr. from the French by A. E. Johnson . . . 8vo 199p '21 Constable
Perrault's fairy tales; newly tr. by S. R. Littlewood. 107p '11 Boston, Estes
Perry, Bliss
Powers at play. 286p '99 Scribner
Salem Kittredge, and other stories. 291p '94 Scribner
Phillpotts, Eden
Chronicles of St. Tid. 319p $1.50 '18 Macmillan
"Delight." 12mo 51p (c '16) London, Palmer
Devil's tight rope. 12mo 30p '19 Philadelphia, Biddle
Evander. 12mo 199p '19 Macmillan
Fancy free. 302p '01 London, Methuen
Folk afield. 362p $1.50 '07 Putnam
Human boy. 241p $1.25 '04 Harper
Human boy and the war. 291p $1.25 '16 Macmillan
Knock at a venture. 353p $1.50 '05 Macmillan
Little Silver chronicles. 16mo 91p '00 Philadelphia, Biddle
Mound by the way. 83p '00 Philadelphia, Biddle
Striking hours. 309p (c '01) Stokes
Summer clouds, and other stories. 92p '93 New York, Tuck
Tales of the tenements. 335p $1.25 '10 Lane
Told at 'The plume' . . . 12mo 283p '21 London, Hurst
Virgin in judgment . . . 12mo 466p '08 Moffat
Pinski, David
Temptations; a book of short stories . . . authorized tr. from the Yiddish by Dr. Isaac Goldberg. 12mo 325p '19 Brentano
Poe. E. A.
Works (Cameo ed.) 10v Funk
Complete works (Centenary ed.) 10v '08 Akron, 0., Werner co.
Complete works (Knickerbocker ed.) 10v ea $1.25 (c '02) Putnam
Complete works (Virginia ed.) 17v Crowell
Works; ed. by E. C. Stedman, and G. E. Woodberry, 10v '94 Chicago, Stone
Monsieur Dupin; detective tales. 339p '94 McClure
Poe's tales; selected for use in schools, with introd. and notes by M. A. Eaton. 220p '06 Educational Pub. co.
Tales, with introd. by H. W. Mabie. 499p $1.25 '01 Century
Porter, Mrs. E. H.
Across the years . . . 12mo 315p $1.75 '19 Houghton
Tangled threads . . . 12mo 310p $1.75 '19 Houghton
Tie that binds. . . 12mo 36p $1.75 '19 Houghton
Pratt, Lucy
Ezekiel. 254p '09 Doubleday
Ezekiel expands. $1.25 '14 Houghton
Pushkin, A. S.
Captain's daughter; or, The generosity of the Russian usurper, Pugatscheff; tr. from the Russian by G. C. Hebbe. 8vo. 48p '46 New York, Müller
Prose tales; tr. by T. Keane. (Bohn's standard library); 466p '06 London, G. Bell & Sons
Russian romance; tr. by Mrs. J. B. Telfer. 293p '75 London, King
Pyle, Howard
Garden behind the moon. 192p $1.80 '95 Scribner
Otto of the silver hand. 170p $1.80 '03 Scribner
Pepper and salt; or, Seasoning for young folk. 115p $1.50 '86 Harper
Price of blood; an extravaganza of New York life in 1807. 9p $1.00 '99 Badger
Ruby of Kishmoor. 73p $1.80 '08 Harper
Stolen treasure. 253p $1.25 '07 Harper

Quiller-Couch, A. T.
Corporal Sam, and other stories. 291p '10 London, Smith, Elder
Delectable duchy. 320p '93 Macmillan
Historical tales from Shakespeare. 12mo 435p '00 Scribner
I saw three ships, and other tales. 288p '98 Scribner
la: a love story. 16mo 167p '01 Scribner
Laird's luck, and other fireside tales. 379p '08 Scribner
Mortallpne and Aunt Trinidad. Tales from the Spanish Main. '17 Bristol, Arrowsmith
Noughts and crosses, stories, studies and sketches . . . 12mo 263p '98 Scribner
Old fires and profitable ghosts. 384p $1.35 '00 Scribner
Shakespeare's Christmas, and other stories. 335p $1.50 '05 Longmans
Sleeping beauty, and other fairy tales from the old French, retold by Arthur Quiller-Couch . . . 4to 128p London, Hodder
Two sides of the face; midwinter tales. 3259 '03 Scribner
Wandering heath. 276$ $1.25 '96 Scribner
White Wolf, and other fireside tales. 378p '02 Scribner

Ralph, Julian
Alone in China, and other stories. 282p $2.00 '97 Harper
German policeman. 32p '87 New York, Judge pub co.
People we pass; stories of life among the masses of New York City. 209p $1.25 '96 Harper
Prince of Georgia, and other tales. 161p '99 Harper
Reade, Charles
Course of true love never did run smooth. Boston, De Wolfe, Fiske
Good stories of man and other animals. 69p 900 '84 Harper
Peg Woffington, and other stories, 90c Boston, De Wolfe, Fiske
Wandering heir. 76p '73 Harper
Remington. Frederic
Stories of peace and war. 98p 50c '99 Harper
Sundown Leflare. 114p $1.25 '99 Harper
Rice, Mrs. Alice C. (Hegan)
Captain June . . . 12mo 120p '07 Century
Lovey Mary . . . 12mo 197p '03 Century
Miss Mink's soldier, and other stories. 12mo 221p '18 Century
Rice, Alice Hegan, and Rice, Cale
Turn about tales. 12mo 238p '20 Century 12mo 282p $1.75
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Affinities, and other stories. 12mo 282p $1.75 (c '20) Doran
Love stories. 352p $1.50 (c '19) Doran
More Tish. 12mo 280p $1.75 '21 Doran
Tish . . . 371p $1.50 '16 Houghton
Twenty-three and a half hours' leave . . . 86p 60c (c '18) Doran
Robertson, Morgan
Down to the sea. . . 12mo 311p '05 Harper
Futility. 12mo 145p (c '98)
Land ho! ... 12mo 321p '05 Harper
Spun-yarn; sea stories . . . 16mo 215p '98 Harper
Spun-yarn; sea stories. 12mo 215p '98 Harper
"Where angels fear to tread, and other tales of the sea. 12mo 302p '99 Century
Wreck of the Titan; or, Futility. Autograph ed. 12mo 243p '14 McClure
Robins, Elizabeth
Below the salt by C. E. Raimond [pseud ] (Amer. ed. published by Stone, Chicago, 1896 omits 'Gustus Frederick, and Lucky Sixpence). 247p '96 London, Heineman
Fatal gift of beauty, and other stories by C. E. Raimond [pseud.] (English ed. pub under} title "Below the Salt") 12mo 249p '96 Chicago, Stone
Mills of the gods. 12mo 158p '08 Moffatt
Ruskin, John
Works. 39v '03-'12 Longmans v 1

Saintine, J. X. B.
Chrisna; the queen of the Danube. A story of Montenegro; tr. by A. T. Wood. 127p '59 New York, Dellessir & Proctor
Picciola: the prison flower of Fenestrella; or, Captivity captive. 221p '93 Appleton
Solitary of Juan Fernandez; or, The real Robinson Crusoe; tr. by A. T. Wilbur 141p '51 Ticknor
Woman's whims; or, the female barometer; tr. by F. Robinson. 98p '50 Baker and Scribner
Schnitzler, Arthur
Shepherd's pipe, and other stories; authorized tr. from the German by O. F. Theis. 12mo 169p '22 Brown
Scott, Sir Walter
[The stories indexed appear in all editions under the volume titles as given, therefore editions are not given]
Seawell, M. E.
Great scoop. 144p 50c '03 Page
History of Lady Betty Stair. 144p $1.25 '97 Scribner
Sedgwick, Anne Douglas (Mrs. Basil de Selincourt)
Autumn crocuses. (Pub. in U.S. under title "Christmas roses") 12mo 305p '20 London, Becker
Christmas roses, and other stories . . . (English ed. has title "Autumn crocuses") 12mo 325p $2.50 '20 Houghton
Nest. 302p $1.25 '13 Century
Third window. 12mo 154p '20 Houghton
Serao, M.
Ballet dancer, and On guard. 266p '01 Harper
Sharp, William
Divine adventure; lona. 434p '11 Duffield
Gypsy Christ, and other tales. 282p '95 Chicago, Stone & Kimball
Pharais and The mountain lovers. 401p '11 Duffield
Re-issue of the shorter stories of Fiona Macleod. 3v '97 Edinburgh, Geddes
Sin-eater, The washer of the ford, and other legendary moralists. 449p '11 Duffield
Tale of four white swans. 96p '07 Portland, Mosher
Three legends of the Christ child. 41p '08 Portland, Mosher
Vistas, The gypsy Christ, and other prose imaginings. $1.30, $1.25 Duffield
Winged destiny: studies in the spiritual history of the Gael. 393p '11 Duffield
Sherwood, M. P.
Daphne, an autumn pastoral. 167p $1.00 '03 Houghton
Nancy's pilgrimage. 165p '11 Philadelphia, Westminster press
Puritan Bohemia. 191p '96 Macmillan
Princess Pourquoi. 211p $1.35 '07 Houghton
Worn doorstep. . . 12mo 195p $1.25 '16 Boston, Little
Sienkiewicz, Henryk
After bread; a story of Polish emigrant life in
America; tr. by V. A. Hlasko and T. H. Bullick. 165p '97 New York. Fenno
Fate of a soldier; tr. from original Polish by J. C. Bay. 12mo 144p '98 New York, Ogilvie
For daily bread, and other stories; tr. by I. Young, 209p 40c '98 Altemus
Hania; tr. by J. Curtin. 551p '97 Little
Let us follow him, and other stories; tr. by S. C. Slupski and I. Young. 234p 400 '98 Altemus
Let us follow him, and other stories. . . tr. from the Polish by V. A. Hlasko and Thos. H. Bullick. 12mo 241p (c '97) New York, Fenno
Life and death, and other legends and stories, 65p '04 Little
Lillian Morris, and other stories; tr. by J. Curtin. 247p '94 Little
On the bright shore. To which is added, That third woman; tr. by J. Curtin. 592p $1.50 '98 Little
Peasants in exile, For daily bread; tr. by O'Connor-Eccles. 172p '98 Notre Dame, Ind. The Ave Maria
Sielanka; a forest picture, and other stories; tr. by J. Curtin. 592p $1.50 '98 Little
So runs the world; tr. by S. C. de Soissons. 290p '98 New York, Neely
Yanko the musician, and other stories; tr. by J. Curtin. 281p '93 Little
Sigourney, L. H.
Myrtis, with other etchings and sketchings. 292p '46 Harper
Sketches. 216p '34 Philadelphia, Key and Biddle
Silberrad, U. L.
Wedding of the lady of Lovell, and other matches of Tobiah's making. 310p $1.35 '05 Doubleday
Simms, William Gllmore
Atalantis; a story of the sea. 80p '32 Harper
Carl Werner, with other tales of imagination. 2v '38 Allard
Ghost of my husband; A tale of the Crescent city. (Published originally under title: Marie de Berniere). 114p '66 Chapman
Golden Christmas; a chronicle of St. John's, Berkeley. . . 12mo 168p '52 Charleston, Walker, Richards & co.
Life in America; or The wigwam and the cabin, 311p '48 Aberdeen, Clark
Marie de Berniere; a tale of the Crescent city. etc. etc. 422p '53 Lippincott
Maroon; a legend of the Caribbees, and other tales. 422p '55 Lippincott
Martin Faber; the story of a criminal. 189p '33 Harper
Wigwam and the cabin. Ser. 1-2 '45 New York, Wiley
Sinclair, May
Flaw in the crystal. 12mo 197p $1.10 '12 Dutton
Judgment of Eve, and other stories, 12mo 323p '14 London, Hutchinson
Life and death of Harriett Frean. 12mo 133p '22 Macmillan
Return of the prodigal, 12mo 362p $1.35 '14 Macmillan
Superseded. 12mo 175p '06 Holt
Singmaster, Elsie
Emmeline. 154p $1.00 '16 Houghton
Gettysburg, 190p $1.00 '13 Houghton
John Barnig's house. 12mo 156p $1.50 '20 Houghton
Long journey. 12mo 190p $1.00 '17 Houghton
When Sarah saved the day. . . 12mo 135p $1.00 '09 Houghton
When Sarah went to school . . . 12mo 188p $1.00 '10 Houghton
Slosson, Mrs. A. T.
Aunt Abby's neighbors. 170p 50c '02 Revell
Aunt Liefy. 50p '92 New York, Randolph
Dissatisfied soul, and A prophetic romancer. 89p '08 Silver
Dumb foxglove, and other stories. 217p $1.25 '98 Harper
Fishin' Jimmy. 66p 30c '03 Scribner
Little shepherd of Bethlehem . . . 8vo 38p 50c '14 Philadelphia, Sunday School Times
Local colorist. 147p 75c '12 Scribner
Seven dreamers. 281p $1.25 '90 Harper
Simples from the Master's garden. 142p '07 Philadelphia, Sunday School Times
Story-tell Lib. 79p 50c '00 Scribner
White Christopher. 66p '01 New York, Pott
Smith, A. C.
Monk and the dancer. 241p $1.25 '00 Scribner
Turquoise cup, and The desert. 209p $1.35 '03 Scribner
Smith, F. H.
Novels, stories and sketches (Beacon ed.) 15v '02 Scribner
Arm-chair at the inn. 357p '12 Scribner
At close range. 260p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Colonel Carter of Cartersville. 208p $1.25 V Houghton
Colonel Carter's Christmas. 149p $1.35 '03 Scribner
Day at Laguerre's, and other days. 190p $1.25 '92 Houghton
Forty minutes late, and other stories. 224p $1.35 '00 Scribner
Gentleman vagabond, and some others. 182p $1.25 '95 Cambridge, Riverside Press
Gondola days. 205p $1.50 '97 Houghton
Other fellow. 218p $1.35 '99 Houghton
Romance of an old-fashioned gentleman. $1.35 '07 Scribner
Under dog. 332p $1.35 '03 Scribner
Veiled lady, and other men and women. 205p $1.35 '07 Scribner '07 Scribner
Wood-fire in No. 3. 298p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Smith, Gordon Arthur
Pagan. 12mo 364p '20 Scribner
Spofford, H. P.
Amber gods, and other stories. 423p '63 Ticknor
Elder's people 12mo 334p %1.75 '20 Houghton
Hester Stanley at St. Maks. 12m 194p '82 Boston, Roberts
Inheritance. 172p 75c '97 Scribner
Lost jewel. 159p '91 Boston, Lee
Making of a fortune, 113p $1.00 '11 Harper
Master spirit. 12mo 135p '96 Scribner
Old madame, and other tragedies. 302p $1.25 Badger
Old Washington. 279p '06 Little
Priscillas love-story. 129p '98 New York, Stone
Scarlet poppy, and other stories. 283p $1.25 '01 Harper
That Betty. 200p 50c '03 Revell
Spofford, H. P., and others
Three heroines of New England romance. 175p '94 Little
Stetson, G. E. C.
Fortune of a day. 319p '00 Chicago, Stone
Sister of a saint, and other stories. 261p '95 Chicago, Stone
Stevenson, R. L.
[Works] (Thistle ed.) 24v '95-'01 Scribner
Best of Stevenson, ed. by Alexander Jessup 390p '02 Page
Dynamiter [More New Arabian Nights], by Robert
Louis Stevenson and Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson. 297p '05 Scribner
Ebb-tide (Biographical ed.) 271p $1.00 '05 Scribner
Fables. 82p $1.00 '10 Scribner
Island nights' entertainments. $1.00 '93 Scribner
Lodging for the night. 68p '02 Portland, Mosher
Merry men. 407p $1.00 '04 Scribner
Misadventures of John Nicholson; a Christmas story. 86p '87 New York, Munro
New Arabian nights. 329p $1.00 '06 Scribner
Sire de Maletroit's door. 57p '00 Port Scribner
Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 189p '04 New York, Scott-Thaw
Suicide club. 174p '96 Scribner
Thrawn Janet: Markheim; two tales. 74p '06 Portland, Mosher
Weir of Hermiston, an unfinished romance. 266p $1.25 '96 Scribner
Will o' the mill. 67p '00 Portland, Mosher
Stevenson, R. L., and others
Object of pity; or, The man Haggard. 68p '00 Dodd
Stockton, F. R.
Novels and stories. 23v '99-'04 Scribner
Amos Kilbright; his adscititious experiences, with other stories. 146p $1.25 '88 Scribner
Bee-man of Orn, and other fanciful tales 193p $1.25 '87 Scribner
Chosen few; short stories. 240p $1.25 '95 Scribner
Clocks of Rondame, and other stories. 174p $1.35 '92 Scribner
Fanciful tales. 135p 50c '94 Scribner
Floating prince, and other fairy tales. 199p $1.35 '04 Scribner
Great war syndicate. 288p '00 Scribner
John Gayther's garden and the stories told therein 365p $1.35 '92 Scribner
Lady, or the tiger? 201p $1.25 '84 Scribner
Magic egg, and other stories. 302p '07 Scribner
Merry chanter. 192$ $1.00 '90 Century
Queen's museum, and other fanciful tales. 219p $1.25 '06 Scribner
Rudder Grangers abroad, and other stories. 195p $1.25 '91 Scribner
Stockton's stories. 2v '86 Scribner
Stories of three burglars. 159$ '89 Dodd
Story of Viteau. 193p $1.35 '84 Scribner
Story-teller's pack. 380p $1.35 '97 Scribner
Tales out of school. 325p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Watcnmaker s wife. 225p $1.25 '93 Scribner
Stowe, H. B.
Writings. 16v (c '96) Houghton
Betty's bright idea. 121p '76 New York, J. B. Ford
May flower, and miscellaneous writings. 4.710 '81 Houghton
Sam Lawson's Oldtown fireside stories. 287p $1.50 '99 Houghton
Strindberg, August
Easter (a play), and stories. 263p '12 Cincinnati, Stewart
German lieutenant, and other stories. 295p '15 McClurg
In midsummer days; tr. by Ellie Schleussner. 176p '13 London, Latimer
Married; twenty stories of married life; tr. by Llhe Schleussner. 412p '13 Boston, Luce
Stringer, Arthur J[ohn Arbuthnott]
Man who couldn't sleep. . . 12mo $1.75 (c '19) Bobbs-Merrill
Twin tales: Are all men alike and The lost Titian. 12mo 288p (c '21) Bobbs-Merrill
Stuart, R. M.
Aunt Amity's silver wedding, and other stories. 288p $1.00 '00 Century
Carlotta's intended, and other tales. 277p $1.50 '94 Harper
Cocoon; a rest-cure comedy. . . 12mo 190p $1.00 (c '15) New York, Hearst's International Library co.
George Washington Jones, a Christmas gift that went a-begging. 147p '03 Altemus
Golden wedding, and other tales. 366p '93 Harper
Haunted photograph, and other stories. 168p $1.00 '11 Century
Holly and pizen, and other stories. 216p $1.25 '99 Century
In Simpkinsville; character tales. 244p $1.25 '07 Harper
Moriah's mourning, and other half-hour sketches. 218p $1.25 '98 Harper
Napoleon Jackson, the gentleman of the plush rocker. 132p $1.00 '02 Century
River's children; an idyl of the Mississippi. 16mo 179p '04 Century
Second wooing of Salina Sue, and other stories. 236p $1.25 '05 Harper
Solomon Crowe's Christmas pockets, and other tales. 201p $1.25 '97 Harper
Sonny, a Christmas guest. 135p $1.00 '04 Century
Unlived life of little Mary Ellen. . . 8vo 90p $1.00 (c '10) Bobbs-Merrill
Woman's exchange of Simpkinsville. 16mo 74p '99 Harper
Sudermann, Herman
Iolanthe's wedding . . . tr. by Adele S. Seltzer. 12mo 159p '18 Boni & Liveright

Tagore, Rabindranath, Sir
Glimpses of Bengal life, being short stories from the Bengali. . . 240p '13 Madras, G. A. Nalesau & co.
Hungry stories, and other stories. . . tr. from the original Bengali by various writers. 271p $1.35 '16 Macmillan
Mashi, and other stories; tr. from the original Bengali by various writers. 222p $1.50 '18 Macmillan
Tarbell, I. M.
He knew Lincoln. 39p 50c '07 McClure
He knew Lincoln, and other Billy Brown stories. . . 12mo 179p '22 Macmillan
Tarkington, Booth
Beautiful lady. 143p $1.20 '05 McClure; '20 Doubleday
Beasley's Christmas party, 99p $1.00 '09 Harper
Cherry. 178p $1.25 '03 Harper
His own people, 150p 90c '07 Doubleday
In the arena, stories of political life. 276p $1.35 '05 McClure
Monsieur Beaucaire. 127p $1.20 '00 McClure
Taylor, Bayard
Beauty and the beast, and Tales of home. 340p $1.50 '00 Putnam
Boys of other countries. 260p $1.25 '12 Putnam
Teternikov, Fedor Kuzmich
Old house, and other tales, by Feodor Sologub [pseud.]; tr. from the Russian by John Cournos. 294 p '15 London, Seeker
Thackeray, W. M.
Works (Biographical ed.) 13v ea $1.75 '98 Harper
[The stories indexed from other volumes appear in nearly all editions under the volume titles as given, therefore the editions have not been listed]
Thanet, Octave
And the captain answered. 8vo 84p 50c '17 Bobbs Merrill
Book of true lovers. 277p '97 Chicago, Way William
Captured dream, and other stories. 128p 50c '99 Harper
Heart of toil. 215p '98 Scribner
Knitters in the sun. 352p $1.25 '87 Houghton
Missionary sheriff. 248p $1.25 '97 Harper
Otto the knight, and other trans-Mississippi stories. 348p $1.25 '91 Houghton
Slave to duty, and other women. 221p '98 Chicago, Stone
Stept on the stair. 43p 50c '13 Bobbs-Merrill
Stories of a western town. 243p $1.25 '93 Scribner
Stories that end well. 340p $1.25 '11 Bobbs-Merrill
Theuriet, A.
All alone. 156p '81 Appleton
Antoinette. 133p '78 Appleton
Dangerous delights; tr. from the French by E. P.
Robins. 8vo 387p '91 Chicago, Donohue
House of two barbels. 140p '78 Appleton
Mistress of many moods, 111p '00 New York, Aboey press
Thompson, Vance
Carnival of destiny. . . 12mo 314p $1.25 '16 New York, Moffat
Tolstoi, L. N.
Complete works, 12v (c '99) Crowell
Complete works; tr by Leo Wiener 24v '04 Estes
Novels and other works, v 1-22 '99 Scribner
Cossacks. $1.00 '88 Crowell
Esarhaddon, and other tales. 64p 40c '03 Funk
Family happiness. [Katia.] 129p $1.00 '88 Crowell
Father Sergius, and other stories and plays.318p $1.25 '12 Dodd
Father Sergius, and other stories and plays.426p '11 Nelson
Forged coupon, and other stories and dramas. 429p '11 Nelson
Hadji Murád and other stories. 70p '21 Nelson
Ivan the fool [and other stories]. 172p '91 New York Webster
Iván Ilyitch, and other stories. 311p $1.50 '87 Crowell
Kreutzer sonata; tr. by B. R. Tucker. 143p n. d. New York, Ogilvie pub co
"Master and man," and other parables and tale 320p 70c (c '10) Dutton
More tales from Tolstoi. 316p '03 Brentano
Russian proprietor, and other stories. 349p $1.00 '07 Crowell
Sevastapol, etc. 325p '05 London, Constable
Twenty-three tales. 271p '06 New York, Frowde
Tracy, Virginia
Merely players; stories of stage life. 336p $1.50 '00 Century
Train, Arthur Cheney
As it was in the beginning, 12mo 145p '21 Macmillan
By advice of counsel, being adventures of the celebrated firm of Tutt & Tutt, attorneys and counsellors at law. . . 12mo 267p '21 Scribner
McAllister and his double. 341p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Mortmain. 314p '07 Appleton
True stories of crime from the District Attorney's office. 406p $1.35 '08 Scribner
Tutt and Mr. Tutt. . . 12mo 348p '20 Scribner
Trask, K. N.
In my lady's garden; pages from the diary of Sir John Elwynne. 60p $1.00 '07 Lane
Lessons in love. 137p $1.25 '00 Harper
White satin and homespun. 139p (c '96) New York. Randolph
Trollope, Anthony
Alice Dugdale, and other stories. 287p '83 Leipzig, Tauchnitz
American senator, 190p '77 Harper
Christmas at Thompson Hall. 82p '94 Boston, Knight
Lady of Launay. 125p '78 Harper
Tales of all countries. 312p '61 London, Chapman
Troubetzkoy, A. R. C.
Brother to dragons, and other old-time tales. 230p '88 Harper
Hidden house. 151p $1.20 '12 Lippincott
Quick, or the dead? A study. $1.00 Lippincott
Tanis, the sang-digger. 183p '93 New York, Town Topics
Trix and Over-the-moon. 164p $1.00 '09 Harper
Trumbull, A. E.
Christmas accident, and other stories. 234p '97 Barnes
Green-room rivals; a comedietta in one act. 16p '94 Boston, Baker
Rod's salvation. 285p '98 Barnes
Turgenev, I. S.
Novels and stories; tr. from the Russian by J. F. Hapgood. 16p '05 London, Dent
Annouchka; a tale; tr. from the French by F. Abbott, 111p '84 Boston, Cupples
Desperate character, and other stories; tr. by C. Garnett. 317p $1.25 '99 Macmillan
Diary of a superfluous man; tr. by C. Garnett. 325p $1.25 '99 Macmillan
Dream tales and prose poems. 323p $1.25 '97 Macmillan
Jew, and other stories; tr. by C. Garnett. 321p $1.25 '99 Macmillan
Knock, knock, knock, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 345p '21 Macmillan
Lear of the steppes, and other stories; tr. by C. Garnett. 318p '98 Macmillan
Sportsman's sketches; tr. by C. Garnett 2v ea $1.25 '95 Macmillan
Torrents of spring; tr. by C. Garnett. 405p $1.25 '97 Macmillan
Two friends, and other stories; tr. from the Russian by Constance Garnett. 12mo 369p '21 Macmillan

Van Dyke, Henry
Blue flower. 298p $1.50 '02 Scribner
Broken soldier, and the maid of France. . . 8vo 65p '19 Harper
First Christmas tree, 69p '06 Scribner
Fisherman's luck, and some other things. 285p '05 Scribner
Lost boy. 68p $1.00 '14 Harper
Lost word; a Christmas legend of long ago. 71p $1.50 '97 Scribner
Mansion. 45p 50c '11 Harper
Ruling passion; tales of nature and human nature. 295p $1.50 '01 Scribner
Sad shepherd. 56p 50c '11 Scribner
Story of the other wise man. 82p $1.00 '96 Harper
Unknown quantity. 370p $1.50 '12 Scribner
Valley of vision; a book of romance and some half-told tales. . . 12mo 306p $1.50 '19 Scribner
Van Renssalaer, M. G.
One man who was content; "May"; The Lustigs; Corinna's Fiammetta. 127p $1.00 '97 Century
Verga, Giovanni
Cavalleria rusticana, and other tales of Sicilian peasant life; tr. by A. Strettell. 189p '93 London, Unwin
Under the shadow of Etna; Sicilian stories; tr. by N. H. Dole. 178p '76 Boston, Knight
Viaud, Julien
From lands of exile; tr. by Clara Bell. 301p '88 New York, Gottsberger
Lives of two cats . . . tr. by M. B. Richards. . . 12mo 92p '00 Houghton
Vielé, H. K.
Inn of the silver moon. 198p $1.25 '00 Chicago, Stone
On the lightship. 313p $1.50 '09 Duffield
Vigny, Alfred de
Military servitude and grandeur; tr. and note by
Frances Wilson Huard. 8vo 321p $1.50 (c '19) Doran
Voltaire, F. M. de A.
Works (Les Devices ed.) 42v (c '01) New York, Du Mont
Vorse, M. H.
Breaking-in of a yachtsman's wife. 276p $1.35 '08 Houghton
I've come to stay; a love comedy of Bohemia. 12mo 190p $1.25 '18 Century
Ninth man; a story. . . 12mo 80p '20 Harper
Very little person. 164p $1.00 '11 Houghton

Walpole, Hugh
Golden Scarecrow. 298p $1.25 '15 Doran
Thirteen travellers. $2.00 '21 Doran
Ward, E. S. P.
Avery. 122p $1.00 '02 Houghton
Beyond the gates. 196p $1.25 '83 Houghton
Chariot of fire. 44p '10 Harper
Comrades. 44p '11 Harper
Empty house and other stories. 326p $1.20 '10 Houghton
Fourteen to one. 464p $1.25 '91 Hougton
Jack and the fisherman. 59p 50c '87 Hougton
Jonathan and David 47p 50c '09 Harper
Lost hero. 74p '91 Roberts
Loveliness. 43p $1.00 '99 Houghton
Madonna of the tubs. 94p 75c '87 Houghton
Oath of allegiance, and other stories. 373p $1.25 '07 Houghton
Old maids, and Burglars in Paradse. 220p $1.25 '87 Houghton
Sealed order. 345p $1.35 '07 Houghton
Supply at Saint Agatha's. 38p $1.00 '96 Houghton
Tiny.198p '69 Boston, H. A. Young
Within the gates. 150p $1.25 '01 Houghton
Warman, Cy
Frontier stories. 246p $1.25 '98 Scribner
Last spike, and other railroad stories. 286p $1.25 '06 Scribner
Short rails, 310p $1.25 '00 Scribner
Tales of an engineer. 242p $1.25 '95 Scribner
Weiga of Temagami. 206p (c '08) Caldwell
White mail. 197p $1.25 '99 Scribner
Watanna, Onoto
Honorable Miss Moonlight. 174p $1.00 '12 Harper
Love of Azalea. 239p '04 Dodd
Watson, John
Afterwards, and other stories. 377p '98 Dodd
Beside the bonnie brier bush. 327p $1.50 '95 Dodd
Days of auld lang syne. 358p $1.25 '96 Dodd
Our neighbors. 341p '03 Dodd
St. Jude's 320p '07 Philadelphia, Sunday School Times
Young barbarians. 318p $1.50 '01 Dodd
Wedekind, Frank
Grisley suitor; a story; tr. from the German by
Francis J. Ziegler. 33p 250 '11 Philadelphia, Brown
Princess Russaeka; tr. by Frederick Eisemann. 8vo 138p '19 Boston, Luce
Rabbi Ezra, The victim; two stories . . . tr. from the German by Francis J. Ziegler. 37p 25c '11 Philadelphia, Brown
Wells, H. G.
Country of the blind, and other stories. 544p '13? London, T. Nelson
Cure for love. 13p '99 New York, Scott
Door in the wall, and other stories. 153p $7.50 '11 Kennerley
Tales of space and time. 358p '99 Doubleday
Thirty strange stories. 504p '97 New York, Arnold
Time machine, an invention. 216p $1.00 '95 Holt
Twelve stories and a dream. 331p $1.35 '05 Scribner
Weyman, S. J.
For the cause. 212p '97 Chicago, C. H. Sergei co.
King s stratagem, and other stories. 224p 'go New York, Street and Smith
Laid up in lavender. 320p $1.50 '07 Longmans
Little wizard. 190p '95 New York, Fenno
Snowball. 65p '95 New York, Merriam
When love calls. 139p '99 Boston, Brown
Wharton, E. N.
Crucial instances. 241p $1.35 '01 Scribner
Descent of man. 312p $1.35 '04 Scribner
Ethan frome. 195p $1.00 '11 Scribner
Greater inclination. $1.35 '99 Hermit and the wild woman. 279p $1.35 '08 Scribner
Madame de Treymes. 146p '07 Scribner
Tales of men and ghosts. 438p $1.35 '10 Scribner
Xingu, and other stories. 436p '16
White, E. O.
Borrowed sister. 150p $1.00 '06 Houghton
Brothers in fur. 117p $1.00 '10 Houghton
Browning courtship, and other stories. 276p $1.25 '97 Houghton
Ednah and her brothers. 143p $1.00 '00 Houghton
Enchanted mountain. 107p $1.00 '11 Houghton
White, S. E.
Blazed trail stories, and stories of the wild life. 260p $1.35 '04 McClure
Killer, 12mo 134p '19 Doubleday
Magic forest; a modern fairy story. 79p $1.20 '03 Macmillan
White, W. A.
Court of Boyville. 358p $1.50 '10 Macmillan
Gods puppets. 309p $1.25 '16 Macmillan
Real issue. 212p '96 Chicago, Way
Stratagems and spoils; stories of love and politics 291p '01 Scribner
Wiggin, K. D.
Birds' Christmas carol. 67p 50c '89 Houghton
Cathedral courtship. 104p $1.00 '01 Houghton
Diary of a goose girl. 117p $1.00 '02 Houghton
Flag-raising. 71p '07 Houghton
Half-a-dozen housekeepers, a story for girls. 162p '03 Altemus
Homespun tales: Rose o' the river, The old Peabody pew, and Susanna and Sue. . . 12mo 343p (c '09) Houghton
Ladies in waiting. . . 12mo 322$ $1.65 '19 Houghton
Marm Lisa. 199p $1.00 '96 Houghton
New chronicles of Rebecca. 277p $1.20 '07 Houghton
Old Peabody pew; a Christmas romance of a country church. 143p $1.50 '07 Houghton
Penelopes English experiences. . . 176p '00 Houghton
Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm. 327p '03 Houghton
Romance of a Christmas card. . . 8vo 123$ $1.00 '16 Houghtqn
Rose o' the river. i/6p $1.20 '05 Houghton
Story of Patsy. 68p 60c '83 Houghton
Village watch-tower. 218p $1.00 '95 Houghton
Wilde, Oscar
Works; with an introduction by Richard Le Gallienne. (Sunflower ed.) 15v '09 New York, Lamb
Writings. (University ed.) i$v '07 New York, Keller
Fairy tales. 256p $1.23 '13 Putnam
Happy prince, and other fairy tales, 217p $1.00 '09 Brentano
Williams, J. L.
Girl and the game, and other college stories. 343p $1.35 '08 Scribner
Princeton stories. 319p $1.00 '01 Scribner
Remating time. . . 12mo 111p '16 Scribner
Stolen story, and other newspaper stories. 291p $1.25 '99 Scribner
Willis, N. P.
Romance of travel, comprising tales of five lands. 300p '40 New York, Coleman
Wister, Owen
Dragon of Wantley, his rise, his voracity and his downfall; a romance. . . 149p 8vo Lippincott
How doth the simple spelling bee. 99p '07 Macmillan
Jimmyjohn boss, and other stories. 332p $1.25 '00 Harper
Journey in search of Christmas. 92p $2.00 '04 Harper
Lin McLean. 277p $1.50 '03 Harper
Members of the family. 317p 50c '11 Macmillan
Mother. 95p $1.25 '07 Dodd
Padre Ignacio; or, The song of temptation. 67p 50c '11 Harper
Philosophy 4; a story of Harvard University. 95p '93 Macmillan
Red men and white. 280p $1.50 '96 Harper
Woolson, C. F.
Castle Nowhere; lake-country sketches. 586p '75 Osgood
Dorothy, and other Italian stories. 287p $1.25 '96 Harper
Front yard, and other Italian stories. 272p $1.25 Harper
Rodman the keeper; southern sketches. 339p 'So Appleton
Wright, M. O.
Open window; tales of the months. 381p $1.50 '08 Macmillan
Wright, M. T.
Truce, and other stories. 287p '95 Scribner
Wyatt, E. F.
Everyone his own way. 291p '01 McClure
Wynne, Mrs. Madeline Yale
An ancestral invasion, and other stories. . . 12mo 164p '20 Country Life press
Little room, and other stories. . . 12mo 145p '95 Chicago, Way & Williams

Yeats, W. B.
Collected works, v 5, 7 London, Chapman
John Sherman, and Dhoya. 177p '91 Cassell
Secret rose. 265p '97 London, Lawrence
Stories of Red Hanrahan, Secret Rose, Rosa alchemica. 8vo 231p $1.25 '14 Macmillan
Tables of the law. The adoration of the magi. 48p '97 London, Lawrence
Yezierska, A.
Hungry hearts. 12mo 297p 90c '20 Houghton

Zamaçois, Eduardo
Their son: The necklace; tr. by G. A. England. 12mo 186p '19 Boni & Liveright
Zangwill, Israel
Dreamers of the Ghetto. $24p $1.50 '90 Harper
Ghetto comedies. 487p $1.50 '07 Macmillan
Ghetto tragedies. 12mo 486p (c '99) Philadelphia, Jewish pub. soc.
Grey wig. 563p '03 Macmillan
King of Schnorrers. 400p $1.50 '94 Macmillan
Merely Mary Ann. 16mo 124p (c '17) London, Heinemann
Serio-comic governess. 118p $1.25 '04 Macmillan
"They that walk in darkness." 486p '99 Macmillan
Zola, Emile
Her two husbands; and other novelettes; tr. by G. D. Cox. 340p '83 Philadelphia, Peterson
Jolly Parisiennes; and other novelettes; tr. by G. D. Cox. 332p '88 Philadelphia, Peterson


Baldwin, C. S., ed.
American short stories. 333p $1.40 '10 Longmans
Benecke, Else C. M. tr.
Tales by Polish authors: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Stefan Zeromski, Adam Szymanski, Waclaw Sieroszewiski. 198p '15 Oxford, Black well
Benecke, Else C. M., and Busch, M., trs.
More tales by Polish authors; tr. by Else C. M. Benecke and Marie Busch. 288p $1.50 net '16 Longmans
Brooks, Walter, tr.
Stories from four languages, retold in English. 335p $1.00 (c '05) New York, Ingalls-Kimball
Brown, Mrs. Demetra (Vaka)
Modern Greek stories; tr. by Demetra Vaka and Aristides Phoutrides. . . 12mo 270p $1.90 '20 Duffield
Byng, Mrs. Lucy Margaret
Roumanian stories; tr. from the original Roumanian by Lucy Byng. 12mo 287p '21 Lane

Canby, H. S.
Study of the short story. 273p $1.00 '13 Holt
Cody, Sherwin
Selection from the world's greatest short stories. 412p $1.00 '13 McClurg
Continental classics. . . 20v Harper

Dorchain, Auguste, comp.
Twelve best short stories in the French language. . . 12mo 171p '15 London, Gowans

Esenwein, J. B.
Short-story masterpieces . . . done into English with introd. '12 Springfield, Mass. Home Correspondence School

French, Joseph Lewis
Best psychic stories. . . 12mo 299p (c '20) Boni & Liveright

Greek romances. Heliodorus, Longus, and Achilles Tatius; tr. by Rev. Rowland Smith, 511p $1.50 '55 London, Bohn (Macmillan)

Hawthorne, Julian, ed.
Library of the world's best mystery and detective stories. 6v $6.50 New York, Review of Reviews
Howells, W. D., ed.
Great modern American stories, an anthology. . . 12mo 432p '20 Boni & Liveright
Howells, W. D., and Alden, H. M., eds.
Quaint courtships. 272p $1.00 '06 Harper
Shapes that haunt the dusk. 301p $1.00 '07 Harper
Under the sunset. 264p $1.00 '06 Harper
Howells, W. D., and others
Whole family; a novel by twelve authors, 314p $1.50 '08 Harper

Jessup, A.
Best American humorous short stories, 12mo 276p '20 Boni & Liveright
Jessup, Alexander, and Canby, H. S., eds.
Book of the short story. 307p $1.10 '09 Appleton
Johnson, Rossi ten, ed.
Little classics. 17v ea $1.00 '00 Houghton
Little French, masterpieces; tr. by G. B. Ives, ed. by
Alexander Jessup. 6v ea $1.25 Putnam

Mabie, H. W., and Strachey, L., eds.
Little masterpieces of fiction. Sv ea 75c Doubleday
MacMichael, Charles B., tr.
Short stories from the Spanish; tr. by Charles B. MacMichael. . . 8vo 116p (c '20) Boni & Liveright
McSpadden, Joseph Walker
Famous detective stories, 12mo 323p (c '20) Crowell
Maupassant, G. de, and others
Modern ghosts. 225p $1.00 (c '90) Harper
Merrill, Stuart, tr.
Pastels in prose. 268p $1.25 (c '90) Harper

Nettleton, G. H.
Specimens of the short story. 229$ 50c '01 Holt
Nutter, C. R.
Specimens of prose composition. $1.25 '07 Ginn

O'Brien, Edward J., ed.
Best short stories of 1915. . . 12mo 386p (c '16) Boston, Small
Best short stories of 1916. . . ed. by Edward J. O'Brien. 12mo 600p (c '18) Boston, Small
Best short stories of 1917. . . 12mo (c '18) Boston, Small
Best short stories of 1918. . . 12mo 441p (c '18) Boston, Small
Best short stories of 1919. . . 12mo 414p (c '20) Boston, Small
Best short stories of 1920 and the yearbook of the American short story. 12mo 500p (c '21) Boston, Small
Best short stories of 1921. . . 12mo 506p (c '22) Small
O. Henry
Memorial Award Prize stories of 1920. 12mo 322p '21 Doubleday
O'Shea, M. V.
Eyes and no eyes, and other stories. 20c '00 Heath

Patten, William, ed.
International short stories. 3v $2.10 '10 Collier
Perry, B.
Little masterpieces of literature. [Hawthorne, N., Irving, W., Poe, E. A.] ea 50c '97 Doubleday
Popovic, Pavle f ed. and tr.
Jugo-Slav stories; tr from the original and ed. with an introd. by Pavle Popovic, 12mo 258p '21 Duffield

Ragozin, Mme. Zenaide AlexeTevna, ed. and tr.
Little Russian maserpieces chosen and tr. from the original Russian by Zenaide A. Ragozin; with an introd. and biographical notes by S. N. Syromiatonikef. 12mo 4v '20 Putnam
Ridpath Library of universal literature, J. C. Ridpath, editor-in-chief. 25v $150-$200 '06 New York, Fifth Avenue Library Society
Rudwin, Maximilian Joseph, ed.
Devil stories; an anthology, selected and ed. with critical comments. 12mo 332p '21 Knopf

Scarborough, Dorothy, comp.
Famous modern ghost stories, selected with an introd. . . 12mo 419p $2.00 '21 Putnam
Stories by American authors. 10v ea 75c Scribner
Stories by English authors. 10v ea 75c '96 Scribner
Stories by foreign authors. 10v ea 75c '98 Scribner
Stories of Italy. 208p 75c '94 Scribner
Stories of New York. 214p 75c '94 Scribner
Stories of the army. 186p 75c '94 Scribner
Stories of the railway. 195p 75c '93 Scribner
Stories of the sea. 256p 75c '93 Scribner
Stories of the South. 222p 75c '94 Scribner

Tappan, E. M., comp.
Children's hour. 10v Houghton
Trent, W. P., and Henneman, J. B.
Best American tales. 350p 35c $1.25 (c '07) Crowell

Underwood, Edna Worthley, tr.
Short stories from the Balkans. 12mo 246p '19 Boston, Marshall Jones co.

Van Vechten, Carl, ed.
Lords of the housetops; thirteen cat tales. 12mo 238p '21 Knopf

Warner, C. D., ed.
Library of the world's best literature, ancient and modern, 30v '96 New York, Reale & Hill
Wright, Wlllard Huntington, ed.
Great modern French stories; a chronological anthology. 12mo 409p '17 Boni & Liveright