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A * indicates that the title given in parentheses is the original source of a story which is indexed in a collection the author's complete works not being indexed.

In magazine references to Scribner's Monthly and Scribner's Magazine, Scribner's Monthly (Volumes 1-22 of the Century, old series) is cited as Scrib o s; Scribner's Magazine is cited as Scrib M.

In the reference to the Century Magazine, the old series numbers are used. To get the new series number subtract 22.

In citing collected works [ ] are used to indicate publisher and ( ) to indicate edition.

The order of references as given under the author's name is as follows:

1. Author's collected works
2. Author's separate works
3. Composite collections
4. Magazines

The list of books indexed, page 511-32, should be consulted to ascertain what editions have been indexed. Different editions of an author's works bearing the same title do not always contains the same stories. same title do not always contain the same stories.