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Books by C. F. Andrews

The Claim for Independence

Within or without the British EmpirePrice As. 8.


The Whys and WhereforesPrice As. 8.

Indians in South Africa

Helots within the British EmpirePrice As. 8.

The Drink and Opium Evil

Miss La Molte says: "A nation that can subjugate 800,000,000 helpless Indian people, and then turn them into drug addicts, for the sake of revenue, is a nation, which commits a cold-blooded atrocity unparalleled by any atrocity committed in the rage and heat of war."Price As. 4.

How India can be Free

"India has no need to take the sword in order to be free: She has a much more powerful weapon ready to her hand. If once her people unitedly decide to be free they can be free."Price As. 4.

Indian Independence:

The immediate need

To be in subjection to a band of foreign rulers, if Seeley's historical maxim is true, cannot but lead to national deterioration. This is why the need for independence is so immediate. This is why it cannot be postponed. The verdict of the most sober English Historians is this, that India, without a single hand being lifted to strike a single blow, can determine her own destiny. The sheer weight of numbers,—three hundred and twenty million against a few thousands,—is so great, that if these numbers could once speak with one mind, their will must be carried out.Price As. 8.

GANESH & Co., Publishers, Madras.