Inhaled Medication Administration Schedules

Inhaled Medication Administration Schedules  (2007) 
American Association for Respiratory Care

Inhaled medication administration incorporates a unique methodology and has a recognized time standard between nine and twenty minutes depending on the delivery device used for administration. It is the position of the AARC that medical facilities need to establish written policies and procedures for the safe and timely administration of inhaled medications that are appropriate for the facility and approved by the medical staff. These policies may differ from standard medication administration schedules and time frames, but must be implemented so that medications are administered as prescribed—i.e. Q 1 hour, QID 4 X per day, BID 2 X per day, etc. If a facility establishes an alternative schedule for the safe and effective delivery of inhaled medications, the AARC recommends that the inhaled medication delivery schedule window not exceed 60 minutes before or after the scheduled medication delivery due time for medications prescribed at an interval greater than or equal to four hours.

Effective 8/08

Reviewed 7/2011

Revised 7/201