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Italian Literature taken from The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany October 1820 to June 1821/Vincenzo da Filicaja 2


Quando giù dai gran monti bruna bruna, &c.

When from the mountain's brow, the gathering shades
    Of twilight fall, on one deep thought I dwell:
Day beams o'er other lands, if here she fades,
    Nor bids the Universe at once farewell.

But thou, I cry, my Country! what a night
    Spreads o'er thy glories one dark sweeping pall!
Thy thousand triumphs won by valour's might,
    And wisdom's voice—what now remains of all?

And see'st thou not th' ascending flame of war,
Burst thro' thy darkness, reddening from afar?
    Is not thy misery's evidence complete?
But if endurance can thy fall delay,
Still, still endure, devoted one! and say,
    If it be victory thus, but to retard defeat!