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Jack in the Box.

This is the picture of Jack in the Box,

Who came to our house to stop,

We promised he should have plenty of friends

When we brought him from the shop.


Santa Claus.

Just when you all are fast asleep

Comes Santa Claus, he takes no rest,

And fills your stockings to the brim

With all the things you love the best.

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So don't forget to hang

them up,

And if you find your

own too small,

Let mother lend you

some of hers,

And Santa Claus will

fill them all.


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Oh, what a lovely Melon!


My Family.

I've a family of dollies, I love them all, my dear,

The black-haired one you see with me is

named Rose Dorothea,

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Jack in the box, pg 7.jpg


And the other little darling whose

hair is just like gold


Is called Anna Maria, I pet her most I'm told.

But really to my children I try always to be fair,

Though somehow I think prettiest the ones

with golden hair.


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I've made you a garland to make you look gay,
For you know, pretty Nan, 'tis the first of May.



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Flowers, sweet flowers are everywhere

'Tis the blossoming month of June,

The hum of the bees is on the soft air,

And the streams are singing a tune.


The sheep are cropping the grasses green,

Where shadows are deep and cool

And the lazy ducks go to swim, I ween,

Out on the quiet pool.


Clever Piggy.

This wise little pig could hoe and dig

And cook his dinner too,

He could sweep and sew and milk and mow,

Everything he could do.

Father Tuck.

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Designed in England
Printed in Bavaria


Publishers to the Queen.