Jason Beghe speech at That is Scientology! Reports from the USA

Jason Beghe speech at That is Scientology! Reports from the U.S.A.
by Jason Beghe

"That is Scientology! Reports from the U.S.A." was a conference in Hamburg, Germany sponsored by Germany’s Department of Interior Affairs. It was organized by Ursula Caberta, Head of Working Group, Scientology, Office for Domestic Affairs, Hamburg. The conference took place September 4, 2008.

14 years. I've been out for a little over a yearEdit

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14 years. I've been out for a little over a year, maybe a year and a half. I just wanna say one thing about Marc Headley – I could say a lot of things. I'm honored to be on the same stage as this guy; and one of the things that he ah, he talked about having no credit, and all these strikes were against him because he had no history and all that. I can say that in about 3 years he started a multi-million dollar company. He's doin' just fine. So, this is a real man in my opinion.

I was very happy and honored to be invited here by Frau Caberta and Munich – I mean Hamburg, excuse me. I kept thinking about what I was gonna say and I really didn't know what to talk about, and I – even last night I thought “oh okay maybe I'll talk about that”, and I didn't write a speech or anything. So, but then I started to think about it, and I - what I wanna talk about today is why I think Scientology is dangerous; some examples. Cause, just as Larry said, I mean, you can go on and on and on for days and days talking about Scientology; so I wanna try and hopefully be specific in a way that's useful to people in Government. Cause as far as I understand, one of the major purposes of the Government is to protect the people; and, Scientology is, in my opinion, quite dangerous. Its not Darfur, but it is our own little slice of hell.

An interesting thing for me is that the word “Scientology” - per L Ron Hubbard – he describes it many, many, many times. It's defined by him simply as “knowing how to know”; and it occurred to me today that that's an interesting thing; because what Scientology is selling – one of the major things that they sell to get people to buy their services is certainty. “You will have certainty in your life”, which is very seductive. People want to know. People wanna know. Its difficult I think, for people to wonder, to not know. And so they're seduced by this certainty. But when you think about it, it can be quite dangerous. There was a wise man who said “He who thinks he knows doesn't know. He knows he doesn't know, knows.” And so if you have certainty, which is what happens with a Scientologist – they know they're right; and what's dictated to them in this religion comes from the “scriptures” from L Ron Hubbard, and now David Miscavige. So, in other words what's the right thing and what's true is told to them for the only faith.

I was very very trained in Scientology and I studied it deeply. The only faith that I could come across – the only faith in this “religion” is that if L Ron Hubbard says its true, then it is true. So you get these people with certainty. They know. And what they're operating on is what L Ron Hubbard said. So, part of what L Ron Hubbard is telling these people is that “we are the only hope for mankind, for this planet – indeed this sector of the galaxy” - whatever that means – is on a “precipitous fall to our terrible destruction” that makes Dante's inner circle of hell look like a picnic. Okay? So, if those are the stakes and you now know that you're the only hope for mankind, what are you willing to do to save these people? Because, Scientologists - people who get involved in Scientology, from my experience are some of the most decent, generous people you can ever meet. Think about somebody like Larry or Marc, who joined the Sea Organization. I mean, what kind of a person is it that's willing to sign a 1 billion year contract, and spend year after year after year for no pay, no decent food and no sleep; to help people like me move up the bridge to total freedom - which is what Scientology is made up of. Its basically a series of steps called “the bridge to total freedom.” and its the one “route” - the only route, according to Hubbard - to free man from this trap; and save mankind from certain destruction.

So when you have this certainty, you understand, it helps to justify what some of the people are wiling to do. Does that make sense? So, I thought another interesting point that maybe would be useful to people in Government; and maybe even particularly in Germany here is that a concept in Scientology that, per Hubbard, when you reach a state called the state of “clear” In Scientology, you're no longer a Homo Sapien. Do you understand? You're now called a “Homo Novis.” And if you think about that, its really really dangerous. I mean, if calls to mind, for me, the whole concept of Übermensch. Its an über über über mensch. You're not even – its the difference between a homo erectus and a homo sapien. You're now a “homo novis.” So, you might be friendly with the homo sapiens, but its almost like a pet. It's a cute thing, but they're just an unenlightened creature that doesn't understand; and you see how now this distances you from others? And you people in government, be assured that a Scientologist can be very charming he can be very nice. As I said, they're very decent people; but they do know that they are more evolved than you; that they're the only ones who understand the way it really is. And they are the “only hope”; so would they be willing to lie and mislead you? I mean, if you're the only hope for mankind, its justifiable to kill somebody, to go to any length to save the group. Because they operate on a concept also of “What is the greatest good?” and built into that concept of “What is the greatest good?” is that its definitely Scientology. Because we're talking about saving the planet, and these poor homo sapiens walking around don't get it. So we have to come in and take care of them. And if people get hurt along the way, its in the name of Scientology which is the only hope we have. So you see why these concepts are dangerous.

Now this also leads to something else for me, that is, its really awful. It's probably one of the main reasons I'm here today. Because I”m an unlikely person here, but one of the things that really gets me – and I'm not even a victim of it – too bad! - is this whole concept that Marc alluded to called “Disconnection.”

And now you understandEdit

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And now you understand – let me ask you something – its just a rhetorical question. Can any of you people, can any of you. If I told you – or your religion. Or whatever you think is most important philosophically. If it dictated to you that right now, from this moment forward, you will never communicate with your child. Your wife, your husband, your brother, your sister, your best friend. Can you imagine that? Would you ever accept that? Can you think that you would ever accept that? So we think about that, and people talk about “disconnection” right? I must imagine that somewhere in your minds you think “I would never do that!” I assure you that any Scientologist, the day before he was a Scientologist, would never consider that. I for one, now, I can't imagine. My children. Are you crazy? There's no way! So that leads me to think about something is that, for me to do that – and now I'm no expert on psychology or psychiatry or the mind, or anything. So I don't know what brainwashing is, really. and the Scientologists will argue it. Or mind control. There's something that's gotta be done to me, for me to make that leap. Just as you know it would be for you. Yet thousands and thousands of Scientologists do it like that. Indeed when I left the church I was very popular, and I never – I was not a loud, disaffected person. But one fine day, after a long story which I wont bore you with now, I realized that I couldn't – I couldn't keep my own personal integrity and continue to be part of, or support the Organization. I said, “You know, I'm gonna slip out the door guys”, basically. Every single person to who was a associated with me was contacted. I called people – I mean I never said goodbye. There was one girl who had found out who was very close to my wife, you know, and she sobbed for hours apologetically. You know “I just can't leave” you know? “I need it for my kids” she was saying, and stuff like that, you know? I can't tell her how to lead her life.

And so, again, back to you government people; your job is to protect the common wheel. Something's happening There's too much circumstantial evidence. Like that ain't right. You know? So, I mean just imagine if you're a catholic. I don't wanna belabor the point – but you're a catholic and something terrible happens in your life. Your child dies or whatever, and you just feel like there must be no God. You've heard stories like this, and you say “I'm gonna leave the church” you know, or whatever you know, and you stop being a practicing catholic. I'm not saying its right or its wrong. It might screw up Christmas dinner with mom and dad, but I don't think mom and dad would say you know, they were to move or not return your call. Me? I had a four year old son at the time when I left, and I mean – he was kicked out of school! Its nothing terrible; I didn't lose a family member, but its an interesting thing t have a four year old come home and “why can't I see this kid? Why can't I see him?” His only friends you know? Luckily he's a social guy and he's doing fine now. He's made a lot of friends, but that ain't a church to me. That's ah – but you see these things get justified for the greatest good. You see how it all kinda goes together. Cause its hard to understand, so what I wanna do is try to make people understand. Cause a lot of people say “How could this? how? how? how?” I don't quite know. I'm not an expert. But something happened. Even now, you know, its interesting. You think “oh, Jason woke up! He's out!” yeah! I woke up and I got out. But its no – and I don't normally talk about my own personal thing but just to illustrate – I'm doing relatively well, but its – the best way I can equate it, its like if you were hypnotized. So, to some degree I came up. Its like I woke up like you wake up in the morning you know? And it took me about, I'd say 5, 6 months to maybe get out of bed, but you know, I'm just now maybe making the coffee. I'm not quite there yet. Cause nobody snapped their fingers and said “You know, when I snap my fingers and say 'chicken' you're no longer gonna be chicken. Do you understand?” Alright, so that – those are some things that I think are dangerous.

Here's some more things that I think are dangerous that I hope can be useful that I can talk about, besides grievous things that they were talking about. Everybody knows that Scientology costs of lot of money. Its a lot of money and that also affects the society. When you've got people paying a lot of money thats not taxable, of course. Okay? Part of this that's hidden that has become apparent to me; one of the things that led to my leaving, is that I realized that is a rip off. Is that a word that communicates? Okay, good! So, a rip off. In other words, David Miscavige and the executive hierarchy are aware that they're ripping people off; and I can give you examples, okay? So, here's one: There's a course – this is what I've learned since I've been out – called “Key to life: Life Orientation course”. Its two courses that go together and its supposed to make you understand life and know what you're real purpose in life is. That's the end product that they sell. Its a very expensive course, okay? And they've been selling you this thing and telling you that its imperative that you do it if you wanna really make your correct steps on the bridge to total freedom okay? Now, what I've learned since I've gotten out, is that, for 10 years, really literally, since its been released, they were aware that the whole thing was screwed up and that it didn't work. But they continued to not only have it available but to push it upon people. While behind the scenes they're working feverishly to learn how to fix it. And guess what will happen when its fixed? They'll tell everybody – that not only the ones who did it, they'll have a new push “The Key to Life” is re-released perfectly and so all you other people who've already done it you should do it again. You don't get it – not for free, and that's brainwashing too! Cause the other people will say “Oh goody! Cause I always had a problem with my “key to life”. Its sad!

Okay there's many, many examples of this. There's this thing that came out – when did the Golden age of Tech. come out? 1996 they came out with this thing - “The Golden age of Tech”. In other words, everything had been going wrong. Anything that had been going wrong in Scientology was because “the tech”, which is the scriptures, the “meat and potatoes” of Scientology; the “how it is done” was being misapplied and thanks to David Miscavige he's figured the whole thing out and now you have to do this Golden age of Tech.

Okay? So I had to – I was a trained ScientologistEdit

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Okay? So I had to – I was a trained Scientologist. I was told I had to redo everything. I had to re-buy the thing. I had just finished. Yeah, and redo it again! You have to do it! Okay? And its like “okaaaay”, you know? and feel – and they resell the thing with a straight face. And the Scientologist's do it over. I mean, that's crazy! Now, when I had bought my training package, they were well on the way to getting ready to release the Golden age of Tech; and they let me buy the thing, encouraged me to do it, just in time so they could do it. That's a rip off! That's unethical. And they claim to be “the most ethical group on the planet”. Thats criminal. Or misleading. To me, its criminal. I mean its awful! Just now, recently they have the “Basics books” re-released. This is...how many books? Maybe 20 books? 15 books? Something like that. These are these basics books apparently written by L Ron Hubbard, and compiled by people at Golden Era Productions. Okay. Its, you know, maybe 1,000 pages, maybe 1,500 pages. Big type, small pages. Okay? There's some interesting data there; if you like that stuff that's fine. Okay? They changed a few things in these books, okay? Now, they're telling every Scientologist that they must buy these books again. You know how much they charge? $3,000!. $3,000 for 20 books like this. That's crazy! And to me, as I think about it, again, I think that's an indication of mind control or whatever you wanna call it. Cause they do it! Not only do they do it, they help sell them! And they're all enthusiastic about it and “this is great!” which is another interesting thing, you know? As a Scientologist, this is in my humble opinion, the tacit responsibility of a Scientologist is to lie. Because you are a “Homo Novis” you're an example; and of course you still have problems and issues, but you're not supposed to because you're “clear”, you're “OT”. You understand?

And so these people now when they get these little - “Oh the books are re-released!” and David Miscavige assures you that's the reason for this little problem that maybe you're having. they secretly go “ahhh! good!” and it just leads to more of the same. Because he's changed a sentence here, a little this, a little, that; which also enables them to keep the copyright, incidentally. Which I – interesting. Here's something kinda interesting if we look at this historically; and one of the last things I did as a practicing Scientologist was there was a – I had long since said “I'm not going into session” - and they kept saying “Oh, come on we'll take you into session for free.” I said “Man you guys are making me worse!” I said “I wouldn't go into session if you paid me $1,000 an hour.” that's how bad it was. Okay? And I could have used $1,000 and hour, let me tell ya. But I just said “No mas, I cannot do it!” Okay? So they said they had these things called the LRH – L Ron Hubbard – Congresses that have been released. So these are symposiums given by L Ron Hubbard, from 1956 I think it was, maybe '52.... somewhere around there through maybe '68 – up until the St. Hill special briefing course right? Anyway, its maybe about 20 lecture seres. 20 lecture series alright?

So I thought “You know what? I got a new dog; he needs to be trained, I'll take a little tape recorder and I'll go out on a walk and I'll walk my dog every morning, I'll listen to a couple of tapes and I'll get in shape.” So I got through these tapes pretty fast, and this of course; the idea was to get people to connect with L Ron Hubbard - which they call “source” - which is very interesting. He's “source”. That's a word to take a look at. That's part of the “tech” too. But at any rate, I listened to these lectures, these series of lectures, and the first series of lectures is “Welcome!” and he's very gregarious and charming, and he's basically: “the great news is, everybody, I finally got the new state of “clear” tapped! I know how to deliver a clear like this! And here's all you have to do.” and so I know that this new thing was used to disseminate selling Scientology because we can now deliver the state of “clear”. Now, with a straight face – I can tell you this – that every series of lectures delivered by this man for the next 10 or 12, 15 years, was “Guess what everybody! I've got it. I've got the state of “clear” tapped.” It was same thing. And I was like “What the hell? This is crazy! They've been doin' this since the first day! And we've been buying it!”

I remember there was a thing David Miscavige did that – cause at this point I was starting to get like - “I can't take this! You guys are making me” - they had this thing – the new part of the Golden age of Tech. They had this thing called a “Security Check” okay? Which is basically where you are interrogated to make sure you don't have any crimes in order to be enabled to receive high level auditing or access to the OT levels. Okay? And they were asking me these questions and it was going on and on, and I know when thinks are making me worse. I'm happy to get off a peccadillo. I don't have anything to hide. But when its asked all different directions and its taking this, and its costing $50,000, at a certain point, me!, and I was very uncommon for Scientologists. Most of them were just takin' it. And everybody was unhappy and it was - I'm sure the statistics were crashing. Me? I said “Listen; when L Ron Hubbard died they said he went off to Target 2 to start – which would be a new planet. To clear that planet.” I said to the people, to the executives of Scientology when they told me I had to buy more, I said “I'm not doing anymore auditing.” I said “I don't care if L Ron Hubbard comes back from Target 2 and tells me I gotta do it, but I'm not doing it.” and I did not receive auditing for probably a year and a half. And of course I was becoming disaffected.

Let me tell you something.Finally, about a year and a half later, David Miscavige goes on a maiden voyage, which is where they go on the ship in the Caribbean, and he has this great release. And so they did a big event. I wasn't there obviously, because, I mean, I was maybe doing a little study and just kinda licking my wounds at this point. And I say uh – and they said “Jason! Jason! You gotta come in! You gotta see this thing it's just for you! You're gonna love this!” and I see David Miscavige , and he says with a broad smile and a puffy chest, he says “I have great news! All those sec. checks, we were wrong! Arbitraries are canceled! Arbitraries are canceled!” he's declaring. And they're looking looking at me like “Jason!”; and the whole crowd gets up and there's clapping and they're going crazy like “Oh goody!” Cause I get to save money and now I”m not gonna be all messed up in my head and maybe I can get some gains in Scientology; and this is this big announcement and they're looking at me and I”m going “huh”. I said “Man you make a mistake that makes you probably $250 million and that's how you handle it? Like you're some kind of great guy? To finally admit?” And these Scientologist's are up there giving him a standing ovation and crying tears of joy! Something's wrong!

So I look at this as I talk to I start to realizeEdit

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So I look at this as I talk to I start to realize. See, that's probably why I'm out and they're in. Its that for some reason, I don't know why, you know I just started to wake up. Let me tell you something. That process took 10 years – at about 6, $800,000. Okay? So there you go. Here's another thought I had. I don't know, I'm not a legal mind or anything like that and I”m just gonna give this to you in closing as something that may be useful - an avenue; for government, law, all that kinda stuff. There's a lot of controversy. I think everybody knows about how many Scientologist's there really are. I mean, I'm sure that they include me as a Scientologist, and my little son. Because – because when he was born, David Miscavige gave him a lifetime membership as one of the gifts he sent him, and I still get mail. So, perhaps they consider me still of their number. I'm not sure. Its an interesting thing, but there's certain ways that you can actually determine – or get an idea. One, I was talking to Marc on the plane, he gave me a very good barometer that one could use. They release – you know that everybody uses an “E-Meter” - Electro Psycho meter. In Scientology, any good Scientologist is supposed to, not only have one, but two E-Meter's; and when they have a new product, all the old products are outdated and worthless. When they came out with the new E-Meter, they made about 30,000 of them. Okay? They still haven't gotten rid of all of them. Now, I don't think every Scientologist bought 2, and they certainly – but they also have to give a bunch to the Organizations to audit with. Okay? 30,000! The fastest growing religion on the planet? Okay?

Here's another indication: a friend of mine was working up lines – its Headley! I get all my information from Headley - guys was up lines it was Headley – and he was responsible for putting together all the events. Every year Scientology puts on these events. L Ron Hubbard's birthday. Its this big extravaganza where they get to get the public pumped up and feed them a bunch of misleading information about how well Scientology's doing; including things like “we never lose a law case or anything like that”, and “the statistics are going through the roof.”Incidentally, since the Golden age of Tech., the statistics are crashing. Crashing, okay? And that's very – its amazing. Anyway, no Scientologist should ever know that information. Because if the statistics are crashing, that means that the top management is suppressive. In other words, David Miscavige. So they'll never know this, okay?

At any rate, he told me that they spent $400,000 to promote an event; and they promote, they promote, they promote. And I'm telling you, as a public in Scientology, when there's an event coming: “are you comin' to the event?” - and it gets like “oh, man!”. There's like 2,3 weeks where its like “sheesh!” You see a guy comin' up to you and its like “Yeah! I'm comin' to the event.” Just “yeah.” okay? Its like you're really pressured to go to these events. The last event, that cost them $400,000 to promote, and they do their own promotion, so its not like its expensive for them; thats a LOT of promotion when you're paying people 36c an hour, okay? You have all the machines paint them up all your fliers and whatnot. 10,000 people showed up. Worldwide. 10,000 people! $400 a person, they paid; and 10,000 people.

Now, its interesting, when Anonymous had their first protest worldwide, without even any organization at all, they had 10,000 people.

Listen here's the last little point on that thing: its been tracked and figured out, that in the Sea Organization, which is the most elite group. You know, a lot of people get into Scientology – “Oh you know, maybe I heard that Tom Cruise did it; let me try a course.” People who join the Sea Org. you know, I'm talking about the commitment that they make is extreme and its a particular – as L Ron Hubbard said – breed of cat, that would be the kind of person that's willing to make this kind of a commitment. So, they're really serious people. They're signing a 1 billion year contract. So, they are saying, not only will I serve under these conditions to the day I die,; when I come back next lifetime and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that; I will come to help forward the purposes of Scientology. That's a hell of a commitment. There are 25,000 ex Sea Org. members. There are now, in the Sea Organization, 4 to 8,000. Its hard to get the number. So that means that the statistic or the most hardcore Scientologists, is that 5 out of 6, leave. Okay? When you get on these websites like Clambake, or these people who are Anonymous, but were actually – used to be in the Sea Org, and they've contacted me in Private Messages – and they are scarred and hurt and scared. They can't stand up and say “yeah, my name is Bill, and I don't believe in Scientology and here's why”. They can't say that. They don't have that luxury. Because they're afraid they'll never see their daughter. So they have to kind of tow the line. Or, if they routed out of the Sea Org., in the way that the Sea Org. permits, you to leave, for whatever reason; let's say you refuse to have the abortion, you have to sign an affidavit saying – and its filmed – you have to sign an affidavit that, every time you say something negative about Scientology, you have to pay $50,000.

So, these are the things that inhibit these people from speaking up. I – that's a whole other subject. I mean that's just wrong. You can't - that's not right. You can't – that's controlling their mind even after they're out. Okay? So here are these hardcore Scientologist's; and I was thinking about something, I dunno, there's a drug that was recently in the news. I don't know if it was here in Europe as well, but there was this drug Vioxx. You aware of Vioxx? Okay, so Vioxx was this drug that was supposed to help you with high blood pressure or something like that; and... what's that? Against pain? So anyway, it was giving - 1 people out of 1,000 it was giving a heart attack – and then something like; of the people who got the heart attack – 3 out of 10 were actually having serious heart attacks. Some even dying. Okay? So, 1 out of 1,000; and in that, some died, okay? And these people were made to pull this off the market; and it was shown that these people probably, actually knew about this data, and hid it from the public because it was something that was successful for them financially.

Now that's a criminal activity. Its despicable. Now you look at , I'm not saying – I don't know – there's people who say Scientology kills people; there's circumstantial evidence that it does. But when you have 5 out of 6 people leaving; and these are people who are more gung-ho. So, for them to leave, something really bad had to happen; and we had to see a couple of examples here. Larry didn't even tell you the personal reason – what made him wake up and really go, but its as bad as Marc's and it'll make you cry, okay? There are 25,000 stories like that. Let's give 'em a bunch that aren't. But still, the statistics are such that maybe we should pull this thing off the market, you know? And the other thing is – if not “pull it off the market”, do you know what a black box warning is? This is something that Scientology brags about. Case they're all against these Psych. drugs, because they're dangerous and they lobby Washington; and they get – and they brag that “we got a black box warning on Prozac.” So its like a thing on the – I don't know if they have it here in Europe, but like a - if you buy a pack of cigarettes it says “Warning it could be dangerous. It can cause lung cancer.” Okay? So maybe Scientology – if they're gonna not pull it off the market, people should be made aware of the consequences; and that's something that government could possibly affect.

And that is exactly the last thing I was gonna say, so thank you for listening and thank you.


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