Jersey Journal/1871/Assault with a Hammer

Assault with a Hammer  (1871) 

Bridget Reynolds (1833-1896) and Anna Catherine Gelchion (1856-1927) in an article published in the Jersey Journal on July 19, 1871.

Assault with a Hammer. Ann Gelchion, who resides on Rose avenue, in Greenville, appeared before Justice Chambers, this morning, and made affidavit that a man by the name of Henry Cook, living next door to her, came to the house on the 17th inst. and opened the door two or three times, and threatened to kill her and her little brother, a boy about 3 years old, with a hammer which he had in his hand. The mother, Bridget Gelchion, also swears that the threats had been repeated on one or two occasions before. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Cook.

Bridget Reynolds (1833-1896) Gelchion and Ann Catherine Gelchion (1856-1927) Dermody in the Jersey Journal on Wednesday, July 19, 1871.png

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