Jersey Journal/1932/My Friends

My Friends  (1932) 
by Naida Muriel Freudenberg

The poem, My Friends, by Naida Muriel Freudenberg (1915-1998) and published in The Jersey Journal on March 12, 1932.

My Friends
By Naida M. Freudenberg
9 Claremont Avenue, Jersey City. Age 15

A - is for Alice (Schneider) blue eyed and fair,
B - is for Bertha (Lattin) with never a care.
C - for Concetta (Sorrentino) who's devoted to home,
D - for Doris (Lyons) who dreads being alone.
E - is for Edith (Depen) bedecked with her jewels,
F - is for Florence (Freudenberg) whom everyone fools.
G - for Geraldine (Winblad) eyes big and brown,
H - for Helen (Freudenberg) who has love as a crown.
I - is for Isabel (Matera) demure and shy,
J - is for Jenny (Jahnsen) who relishes pie.
K - for Katherine (Bradbee) with smile so delicious,
L - for Lillian (Brown) my editor, always capricious.
M - is for Mother, so sweet so quaint,
N - is for Norma (Carlsen) who loves the word, "ain't".
O - for Olga (Hesse) meek and mild,
P - for Paulina (Preus) loved by every child.
R - is for Ruth (Backe) a pal fine and true,
S - is for Sally (Freudenberg) who never feels blue.

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