Joseph Fawcett Letter 1828-02-13

Joseph Fawcett Letter 1828-02-13
by Joseph Fawcett

Source: Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1998.

Folded Letter. Addressed to:Edit

Mr. Lyle B Fawcett, Richmond, Va

Harrisonburg 13th February 1828


Dear Son

I send by Col. McMahon’s man , 6 Barrels flour, 73lb Bacon and Two Dozen & 7/12 of calf skins for and on accounts of you brother Abner. Luntz values the skins at $30 per Dozen except one Small one which is at Two Dollars. I think when I made the Bill of them this morning, which will accompany the Box containing them, that invoiced the first Doz at $30, the second at $30.50 and the small skin at $2 by which it would seem that we omitted the half Doz alltoger [sic] perhaps the better way will be to regard the whole of the two and a half Dozen as at thirty Dollars per Dozen for that was Luntzes intention, except the small skin @ $2.

I had intended, indeed promised, Col. McMahon to say something to you or to him or both of you on the subject of the convention, but as I am scarcely a citizen of Virginia or indeed of the world, for have had two severe attacks of Rheumatism since Abner left here. I shall refrain saying anything further than that there ought to be if practicable, a standing committee got up in Richmond before the Legislature separates. such a measure would keep the thing alive. it would be a kind of nucleus about which all the matter disposed to unite might gather and it would keep up an organised [sic] System of acting among the friends of of the measure, through out the state, if some energy is not used the whole will end in abortion, for I feel well assured that the Law as it is, is by many only regarded as a Tub thrown to the whale.

since I communicated Rader’s proposal to your Mother she seems to be very much inclined to favor the acceptans [sic] of his offer. Abner and all the rest of the connection are a goodeal [sic] of the same opinion, but the more I think of it, the less I like it in many respects. in the first place Rader tho a kind friendly man is nevertheless exceedingly capricious and Tyranical [sic] in disposition. it would be difficult to keep Terms with him. in the next place every creature who has a claim would be doging [sic] me incessantly for a part, or buying something on Credit and I fear it would require a hardyhood [sic] that I am incapable of to shake them off. if I permitted them to take it would soon end in nothing. I would much rather, if it were possible, Make my way to Missouri at once. I should thereby avoid much cold supercillious [sic] contempt.

Our friend and neighbor Binger Quinn left us on Sunday morning last about 3 oclock. his funeral took place the following day with all the usual parade of Masonic cerremony [sic].

Kyle and Grattan much as they were your friends and acquantance [sic] generally well. your Mother and our family particularly so.

Joseph Fawcett

Samuel Miller returned yesterday from Washington where he had been trying to sell his (??) works. he brought a letter from Willis in a neat hand write & good diction in which he says he is Very well. do not forget to send the news paper. I have just recved [sic] a bundle enough for a weeks reading.