Journal of Discourses/Volume 1/Introduction

To the Saints abroad.

This Journal of Discourses appears in a semi-monthly sheet of sixteen pages, upon good paper, and in a plain round type that aged persons can lead with ease, and forms a Volume of nearly four hundred pages.

vii It affords me great pleasure in being able to put in your possession the words of the Apostles and Prophets, as they were Spoken in the assemblies of the Saints in Zion, the value of which cannot be estimated by man, not so much for any great display of worldly learning and eloquence, as for the purity of doctrine, simplicity of style, and extensive amount of theological truth which they develop.

Realizing the moral and intellectual benefit the Saints at home derive from them, I have earnestly desired the time when you also would be enriched by the same incalculable treasure. To those who are unacquainted with the Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who are mantled in the darkness of ages, whose minds are sunk in the almost impenetrable shades of error, uncertainty, and doubt, but who sincerely desire to know the truth, these Sermons will prove a source of light, information, and joy. And, according to the vocation which belongs to the Eternal Priesthood, all authorized ministers of God will hail their publication with gladness, for such an embodiment of doctrine will greatly accelerate the grand object they have in view—the salvation of souls the instruction of Saints, and the building up of Zion in the last days.

Particularly to the Elders who are scattered abroad upon the face of the earth, far from those who alone can instruct them in the more exalted branches of the Everlasting Gospel, these Sermons will be most valuable, as a guage of doctrine, a rule of rectitude, and a square to life, furnishing at the same time an extensive repository of historical information. May the Lord prosper every department of His work, and evenly laudable effort of His servants to instruct the ignorant, build up and establish the faithful, and gather the honest in heart from among all nations home to Zion.

In the bonds of the New and Everlasting Covenant, I remain your brother and fellow-labourer,