K-K-K-Katy  (1917) 
by Geoffrey O'Hara

"K-K-K-Katy" was a popular World War I-era song written by Geoffrey O'Hara in 1917 and published in 1918. The sheet music advertised it as "The Sensational Stammering Song Success Sung by the Soldiers and Sailors," reflecting a time when speech impediments could be poked fun at—albeit gentle fun in this case. The song tells the story of Jimmy, a young soldier "brave and bold," who stuttered when he tried to speak to girls.

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Cover of the original publication by Leo Feist in New York, 1918.
Page 1 of the original publication.

The Sensational Stammering Song The Soldiers And Sailors Sing



Army Song Leader

Composer of "Aw, Sammy"
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