Landon in The Literary Gazette 1825/Poetic 5 2

For works with similar titles, see Fragment (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).

Literary Gazette, 17th December, 1825, Page 812


’Twas Spring, the tree stood by the stream,
    With flowers unnumbered hung
Upon the boughs; you scarcely marked
    The shade they downward flung.

The leaves have dropt off one by one,
    As the wind o'er them strayed;
Of all it flung upon the stream
    Only remains the shade.

Oh! heart of mine read here thy fate,
    And here thy likeness find;
Thus has life's freshness past away,
    Its darkness staid behind.

And worse thy state:—another spring,
    Again that tree will be
Green in its youth—but where's the year
    That has a spring for thee?[1]

  1. signature after last fragment