Landon in The Literary Gazette 1826/Fragment 1

For works with similar titles, see Fragment (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).

Literary Gazette, 5th August, 1826, Page 492




There are ten thousand visions of delight
Floating around, as if their birth and flight
Were with the golden showers of day that fall
Through the thick leaves,—would I could live them all!
Beautiful fancies, wherefore are not ye
Hopes, wishes, that are possible to be?
      I would I were a Fairy,—I would dwell
In the pavilion of yon blue harebell,
Companion of the butterfly and bee,
Whose honey treasures should be shared with me.
Or, for an older dream,—would yon lone wood
Had me the Oread of its solitude—
The gentle spirit of the place, to shed
New springs of flowers at my lightest tread,
And, with the sunny waves of my bright hair,
To shake out dew and freshness every where:
And when my green and summer life was past
To die with one sweet pining song at last.
     Alas! alas! we feel too much we live
But by earth's soil and sorrow: I would give
My own apart existence, to be blent
With the sun-shine, or the blue element.
Would I could plunge into the lighted air
And be, transfused, of it!