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Landon in The New Monthly 1837/Song 2

For works with similar titles, see Song (Letitia Elizabeth Landon).



May morning light fall o'er thee
    When I am far away;
Let hope's, sweet light restore thee
    All we have dreamed to-day.
I would not have thee keep me
    In mind by tears alone;
I would not have thee weep me,
    Sweet love, when I am gone.

No, as the brook is flowing
    With sunshine at its side;
While fair wild flowers are growing,
    All lovely o'er the tide,
So, linked with many a treasure
    Of nature and of spring,
With all that gives thee pleasure,
    My heart to thine shall cling.

The rose shall be enchanted
    To breathe of love to thee;
All fair things shall be haunted
    With vows of faith for me.
The west wind shall secure thee
    My tidings from the main,
But most of all assure thee
    How soon we meet again.
L. E. L.