Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate/Volume 1/Number 2/Letter to Oliver Cowdery from David W. Patten and Warren Parrish (Oct. 11, 1834)

Paris, Tennessee, Oct. 11, 1834.Edit


In much haste I set me down to inform you, that we have reached a State in which the gospel of Christ, in its fulness, has not as yet been preached.—We started from Missouri on the 12th of Sept. with recommendations from the Bishop and high council, to go out and proclaim the gospel to the sons of men; and being led by the Spirit to go to the south, like Philip of old, we took a Steam boat at Lagrange, one hundred and sixty miles above St. Louis, and landed at the mouth of the Ohio River, on Kentucky side, bending our course towards Nashville. We commenced preaching as we travelled across the south corner of Kentucky; but have not as yet baptized any. We are now in the flourishing town of Paris, where the Campbellites are holding a two days meeting. We have published an appointment to preach this evening in the court house in this place. All kinds of religion prevail here, (the religion of Jesus Christ excepted,) even to the "Live forevers," and "two seeds," or "Iron sides;" and we sincerely ask the prayers of our brethren in Kirtland, in our behalf, that God may dispose the hearts of this people to receive the ingrafted word that will save them in the celestial kingdom; for we have the power of tyranny that exists in slave States; the power of priest craft; the power of tradition; the power of the riches and honors of this world; and in short, the combined powers of darkness, to encounter; and we say in our hearts, O Lord, stretch forth thine Almighty arm to our relief; for truly the prophets of baal are numerous, and this people are joined to their idols. But notwithstanding all these seeming obstructions, we know that God is able, with a worm, to thresh a mountain: and we are determined, by his grace, to faithfully discharge our duty in warning this people, that our garments may be rid of the blood of all men. We expect to come to Kirtland between now and the first of May, next.

The horn is now sounding for Campbellite meeting, at 3 P. M. we wish to attend.

Yours in Christ. D. W. PATTEN.