Leake to Twiss, 4 February 1830

Untitled letter to Horace Twiss, 4 February 1830  (1830) 
by William Leake

Provenance: from Florey, Cecil C. (1995) Peninsula City, which cites Cygnet (1935) Swan River Booklets.

Oxford Street, London
4th February, 1830

Mr. Under-Secretary Twiss,
Sir,— Can you not give Captain Stirling a hint on his imprudence in calling the capital of Swan River by the Insignificant name of Perth? Is it because Sir George Murray was born at this insignificant place, known only to reading men or Geographers, as an obscure place in Scotland? I have heard a vast number already declare against the Swan River because they now consider it a place where the Scotch interests will only prevail. There is Perth Town, Melville Water, Cockburn Sound and Dalrymple Sound, in fact nothing but Scotch names. Why was not the principal town called Swan River, London Town, Wellington, or a name which the three countries in unison may look up to? Pray show this to Sir George Murray and tell him to give a friendly hint to Captain Stirling who seems to go astray like all other Governors of Colonies. He ought, however, endeavour to get the Colony established before he gives birth to his Scotch prejudices and feelings. As one who has sent out a son, I am more than annoyed by his giving the principal town the name of Perth. Who ever heard of such a place?

I have the honour to be, etc.,
William Leake

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.