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Letter From John Pelham to Jefferson Davis

His Excellency Jeff. Davis

West Point, N.Y. Feb 27th '61

Dear Sir, Being still a member of the Mily Acad'y, I don't think it would be exactly proper for me to offer my services to the new government but I am anxious to serve it to the best of my ability. If you think it would be better for me to resign now than to wait and graduate which will be in June a single word from you will cause me to resign and as soon as my resignation is accepted, I will con¬sider myself under your orders and repair to Montgomery without delay.

I am a member of the 1st class which graduates in June next -- you know the importance of that portion of the course still to be completed, and also whether my services are needed at present. May I expect a recall if needed?

Most Respect'y Your ObIt Serv't Jno. Pelham of Alabama