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Letter from Florence Earle Coates to Amos Niven Wilder (25 January 1924)

2024 Spruce Street,

Dear Mr. Wilder:—

This must be only a line, but I feel that a letter which has so touched me that the tears sprang to my eyes deserves some immediate response.

Yes: feeling "How few there are who hold with faith to the ardours" so dear to us, our souls grow sick sometimes with a kind of grieved loneliness. But "We judge of a man's wisdom by his hope", and we must cherish the belief that the young will return to ideals very different from those they hold to-day.

As I read your letter, the second stanza of my lines "To the Victor" recurred to my mind with a kind of exultation. "Israel was saved by the remnant", was it not?

Faithfully yours,
Florence Earle Coates.

January 25/24

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