Letter from Gotse Delchev to Efrem Karanov

Letter from Gotse Delchev to Nikola Maleshevski  (2006) 
by Gotse Delchev, translated by Slobodan Jakoski

The letter sent to Efrem Karanov, a supporter of the revolutionaries, illustrates Gotse Delchev's opinion about the various individuals, such as Alexander Chakarov, who had attempted to "declare an uprising" in Vinica (obviously, only for the sake of adventure).

17 October 1895

...The liberation of Macedonia lies in the internal uprising. Whoever considers that Macedonia will be liberated in some other way, he’s fooling himself and the others. But who are those who would make an uprising at this moment? Is it Mr. Chakarov? If an uprising can be made with 1- 40 men, Macedonia would have been a free little state a long time before. But, because that is impossible, and more men are needed, then what should be done? The people should be awaken up from the five centuries old sleep, that has made the Macedonian pretty tolerant in his ideas about human justice... ("pretty fat in his consciousness of human justice", in the original).

Едно писмо на Гоце Делчев – Сборник Илинден 1903-1926 (София), 15 – 20

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