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To the Editor of The American:

I have often wondered why the State flag of Tennessee is not displayed from the Capital, especially when the General Assembly is in session. I understand that Tennessee has a flag, but I do not remember to have seen it anywhere, and I do not believe that there are many Tennesseans who are even aware that their State has a flag. During the State Fair, among all the flags and bunting with which the city was decorated, I looked in vain for the State flag.

Many of the States of the Union have flags. In Texas the tricolor with the lone star floats from the State Capital, the proud emblem of the sovereignty of the great empire Commonwealth of the far Southwest. It also appears everywhere upon occasions when decorations are used.

A flag is the emblem of sovereignty. It symbolizes the character and dignity of the State or Nation it represents. The use of a State flag serves to preserve in the minds of the people the idea of State sovereignty. Every Tennessean who has State pride and who desires to see his state preserve its independence should encourage the use of the State flag on every occasion where its display is appropriate.

In conclusion, allow me to suggest that proper steps should be taken to provide for the display of the flag of Tennessee from the State Capital and the City Hall, to remind the people that Tennessee is not merely a province of a consolidated State, but is itself a sovereign State of a Federal Union.