Letters of John Huss Written During His Exile and Imprisonment/Letter 51, To his Friends

For other English-language translations of this work, see Letter of Jan Hus to his friends in Bohemia (29 June 1415).



[He returns them thanks for their kindness.]

May God be with you, and grant you every felicity, for the kindness yon have heaped on me. Suffer not the Seignior John,[2] my best friend, my other self, to expose himself to peril for my sake. I ask this of you, of you, Seignior Peter, in particular, in the name of the Lord. Lastly, I conjure you to live according to God’s word, and obey his precepts, as I have taught you to do. Render thanks to his Royal Majesty for all the benefits that I have received from him.

Salute for me your families and my other friends, whom I cannot name here individually. I pray to God for you; pray to him for me, to that great God, near whom, with his aid, we shall all yet arrive. Amen.

I think that I shall have to suffer for the word of God. But you will not, I conjure you in his name, permit his ministers and saints to be rigorously treated.

John Huss, in hope, servant of God.

P.S.—Peter,[3] my very dear friend, keep, in remembrance of me, my fur cloak. Seignior Henry, may you live in health with your wife. I thank you for your kindness: may God heap his riches upon you.

  1. Hist. et. Monum. Johann. Huss, Epist. xxiv.
  2. John of Chlum.
  3. Peter Maldoniewitz, surnamed the Notary.