Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln/Volume 4

Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, ed. Marion Mills Miller
Volume 4: Speeches and Debates, 1856–1858

Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln

Commemorative Edition

Edited by Marion Mills Miller, Litt. D.

In Ten Volumes: Volume IV

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As President-elect (1860)

Speeches and Debates


Comprising Political Speeches, Legal Arguments and Notes, and the First Three Joint Debates with Douglas, and the Opening of the Fourth


Abraham Lincoln

New York

The Current Literature Publishing Co.


Copyright, 1892, by Henry C. Whitney

Copyright, 1907, by William H. Lambert


Preface. vii
  Lincoln as a Lawyer. By David Davis. ix
Speeches (August 1, 1856, to July 17, 1858):
  "Who Are the Disunionists—You or We?" Fragment of Speech at Galena, Ill., in the Frémont Campaign, in Reply to Objectors to Agitation Against the Extension of Slavery. About August 1, 1856. 1
  Sectionalism and Slavery. Fragment of Speech in Frémont Campaign. October 1, 1856 3
  The Foundation of American Democracy: Equality Not of States but of Men. Fragment of Speech at a Republican Banquet in Chicago. December 10, 1856. 9
  Self-Government in the Territories; the Dred Scott Decision; and the Meaning of Equality in the Declaration of Independence. Speech in Reply to Senator Douglas at Springfield, Ill. June 26, 1857. 12
  Argument in the Rock Island Bridge Case. Extracts from a Report in the Daily Press of Chicago, September 24, 1857. 31
  Adjudication Rather Than Legislation the Proper Method for Settlement of Certain Legal Controversies. Notes of Argument in a Railroad Case. June 15, 1858. 34
  "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand." Speech in Acceptance of Nomination as United States Senator, Made at the Close of the Republican State Convention, Springfield, Ill. June 16, 1858. 35
  The Law of Equal Freedom. Speech at Chicago, Ill. July 10, 1858. 46
  The Conspiracy to Nationalize Slavery. Speech at Springfield, Ill. July 17, 1858. 72
The Joint Debate with Douglas. Together with Correspondence in Regard to the Debate, and Intervening Speeches (July 24 to October, 15, 1858):  
  Introduction. By Horace White. 101
  Correspondence in Regard to the Debate. July 24 to July 31, 1858. 116
  "The Conspiracy Charge." Fragment of Speech in Rejoinder to the Reply of Senator Douglas to Mr. Lincoln's Springfield Speeches of June 16 and July 17, 1858. Delivered at Beardstown, Ill. August 12, 1858. 121
  "Back to the Declaration." Speech at Lewiston, Ill. August 17, 1858. 125
  First Joint Debate, at Ottawa, Ill. August 21, 1858. 128
  Second Joint Debate, at Freeport, Ill. August, 27 1858. 174
  "Fooling the People." Report of Speech at Clinton, Ill. September 8, 1858. 224
  "Popular Sovereignty" the Right to Flog Negroes. Fragment of Speech at Paris, Ill. September 8, 1858. 226
  The Issue Between the Parties, and Justice the Bulwark of American Democracy. Fragments of Speech at Edwardsville, Ill. September 13, 1858. 227
  Third Joint Debate, at Jonesboro, Ill. September 15, 1858. 231
  Fourth Joint Debate, at Charleston, Ill. September 18, 1858. 287