Littell's Living Age/Volume 1/Issue 1/Sir Hilary charged at Agincourt

Littell's Living Age
Volume 1, Issue 1 : Sir Hilary charged at Agincourt


SIR Hilary charged at Agincourt,
       Sooth! ’t was an awful day?
And though, in that old age of sport,
The rufflers of the camp and court
       Had little time to pray,
’T is said Sir Hilary muttered there
Two syllables by way of prayer.

My first to all the brave and proud
       Who see to-morrow’s sun;
My next, with her cold and quiet cloud,
To those who find their dewy shroud,
       Before to-day’s he done!
And both together to all blue eyes
That weep when a warrior nobly dies?