Littell's Living Age/Volume 125/Issue 1614/After


A little time for laughter,
A little time to sing,
A little time to kiss and cling,
And no more kissing after.
A little while for scheming
Love's unperfected schemes;
A little time for golden dreams;
Then no more any dreaming.

A little while 'twas given
To me to have thy love:
Now, like a ghost, alone I move
About a ruined heaven.

A little time for speaking
Things sweet to say and hear;
A time to seek, and find thee near;
Then no more any seeking.

A little time for saying
Words the heart breaks to say;
A short sharp time wherein to pray;
Then no more need for praying.

But long long years to weep in,
And comprehend the whole
Great grief that desolates my soul, —
And eternity to sleep in.

Tinsley's Magazine.Philip Bourke Marston.