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Fifth Series,
Volume XIV.
No. 1662. — April 15, 1876. From Beginning

I. The Hebrew Woman. By Constance de Rothschild, New Quarterly Review, 131
II. What She Came Through. By Sarah Tytler, author of "Lady Bell," etc., Good Words, 141
III. The Myth of Demeter and Persephone. By Walter H. Pater. Part II., Fortnightly Review, 152
IV. The Dilemma. Part XXIV., Blackwood's Magazine, 161
V. A Glimpse of the Korea. By Cyprian A. G. Bridge, Fortnightly Review, 168
VI. The Life and Labours of Francis Deak. 1803-1876. By Karl Blind, Fraser's Magazine, 173
VII. Principal Tulloch on Spiritual Evolution, Spectator, 181
VIII. The Hurricanes, Spectator, 183
IX. "Mysterious Sounds", Chambers' Journal, 185
X. In Italics, Queen, 189
XI. Landed Property in Prince Edward Island, Saturday Review, 190
Out of my Hand, 130  To Immortal Music, 130
"My Heart was Heavy", 130 The Primrose, 130
Miscellany, 192