Littell's Living Age/Volume 130/Issue 1673


Fifth Series,
Volume XV.
No. 1673. — July 1, 1876. From Beginning
Vol. CXXX.

I. The Intellectual Revival of the Middle Ages, Westminister Review, 3
II. What She Came Through. By Sarah Tytler, author of "Lady Bell," etc. Part IX., Good Words, 16
III. Natural Religion. Part VI., Macmillan's Magazine, 25
IV. Carita. By Mrs. Oliphant, author of "Chronicles of Carlingford," "Zaidee," etc., Cornhill Magazine, 34
V. The Kings of the Renaissance. Charles VIII. and Louis XII. By the author of "Mirabeau," etc., Temple Bar, 43
VI. Early Autumn on the Lower Yang-Tze, Fortnightly Review, 53
VII. Zachary Macaulay. By W. G. Blaikie, D.D., Sunday Magazine, 59
VIII. Tricks of Memory, Queen, 63
The Lament of the Covenant, 1876, 2  A Ballad of Past Meridian, 2
The Death of the Violet, 2  
Miscellany, 64