Littell's Living Age/Volume 131/Issue 1690/August on the Mountains

77136Littell's Living Age, Volume 131, Issue 1690 — August on the MountainsFrances Ridley Havergal


There is sultry gloom on the mountain's brow
And a sultry glow beneath;
Oh, for a breeze from the western sea,
Soft and reviving, sweet and free,
Over the shadowless hill and lea,
Over the barren heath.

There are clouds and darkness around God's ways,
And the noon of life grows hot;
And though his faithfulness standeth fast
As the mighty mountains, a shroud is cast
Over the glory, solemn and vast,
Veiling, but changing it not.

Send a sweet breeze from thy sea, O Lord,
From thy deep, deep sea of love;
Though it lift not the veil from the cloudy height,
Let the brow grow cool and the footstep light,
As it comes with holy and soothing might,
Like the wing of a snowy dove.

Frances Ridley Havergal.