Littell's Living Age/Volume 131/Issue 1696/Psalm CXLVIII


This versification of the one hundred and forty-eighth
psalm was written for the New York Evening Post
for Thanksgiving.

Praise ye the Lord in heaven above
Ye angels who around him move,
Ye glorious band of satellites
Who people his eternal heights.

Ye first creations of his hand
Who sprang to life at his command,
A life that by his firm decree
Shall lengthen to eternity.

Ye sun and moon and stars of light,
The bright reflectors of his sight,
Ye waters from his throne that spring,
Praise ye the name of Zion's King!

Praise him, O earth, in hills and deeps!
Praise him who all thy creatures keeps,
Ye elements his praise declare,
Ye who his earthly cohorts are.

Mountains and hills and fruitful trees,
And cedars waving in the breeze,
Cattle and beasts and creeping things,
And birds that spread their snowy wings,

Princes who earthly sceptres sway,
All people who their rule obey,
And ye who give the world its law,
Of your Creator stand in awe.

Let all mankind, the young, the old,
Praise him for mercies still untold;
Let all his mighty sceptre own,
Whose name is excellent alone.

Above our faint conceptions far,
Higher than heaven's remotest star,
Bow down thine ear, Eternal King,
Accept the offering we bring!