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Littell's Living Age/Volume 132/Issue 1700/Miscellany

Mr. Gladstone on the Study of History. — The Liverpool Albion says that "A Young Liberal" having written to Mr. Gladstone asking him to furnish a list of books the best calculated in his opinion to supply a knowledge of history bearing upon political questions of the present time, has received the following reply: "Sir, — Among the books you might read with advantage are 'Green's Popular History of England,' ' Hallam's Constitutional History of England,' 'Ranke's History of England,' 'Guizot's History of the Great Rebellion,' 'Sir E. May's Parliamentary History of England.' These works are generally free from the spirit of partisanship. But let me observe that no one can effectually study history for present purposes without also examining into the accounts of other countries and of ancient times. — Your faithful servant, W. E. Gladstone."