Littell's Living Age/Volume 132/Issue 1704


Fifth Series,
Volume XVII.
No. 1704. — February 10, 1877. From Beginning

I. Arctic Heroes, from Eirek, of Scandinavia, to Captain Nares, London Quarterly Review, 323
II. The Shadow of the Door. Conclusion, Blackwood's Magazine, 334
III. Charles Kingsley, Fortnightly Review, 341
IV. Weariness: a Tale from France. By Rudolph Lindau, Blackwood's Magazine, 354
V. Condition of The Larger Planets. By Richard A. Proctor, F.R.A.S., Popular Science Review, 362
VI. The Geographical Aspect of the Eastern Question. By Edward A. Freeman, Fortnightly Review, 369
VII. Green Pastures and Piccadilly. By William Black, author of "The Adventures of a Phaeton," "The Princess of Thule," etc., Examiner, 378
VIII. The Mistletoe, Hardwicke's Science Gossip, 382
IX. Be What You Are, Sunday at Home, 383
Cupid Schooled, 322  A Song in the Night, 322
Miscellany, 384