Littell's Living Age/Volume 133/Issue 1714/A Mother’s Heart


A little dreaming, such as mothers know;
A little lingering over dainty things;
A happy heart, wherein hope all aglow
Stirs like a bird at dawn that wakes and sings —
And that is all.

A little clasping to her yearning breast;
A little musing over future years;
A heart that prays, "Dear Lord, thou knowest best,
But spare my flower life's bitterest rain of tears" —
And that is all.

A little spirit speeding through the night;
A little home grown lonely, dark, and chill;
A sad heart, groping blindly for the light;
A little snow-clad grave beneath the hill —
And that is all.

A little gathering of life's broken thread;
A little patience keeping back the tears;
A heart that sings, "Thy darling is not dead,
God keeps her safe through his eternal years" —
And that is all.

Macmillan's Magazine.