Littell's Living Age/Volume 133/Issue 1721/Together


Babes that on a morn of May,
Laughing, in the sunshine play;
Babes to whom the longest day
Seems to fly!
Babes to whom all things are toys,
Life a sweet that never cloys,
Home a fount of simple joys,
Never dry.
Babes so bright, so blest, so fair,
With dimpled cheeks and golden hair;
Can they be — that happy pair! —
You and I?

Babes no longer, now they stray,
Girl and boy, beside the bay
On a sunshine holiday —
Fond, but shy.
Smiles are many, words are few,
Hearts are light, when life is new
And eyes are bluer than the blue
Of the sky.
Laughing schoolboy brave and free,
Little maiden fair to see
Gath'ring seaweed — can they be
You and I?

Boy and girl are man and wife;
Hand in hand they walk for life;
Peace and joy be theirs, and strife
Come not nigh!
Wand'rers by the eternal deep
Whose shores are time, so may they keep
Together, and together sleep
Sleep in death when day is done,
Wake to life beyond the sun;
One on earth, in Heaven one —
You and I!

All The Year Round.