Littell's Living Age/Volume 133/Issue 1723/Question


Blossoms were on the apple-trees;
The birds were humming in the air;
Nature concerted harmonies
To rob the world of care;
Down by the meadow stream, we two
Saw the white clouds their shadow cast
Along the distant mountains blue,
And dream-like as the past.

We two! Ah, that was years ago;
We thought the two would pass away,
And that but one the years would show;
We thought the gods would play
Wild songs of melody divine,
To make the future bright and fair;
And that the sun of joy would shine
All times and everywhere.

Just as a million souls have thought!
There came a day when tears were shed;
And one the world's mad struggle sought,
And one pined to the dead;
He longed for fame, that kept in sight
Yet ever seemed to miss his grasp;
And she lost all life's hope and light,
Striving his hand to clasp.

Well, it was years ago, I said;
The stream is there; the blossoms flush
The trees with glory; she is dead.
The bees — they do not hush
Their humming as they seek the sweet;
I wonder, though, if we two may,
As one, in heaven's home love and meet,
And find a perfect day.

Transcript.Thomas S. Collier.