Littell's Living Age/Volume 134/Issue 1735/Sunshine

For works with similar titles, see Sunshine.


Arise and shine! The gold light
Fair morning makes for thee —
A tender and untold light,
Like music on the sea.

Light and music shining
In melodious glory,
A rare and radiant shining
On thy changing story.

To-day the golden sunlight
Is full and broad and strong.
The glory of the One Light
Must overflow in song —

Song that floweth ever,
Sweeter every day;
Song whose echoes never,
Never die away.

How shall the light be clearer
That is so bright to-day?
How shall the hope be dearer
That pours such joyous ray?

We are only waiting
For the answer golden;
What faith is antedating
Shall not be withholden.

Frances Ridley Havergal.
Sunday Magazine.