Littell's Living Age/Volume 135/Issue 1743


Fifth Series,
Volume XX.
No. 1743. — November 10, 1877. From Beginning

I. The Color-Sense. By Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Nineteenth Century, 323
II. Doris Barugh. A Yorkshire Story. By the author of "Patty." Part V., Good Words, 337
III. The Colors of Animals and Plants. By Alfred R. Wallace. II. - The Colors of Plants, Macmillan's Magazine, 352
IV. Green Pastures and Piccadilly. By William Black. Part XXXVI., Harper's Bazar, 358
V. The School of Giorgione, Fortnightly Review, 362
VI. The Supernatural Element in Shakespeare, Westminster Review, 369
VII. Mr. Ruskin's Unique Dogmatism, Spectator, 376
VIII. Lost in Magellan's Straits, Chambers' Journal, 379
IX. The Scenery and the People of Lewis, Spectator, 381
X. The Electric Conductivity of Water, Popular Science Review, 384
The Song of Patience, 322  Sweet Love and I, 322
Miscellany, 384