Littell's Living Age/Volume 136/Issue 1757/A Japanese Love-Song


Yes, 'tis autumn, dearest, see
Cold, rough signs on every side;
Listen to the fluttering leaf,
Borne before the tempest tide.
Listen to the mournful song,
Wafted from the pine-trees tall;
Listen to the torrent's voice,
Loud resounding over all.

It was in the gladsome spring,
When we met and told our love;
Nature sang in ecstasy,
The skies were bright and blue above.
Then we hoped, and had no thought
That darksome days could ever be;
The golden hours flitted by
In mirth and loving revelry.

Then summer came — we lovers still
Trifled the long sweet hours away;
In scented woods, and deep, dark shades,
With jest and smile, and old-world lay.
Or, on the cool, broad river's wave,
Floating along, we wove our dream,
Nor thought of those who toiled for gain
In the great city's busy stream.

'Tis autumn now, and winter soon
Will change the fair world's smiling face;
A year, alas! will then have flown,
To us a fleeting moment's space.
Oh, ere the spring come back again,
In all her radiancy divine,
May fortune smile.upon our love,
And let me call thee, dearest, mine!

All The Year Round.