Littell's Living Age/Volume 138/Issue 1787


Fifth Series,
Volume XXIII.
No. 1787. — September 14, 1878. From Beginning

I. The First Edinburgh Reviewers, Cornhill Magazine, 643
II. A Doubting Heart. By Miss Keary, author of "Castle Daly," "Oldbury," etc. Part VIII., Advance Sheets, 653
III. The Baptismal Creed of the Early Roman Church, Contemporary Review, 659
IV. The Four Last Sultans. Translated and Abridged for The Living Age from Count E. de Keratry, 668
V. Within the Precincts. By Mrs. Oliphant. Part XIII., Advance Sheets, 683
VI. The Trial of Two Quakers in the Time of Oliver Cromwell. By A. H. A. Hamilton, Fraser's Magazine, 691
VII. The Bewilderments of Science, Spectator, 699
VIII. The Drawbacks of the Intellectual Life, Spectator, 701
IX. Thibet, Nature, 704
Two Moods,   In Love's Eclipse, 642
I. — Hate, 642 To an Iconoclastic Poet, 642
II. — Love, 642 Summer, 642