Littell's Living Age/Volume 140/Issue 1806/God's Call to Rest


"And they heard the voice of the Lord in the cool of
the day."

At morn each day God's angel wakes,
Kindles his lamp in heaven;
And its rays he flings
On both serfs and kings:
So his call to labor is given.

His lamp goes out; he lieth down,
And bids men follow him now,
From the warehoused street,
From the fishers' fleet,
From the plain and the mountain brow.

And though the voice be soft and low,
As soundless as the dew,
'Tis the Friend above,
'Tis his call of love
Who through rest maketh all things new.

Then heed it well, and quiet be;
Follow this lead of heaven,
And in kindly shade
That thy God hath made,
Take the rest to weariness given.

Sunday Magazine.B. W. G.