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Littell's Living Age/Volume 169/Issue 2183/Bon Jour, Bon Soir

I'll tell, in simple way,
     How I employ my life:
Alternately, Good day!
And then, Good eve! I say.
     Good day!! to buxom wife,
          When she doth me receive;
     To fool with boredom rife,
               Good eve!

Frank Troubadour, Good day!
     Right joyously prepare
Of peace, and seasons gay,
And wine, and loves, thy lay:
     But if mad rhymster dare
          With long romance to cleave
     My ear, — to him declare
               Good eve!

Good day, good neighbor mine!
     Thirst draws me unto thee:
Good day! If that thy wine
Be Beaune, or of the Rhine,
     My throat shall funnel be
          That nectar to receive:
     But, if Surêne, — dost see? —
               Good eve!

If my verse pleasure bring,
     Sweet guerdon I receive;
And, happy as a king,
Good day! for me shall ring.
     If my muse, wandering,
          Betray my hopes, I grieve;
     And then, can only sing, —
               Good eve!