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Littell's Living Age/Volume 169/Issue 2191/From Corydon: when April is Drawing to a Close

Sturdy March has long gone by,
     First-born she of merry Spring,
     April now is taking wing,
After March away to fly.
     Though long since a-dying lay
All the snowdrops that March bore,
     Though with April fades away
Every violet she wore,
     Ladies, sigh not. When such die
      'Tis but proof that May is nigh.

Of fair flowers a lordly share
     May unto herself has taken.
     Columbines, which maids forsaken
Ever in their garlands wear,
     Cowslips — jocund flowers with which
Meadows scatter fragrant gold —
     Lilac in sweet odors rich,
Tulips gorgeous to behold;
     Lilies, for our Lady's sake,
     White as snow, May's posies make.

Then let March and April go,
     Nor let gentle ladies sigh:
     Though their blossoms fade and die,
Others will as dainty show.
     When the coming May has flown,
With the darlings of the Spring,
     Flowers as fair as yet have blown
Lusty June shall surely bring.
     Ladies, grieve not then, nor sigh,
     Though your Spring speeds swiftly by.